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  1. The True Meaning of the term "Warrior"

  2. The Love You Withhold is the Pain You Carry

  3. Human Genetic Transfers and Reincarnation

  4. Human Evolutionary Stages of Development

  5. The Issue of "Fear" and the Changes Around Us

  6. What Makes a Human Being

  7. Most Humans Haven't a Clue What's Happening

  8. Human Children Being Taken Off the Planet Each Year

  9. The Implosion of the Government Begins in 1997

  10. The Andromedan Holographic Language

  11. More on the Upcoming Dimensional Changes

  12. Intervention Changes Reality for Everyone

  13. Effects Between Now and 2013 Are Long-Term

  14. The Human Concept of "Angels"

  15. More On What Will Happen in the Next Ten Years

  16. On the Meaning of the Use of Feathers By Native Americans

  17. Questions and Answers

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The True Meaning of the term "Warrior"



OK. A brief overview. I have for 30 years been visited by and taken aboard craft by beings who live in the constellation of Andromeda. They are light blue in color. They look like the depiction on the wall over there, but they have no hair. They are awesome.


They are a very healed race, and after thinking about it I think the reason they are so healed is because they have absolute mutual respect for everyone. They've said the only way we're going to have a healed race is to have mutual respect for each other.

I realize that there is not a lot of that teaching going on any more in our world. I have had to look at the character of our race on earth, because I am blessed to be able to compare it to something else. Folks, we have a lot of work to do and a very short time in which to do it.


A lot of things are going to start happening around February, March and April 1997. You know, I wish I could just tell you its all "love and light", but that's just not reality. We live in a duality here, and there are definitely some races that are screwing with us.


I understand from talking with people here that you are being taught a lot of what to do. Self-sufficiency and self-preservation, and being totally self-responsible. It is imperative that what you know when you leave here you go home and teach, because this truth is not out there. It is one of the sadness' that I have, because I have been shown some probable futures. A lot of people don't make it. Two thirds of the people on the planet don't make it in those probable scenarios, and I truly don't want that to happen.

You know, there are a lot of really good, generous people, but they don't know the truth. They have no way of attaining the truth, because of where they are on a consciousness level. You are all teachers. You are all leaders. You were leaders before you came in here. You were teachers before you came in here. But when you go out of here, from what I understand from Val, Judy Pope, Greg and others, is that you are going to walk out of this school as "professors". Ph.D's.

The word warrior originally meant not being afraid of who you are. It didn't mean one who slashes, cuts up and murders. It meant not being afraid to be who you are, and we are all royalty, and I will get into that. The two beings that come to see me and that I have gone with are two Andromedans.


There is a very tall one, about seven and one half feet tall, almost eight feet. He weighs about 450 pounds and is just huge. I was very self-conscious. It's a male thing. His name is Morenae. Now as these beings get older, their skin pales and turns white. Their average life span in our linear time would be 2,007 years. So, of course, you see a lot of changes in that amount of time. Hanging out here for sixty years is just a "weekend".


The other one is named Vissaeus, who in our linear time is 4,300 years old. He is considered a Sage in his world, and he will be crossing over, moving out of their physicality, soon. In Andromeda, when somebody moves out of their physicality, it's cause for a celebration. Here, unless you're Irish, it's a somber occasion. The Irish have the right idea - they party. You know, divide the clothes up and everything.

Anyway, I once asked Vissaeus what was to become of our future. What was going to happen to us. I want to read you this definition of what he said. Now, you may have already seen this definition before in the Leading Edge magazine, have visited Val's section, or have heard it in the bootleg videos that are all over the place, but this is what they said:

"Responsible freedom of self-determination. Becoming truly self-confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for one's self, without being coerced to accept some higher authority."

Now, I understand that this is exactly what you are being taught at this school. What is really nice is that this fact is conformation not only for me, but also for everyone here. I didn't know anything about this school until about three weeks ago.

The changes that are coming, from what I have been told by Morenae and Vissaeus, are going to affect males the most, because we are the most shut-down, not only genetically but spiritually as well. I am just being general and not referring to necessarily to all of you here. I am just pretending like all the world is listening. It looks like the whole world in here.


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The Love You Withhold is the Pain You Carry

One of the most profound things that I had to experience was when I was living in Lake Arrowhead, California in 1987. Contacts had resumed for two years, and I was having a "murphy" year. You know "murphy"? "Shit happens"? I was having a "murphy" year. I felt like checking out of here.


Anyway, Vissaeus had come to see me and we had some discussions and more teaching and it was time to come back. I didn't want to come back. I would have embarrassed all of you with the way I carried on. But, I just didn't want to come back. I felt, "well, nothing is working here, let's try something different." Here I am in another reality already. So, here I am on the ground and they are leaving, lifting off, I hear Vissaeus in my head, because he is strictly telepathic, saying to me, "Alex, turn around".


So, I turn around, and here I am crying, feeling abandoned, and he says "Alex, the love that you withhold is the pain that you carry, lifetime after lifetime."


And folks, there is not a day that goes by where I don't remind myself of that or think about that. It has helped me reevaluate all the decisions that I have made in my life. It is also helped me to "take myself apart" and look at all the pieces of my personality, what my belief systems are, what I think is true and what is true through experience. That took a long, long time, and I'm still not done.


You know, you are constantly "redoing yourself", making yourself over and reevaluating your belief systems. Our reality here is nothing but "belief systems", for the most part. You know, I wanted to pass that on to you, because I have made a lot of decisions, and I'm sure a lot of you have, where your decisions were not based on love, and you literally withheld love, for some reason. It's time we grow out of that. We have no choice.

The "shit" is about to hit the fan. And, its really all about love and fear, which is withholding love. And, I am going to read some things to you in their own words, because they put it a lot better than I do. Morenae has learned to speak English, and there will be a time, probably between now and just after 2003, if everything goes well, when he will literally be walking here with us.


He wanted to learn English, and his English is not very good. You have to blame me for that. I did the best I could. Now, when they talk to each other, they talk telepathically, and their language is holographic, much like the ancient Chinese language or the ancient Japanese. They're literally holographs, but you can't literally pull them up off the page.


A holographic language involves entire concepts at once, so for example you can get one symbol, and perhaps in that one symbol could be 10,000 years of a history. It's very hard to describe and it's taken me a long time to try to figure it out. They were very very patient in teaching me how to understand their language.

I want to do questions and answers, because there is so much locked in my head that I have not tapped into yet. Unless someone asks a question, it doesn't come up. Ok? So I am counting on you to ask some really good questions, and if I don't know the answer, I will tell you that I don't know.


Now, I don't talk the same language or use the same terms you do. I am really a simple, complicated kind of guy. OK. So what I want to do is read this. I was given this on November 3, 1996:


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Human Genetic Transfers and Reincarnation

"Alex, we have already spoken with you in detail of your races' genetic transfers and reincarnation before. I will mention them again when necessary because your path and happiness depend on being able to attain the truth. Yes, we are aware the situation of your planet shows great deviation of the right path in the sincerity period. But, please, if you would try to share this moment in your planets evolution as a preparation for the investments, which will be made in the very near future for your races."

Now, there is a whole conversation that pre-empted this. Basically, I had a contact and I went up there with an attitude. You know, I'm a Terran, I have extremes of emotions, and I am really frustrated by a lot of things. I don't understand how the planet is supposed to evolve when nobody wants to hear the truth, and most of the truth isn't even available.


I am extremely frustrated by that, and then I hear metaphysicians try to justify this by saying "we're teaching the wrong thing but it's all we have". I have a difficult time justifying that. Why propagate something we know isn't real? That's another whole issue, and when we get to the subject of religions I really want to share with you what I have been told. OK, this continues:

"Since the removal of conditions by density technology, your evolution is going to a faster pace, I think you say, than before."


[Note: here Morenae paused in the middle of the talk to listen to information regarding movement of craft around Uranus. He smiled and then resumed his explanation:]

"We have had to raise the frequency of your planet to move change and enlightenment along. Such a broad word you use, this word 'enlightenment'. It was necessary. This also means great tests of tolerance in situations will be needed, by your races. The most important of these tolerances will be caused by delusionary discriminations between your peoples."

And folks, this is happening all over the planet, and it's such crap

"At the present moment your races are carrying in your DNA genetics the influences of a thousand centuries, as you count rotations, both the positive and negative aspects. Please understand we are trying to prepare your races for advanced maturity."

"At present moment, many transfers occur in your planet from many different cultures and planes. Each member of the races on and in your planet will naturally exhibit their own mentality. They do and will contradict your habitual cultures."

They are very specific about the words they use.

"But, please do not forget that we have told you about mental conflicts, (that they) cause each to go through tests of maturity. We determine your mentalities through the impulse signals we receive from your races chain of thoughts. Now, the selection of man or woman and the situations they transcend are much more difficult, because their preparation (in terms) of the future is in accordance with their level of consciousness."

"Alex, you cannot help all your races. Each member of your races will feel their essence in (during) the balancing of positive and negative as they have done, and it will be weighed in their own consciousness. Those who prepare and invest will be prepared for the evolution to another density. The countenance of your planet is changing very quickly."

"Please don't confuse our compassion for your races with a love for your planet. Please understand that they [two concepts] are separate with our race. We are neither pleased with your worlds riches, nor dismayed by its poverty. We come to hear, to assist in the period of sincerity. The clarifying of the original intent in all of us in this 'veedia' [tone - holograph]. Because of lineage to your races, we returned to you.

Your world is a place of veiled consciousness. In order to be embodied in physicalness, all frequencies should be assembled in a whole intent. The very distresses, the many anxieties, are the result of conflict with the limitless awareness in your races. This is the reason why your planet-races cannot attain your own Selves [and] yet you desire to "possess" everything.

The reflections of your evolutionary state of physicality, causes your races not to live comfortably on your planet. Your present religions cause your races to unify [the idea of] your physical bodies with your abstract egos. You call this "progress". We do not. Stop looking to your physicality to bring you enlightenment. Your bodies are the effect of the cause, which is intent, moved by emotion, which creates physicality.

During previous past times in your 3rd density, education of the soul took many incarnations of life and death of the physical body. Situations and reincarnations would reflect this system it appears. All beings would transcend your physicalness in accordance with the degree of consciousness attained. Since it appears that your races, having no concept of the Law of Consistency, became very fragmented in extremes. Religions became divisions of beliefs, and conflicts among your races took place. The worship of belief systems and idolatry came into existence.

Now, the technology of advanced races in higher densities have taken control of your evolutionary systems, and by means of this systems' control, the evolution of certain dimensions.

Reincarnations have become history, and by this means your races, Alex, and others [races] than yours, have a probability of DIRECTLY attaining your FULL ESSENCES.

The reason for telling you this truth in all clarity is to free you of the conflicts and contradictions, so your races can attain the truth as soon as possible. So, don't ask us about yourself, ask ABOUT yourself TO your own Self.

If your races cannot attain the truth and cannot be unified with YOUR ORIGINAL INTENT, we will not be able to be in touch with your planet races.

Since the EGO CONSCIOUSNESS in your races still goes on, and since you cannot break the denial of your inner self, your race becomes detrimental to the planet and to your planetary system.

At this moment, there are many beings who cannot attain genuine respect for Self and Self-Awareness in our galaxy. They, as well, are being kept under control. Their evolution's are being made in an indirect way.

Your races have also been persecuted and manipulated by other galactic races from planetary systems negatively charged, other than your own. Since during your different past time periods they have tried to prove to your ancestors their own TECHNICAL POWER, fear has been CREATED in your races. We have returned, to convey the truth, to erase these fears.

Since your planet is the site of both the most primitive and most high maturity, it is very full of contradictions. Your religions which helped many to evolve, have not been released. Your races have refused to let go of a system of beliefs that have not serviced your planet for the last 453 rotations of your star [years]. Be freeing you of this, and with the use of COMMON SENSE, we hope your races will attain your OWN SELVES, and BECOME FULLY INDEPENDENT. Be at one."

In their perspective, and that's what it is, it's obvious that there is not just "one truth". There are many truths. The one truth is that we all exist. That we know, that we all have an essence that is undefinable and truly eternal. They said that somewhere around the beginning of December 2013, third density will implode. It will implode. What does that mean?


I don't know if this is true, but they say, and they are convinced, that literally what is going to happen is that there is going to be a graduation out of physicality. That means that a lot of us are going home, and that means that a lot of others are going to start over again. A lot of this has to do with our genetics.


According to the Andromedans, our physicality is the sum total of 22 different races that have come down here, spend the "weekend", messed with us and then took off and went home. Intermingled, left children behind and just took off. The Egyptian pharaohs are a perfect example of this.


The "blue-bloods", the Rothschilds who are also "blue-bloods" are also another example of this. Their blood is copper-based. That's ET. OK? The thing about copper-based blood is that you don't need a lot of oxygen. Your physicality tends to grow and have a larger lung capacity.


So, living in a lot of environments where we couldn't becomes possible. Now, what is interesting is that in our physicality, what we know as earth, our atmosphere is getting thinner and thinner. I know that there is a lot of talk about the ozone, that the "ozone crisis" is a myth. There is an ozone crisis. We are all partly responsible for destroying our environment.

According to the Andromedans, 3500 years ago the oxygen content of the atmosphere was between 34% and 38%. They say that today it is literally less than 17%. Now, those of you that have studied biology know what happens to the physical body when the oxygen content goes below 15%.


Your body dies. Now, why is this happening? Because there are a group of Terran humans that have been made a promise by a group of extraterrestrials that have Orion belief systems that if they will get rid of some of the races on the planet, that these extraterrestrials will use their technology and "restore the earth" to its original state. Some of that genocide was to be done using viruses. As most of you know, the "AIDS" virus was created.


There are others that are coming, including anthrax and bubonic plague. All of these things are coming back "new and improved", I'm afraid to say, because there are some really truly crazy people who are positions of power on our planet. Many of them go back and forth from our planet to the moon.


Now, you don't have to buy any of this, and that's OK, but I can tell you this. In the next ten years you will absolutely know this for a fact. Richard Hoagland will be vindicated. There are ruins on almost all the planets in our solar system. There is life as we speak on Uranus (below), right now. There's life. Plant life and animal life.


As we speak. It's there. If you want to do something to burst everybody's bubble, get them to send a satellite there. If you have any connections, get them to keep the cameras rolling as it enters the atmosphere.

Anyway, I want to talk about genetics. I want to read you something that I was given in August 1996, and it took me quite a while to get it to Val, and it's about genetics.


Apparently we all had copper-based blood systems at one time. All of our physiology was based on copper. We were all "blue-bloods". We were all royalty. In fact, we still are royalty. It's just that our physiology is not working the same. The reason it isn't is that apparently because of a nuclear war that occurred here. One of the nuclear wars that occurred here.


Now, why earth? First, it's a really beautiful place. It's not the only planet that has water. When you listen to the scientists talk about "the different moons that have water on them", you have to ask yourself, "where did the water come from?". If you have a moon that has no atmosphere, how did the water get there? Because it wasn't always there. It wasn't always like that. It had an atmosphere.


They were moved. Even earth was moved from its orbit - twice. There is a possibility that they want to do it again. The "flood of Noah" was a result of the moving of earth from its original orbit. That is was caused it. We are talking about huge ships that can move planets. They have this technology. But, that's all it is -- technology.


Apparently, we can do these things with our own minds, if we are disciplined enough and cleared focused in our intent. And, that is exactly what you are taught here at the school, to remember who we originally were before we fell into time and physicality.


So, I will read this to you:

"In your linear time of 3rd density measurement, of 439,231 rotations ago [years], war on a grave scale occurred in your Solar System. This aggression occurred against those on your worlds that included not only you Terrans, but also those called Nibiru. This invasion of your systems by Orion was led by a queen named Suttee. This (war) was destructive on many levels [frequencies) of physicality.

"We will focus tonight on your Terran physical form. It matters little of those who hear you, Alex, who do not listen. Please share (this) regardless of (any) emotion returned to you in challenge. When your science truly removes their bigotry, they will discover of the wisdom of it (what is said here). The last grave conflict was very harmful to your physical form. Many weapons of destruction, many of atom-splitting (nuclear weapons) have been used. This is the reason for most of your Terran skin tones. We shall explain.

"Orion was and is most interested in the females of your race. Because of the pro-creation (reproductive) and genetic strengths. We want to share (the fact) that much of your Terran history has been misleading in its truth by those who eventually conquered in control of your solar system (those in control rewrote history to hide the truth).


Nibiru won, but only a short battle, before they and other outposts were forced to leave (the solar system) because of genetic damage. Your original races were green-skinned. This we know, because of large copper traces in your Terran 22 blood type (refers to the composite of human genetics which comprise genetic codes from 22 humanoid species).


Also, the pituitary and thyroid (glands) were fully functional (at that time). The genetic damage to these organs was caused by (the) radioactivity in (the) air and all things of contact (on all things in the environment). The air was like this for a long time.

" It (the radioactivity in the environment) caused the genetic memory of these organs (genetic memory of full-use capacity) being closed and almost atrophied (caused the function of the organs to shut down and the organs to atrophy). Your world experienced drastic changes in climate and massive magnetic fluctuations. Your different skin tone races are a result of an edema damage to your blood (changes in blood chemistry). It was (then) necessary for survival to create self-sufficient and contained environmental habitats, (both) above and below the surface.

Now folks, this is what the "garden of E-den" was. It was an artificially created environmental habitat. It's like what Richard Hoagland has been talking about. You build a dome and then you terraform underneath it. It's exactly what these were.

Much of the fossilization of your terran remnants is caused by this radiation of your planet (here they imply that ambient radiation plays a part in fossilization processes). Your system contained three suns at that time. Only two remain (one is on the opposite side of the visible sun, and rotates in such a way that it is hidden from view from the perspective of the Earth).


Your physicality (body) in its original form contained a great balance of zinc, copper, magnesium and iron. Your true (original) blood color was green, like your chlorophyll. Some, we have discovered, even had (blood of a) gold tint. As such (at that time) your physicality (body) could survive in a high carbon dioxide (content) atmosphere. Because of this skin color green, the (only) stars in your system that affected your physical form were in the color spectrum of orange-red, blue and green.

Now, think about that. If you can picture in your mind that everything is a holograph, which is a group of frequencies ....

"Many of your Terran races were stranded on the surface. The genetic changes were the result of radiation damage. Your race (skin color) went from green, to red (Native Americans, Egyptians and Mayans), to yellow (Asians), to black (Afro-Americans and Africans), and then to white. Your white races were then considered then to be genetically weakest.

Now, this puts a whole new light on prejudice, doesn't it? I know the Nazis aren't happy about this. It's just as well. I don't like them anyway.

"As such, the survivors and descendants of the war were genetically altered and became white through edema (he means anemia?) And they were persecuted and (were) forced to live underground, only to surface 5,508 rotations (years) ago to the surface of your world."

Now, somebody had read this on the Leading Edge website and sent me an email message that said that the "white race" had appeared somewhere out of the mountains of Tibet, some time ago. I don't know it that's true or not, but I'll ask Val.

The copper blood line is (now) a small race on your world (Note: He has to be referring to the 'blue blood' self-declared nobility), but it is the strongest genetically. Your native red nation race is very strong and easiest to discover and understand.

This might explain the penchant for abduction of those with 'red' genetic bloodlines, and also the relative genocidal murder of the 'red' races by the white, because if you are a coward, you suppress what you consider to be stronger than yourself. Of course, many of us don't do much about this, and say "I don't want to get involved, it's their problem and their issue". We owe it to them to get involved. We owe it to ourselves.

"The red is the closest to the original form among you. Your physicality had a natural defense to positive and negative frequencies (due to the) copper mineral in your blood (resistance to electromagnetic variation). This lack (now) of copper in your blood has caused a partial loss of brain capacity and nervous system (capacity). Remember (that) your DNA contains cellular memory. It is possible to unlock this memory with (the) use of minerals such as copper. Your blood systems (are) adapted (now) to iron, because of copper depletion due to (ambient) radiation. We will share more, but we must return now. Be at one, Alex."

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Human Evolutionary Stages of Development

I have talked with Morenae and Vissaeus about maturity, and how to grow. When all of this started, they didn't tell me that I would be speaking to people, or that I would be required to speak. That's because I didn't read the fine print on the contract. You have to read the fine print, folks. Do yourself a favor.


Anyway, I wanted to read to you what they told me about the stages a human being goes through in development. Now, this doesn't apply to only us. There are human beings everywhere, not only on our plane of physicality, but also on other planes. I want you to know that even though you may not see them, there is a physicality on the other planes.


It's not a situation where there are "whispering little clouds, with a light breeze and if you're lucky one will blow through you and say, "hello, how are you?". That's not what it is. It's a lot more complicated than that. So, these are the evolutionary stages a human being goes through:

  • The Wandering: Where we come from, why, our purpose and gathering our "tools".

  • Initiation: Preparing our own path, each one different and hopefully centering.

  • Honoring: Understanding the Source of our creation. Recognizing the sacred in oneself. (I guess that is exactly what you are being taught here at the school, how to recognize your sacredness.)

  • Stating Intention: Realizing and acknowledging ones true purpose to create Self.

  • Surrender: Letting go of control to allow vulnerability. To learn what is already known.

  • Embrace Our Own Darkness: Walking into the unknown parts of Self. Being and becoming the Void.

  • Lighting the Flame in the Heart: Connecting to Self and finding meaningful, honest, ritual.

  • Transformation: Climbing the ladder of self-responsibility, to hold a vision of Being One-ness, Being the vision that alters all perception.

  • Becoming Human: Empathy and compassion toward all. Being in truly responsible relationships.

  • (And folks, I have learned that for me, that is the secret of life - relationships, because they all mirror back part of us.)

  • Walking The Path: Integrating all of life's experiences. Being a teacher by Being.

  • Service: Discarding the illusion of separateness. Total approach to life in humility and joy.

  • The Worship of the Isness: The worship of the Isness is the creation of Self.

The Isness is their concept of Creator, what we refer to as "God". I don't like to use the connotation "God" much any more because our perception of it here is based on Biblical teachings, and the "God" in the Old and New Testaments are both extraterrestrials. They're not "the big Guy" .... The "big Gal", sorry.


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The Issue of "Fear"

Fear is a big issue. Not in this room but outside this room it is. It is with me on "bad days" , you know. So, it would like to share with you their perspective of fear and trying to understand it:

"In your time and space at present is a great challenge to you all. That would be the expression of fear. For any of you to be in fear is to lack clear understanding of most situations. We have observed on your world that your world is at a most confused point in history and evolvement.


We understand your remarkable drive and commitment to be alive (survival). We, however, are not understanding of your need to create tools of death, expecting (that) they will keep all in a space of "understanding and peace."


We have observed that you build, create and plan in a space of fear, not in a consciousness of love, so your defensive position of institutions that create and employ are always then in a state of unraveling and disintegration. We share this with you, because they drain you and your earth of energy, both the spiritual and materially physical.

Fear always has to feed. Fear does not create itself. The fear we observe is difficult for us to understand. It depletes you of the focus on the original intent."

Now, they refer to this a lot, but they have never come out and said what the original intent was, but I suspect it is that definition I read you in the beginning.

"It is elusive. It's a very secretive energy. Fear withholds love. This is most saddening to see and feel. How can we share understanding and love, when so many of you are withholding from Self and each other. Please try to feel the words.


We as a race are trying to express to your race that one of your original intentions in creating your physical reality is the idea of creating and learning to manipulate and express yourselves through physicality, using your consciousness. It is your consciousness that is the gift of the Is-ness.


That the Is-ness has given you, and in fact all things that bear Spirit. It is the gift that has been clouded, and most importantly, clouded by fear. This creation of fear is completely irrational to who you all are. Fear, as we ourselves at one time as Lyran ancestors, sought to defend and legitimize withholding of love. We have come to understand that withholding love only creates perpetual disintegration.

We have discovered in our own galaxy the ruins of vast races, having achieved recognition, that have ceased to exist. They destroyed themselves, simply because they withheld love and drained the very life force out of their intent, and imploded and destroyed their self-creation.


Fear is the opposing projection to original intent. The first projection of fear is denial, an emotion of incredible restriction. As a restriction, denial and fear will result in the complete opposite reality as that which it claims to be. Fear is based, in our perspective, on a misunderstanding of one's own worth, and security. Why is this so? We have formed a perspective, based on your history.

Your many religions have helped and hurt this process. Some of your world beliefs have many convinced that they are "sinful creatures of nature".

Now, I just want to add something here. In one of my conversations with Morenae, the word "sin" came up. I brought it up. I was born and raised a Catholic, so I was fully indoctrinated. He told me that the word "sin" is a word that is pre-Sumerian, and that the word "sin" originally meant genetic defect. So, maybe that will help you with a perspective when you read the Bible again. If you should read it again. Let me start this over again:

"Some of your world beliefs have many convinced that they are "sinful creatures of nature". Your scientists teach that your physical form is a "pool of chemicals" thrown together by accident so that "you are all an accident", living meaningless lives of chance"

[Editor note: Here we see the expression of the Darwinian and Malthusian paradigms that orthodoxy consistently thrusts on the public as belief systems]

Folks, the first group of ET's are not going to be benevolent, but they are going to pass themselves off as benevolent, and they are going to be telling you that we are "their creation", and that they "own" us because they "created us". The fact of the matter is that they didn't. It's another lie, and the first group that gets here will probably be those from Sirius B that will be openly contacting us.

[Editor note: Several contactees in November 96 are purporting to convey information from the "Federation" are dealing with those from Sirius B, who have been among those conveying advanced manipulative technology to world power factions for at least three decades, and who are known to participate in the abduction and manipulation of humans]

They're "full of shit", OK? The game continues, and a lot of people are going to fall for it because the earth will be going through changes, and they'll come down and say "we'll save you", and "this is the Way", and so on and so forth. Basically what they are going to do is to use our free will against ourselves.


Because that is all you have is your free will. It's the only true sovereignty you have in this holograph we call existence. You are because you wanted to be. It's that simple. And, if you don't "want to be", you can change that too. But, it's your decision. Let's continue with what they had to say:

"You fear a "God" whom a book says is a 'loving and forgiving God', who will 'eternally throw you into an abyss' for making mistakes."

This creates serious dysfunction, don't you think? You think, "which way do I go?" and you do nothing.

" It is in our perspective (that this is) where this fear of unworthiness and insecurity is created from. Many in your world, Alex, have come to understand that fear, and the idea of fear, is their enemy. All of you struggle between understanding and fear, and reason and fear. Please, we ask you to share this with your race: this "struggle" is in no way pre-determined. Our perception is that this struggle will lead your world to either peace and self-responsibility, or to extinction as a race. This would grieve us. It's time to return you now."

I was given this information on February 9, 1991.

So, in dealing with the reflections that Morenae and Vissaeus have given me about our race, it has been difficult to want to come back here, especially when I've seen how they treat each other. Now, I lived with them for three months in 1986. But in our linear time I was only gone eighteen minutes.


Time travel is great thing! The first time I was brought on an Andromedan mother ship, which was 900 miles in diameter and completely self-contained worlds, I had to wear a belt that would keep my physicality together, so that I could spend this time with them.


The craft I was on had 24 different levels, and in the middle of this craft is a park that is 21 miles on each side, with trees and everything. They use extensive technology in holographs, and they can literally create their sunrise and sunset. The trees and plants grow, because it is a holograph, but it is real, even though they are creating it with technology.

They teach their children in the middle of these parks. Everything is done in nature, very much like the native Americans used to do. The first time I walked on the ship, down a corridor and into this huge space, the children that were there moved away from me. I was really hurt, and Morenae said to me, "It isn't you. We have been teaching them about your race." They were afraid of us.

[Editor note: I asked Alex later to clarify this, and the "fear" the children felt was intellectual in nature - an intellectual avoidance. The Zenetaen race from Andromeda are in essence like a race of "little Spocks" and do not "react" in the same way earth humans do.]

To the children, I represented our race. I do the best I can, but I have my own stuff to work out too. So, they're learning and I am amazed that they still want to come back here and help. Another time, I had been waiting for them and they finally showed up, and as I was walking into the control room, as I was being led by another Andromedan, Morenae was looking at a bunch of monitoring devices on the wall that were analyzing our atmosphere, and he looked concerned.


I said to him, "what's the matter?" He just pointed to the atmosphere and said, "don't they understand that it's here because they needed it?" They don't understand our suicidal tendencies. I guess they have the perspective that we should really known better. I don't know where they got that idea.

Another time, Vissaeus was monitoring television broadcasts and he had been watching a news broadcast about a shooting in Chicago, where a policeman shot a black man and then rushed over and tried to save his life. He had a hard time trying to understand why the policeman would try to take the life and then try to save him. He didn't understand the contradiction, and I don't know that they still have dealt with that.


You know, that which we accept as "reality" is extremely foreign in concept to a lot of other different races. They simply don't understand it, and there's no way we could truly 'rationalize' it to them, when they themselves come from a 'space' of unconditional love and mutual respect. I have not done a good job in trying to explain it to them, because when I really stop to think about it, it doesn't make any sense to me either.


So, as Val would say, it's time for a new paradigm. I guess that is what is going on here at the school with you, those before you and those that will come after you.


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What Makes a Human Being

I have given a lot of thought to our race, and the character issues, and I just want to share with you some of my thoughts on the human race, and about people. A lot of this comes from my own experience, dealing with 'us':

  • A human being whose heart shows no passion is a person who doesn't have a life.

  • A human being who doesn't give from the heart is a person will lie to you.

  • A human being whose heart is committed to nothing is a person who will not try, but will only take.

  • A human being who is not willing to risk or take chances for love, is a person who is absolutely empty inside, already 'dead'.

I have come to these conclusions because of my relationship with Morenae and Vissaeus. I absolutely love these two beings. They are my 'fathers', my 'brothers', my friends, and in some respect even my 'sons', because I have had the opportunity to teach them.


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Most Human's Haven't a Clue About What's Happening

You know, there is so much information out there that is totally bogus. I went to the Star Visions Conference. There was a guy there who had some pictures of a craft, and he said that he has been in contact with the Sirians, and he mentioned Sirius B. Then, he went on to make a speech in which he said that "Jesus Christ is a starship commander who lives on Earth underground in a place called Valley of the Echoes, and that they are coming back, there will be a war and that those who are not in favor of Jesus will be destroyed."


The people there gave this guy a standing ovation. I'm not kidding. They have this guy a standing ovation. It was really sad, because these people don't have a clue. They don't want to take responsibility. They can totally thwart this war. We don't have to do anything about this as long as we started working and learning to live with each other, granting mutual respect, having natural tolerance for our race.


I know its not easy, because of all the conditioning, but folks, I need your help. I desperately need your help. We don't need to create the "book of revelations', but that is exactly what is being done. There are beings out there that have technology that are more than happy to help us play this thing out, because we are a threat to them. The reason we are a threat to them is because of not only who you are spiritually, but also because our genetics.

Our physically is a combination of the human extraterrestrial and the primate race. This melding is what has given us our incredible extremes of emotion, which is why we can hold so much creative energy inside of us. This is why the Andromedans are in awe of our creative energy and why they are so concerned. They have to use technology to create some of their physicality. We don't.


They are amazed that when you leave your house everything is still there when you come back. It doesn't disintegrate. Now, if you live in south Los Angeles, perhaps you have to worry about your stuff not being there. They are amazed at that. The intent and the energy it takes to create all the little things that you have on your shelf. They are amazed. They don't have all the little "stuff" that we have.

According to the Andromedans, and other races who have discovered this, in our holographic universe, there are 11 layers or densities, and now apparently there is a 12th. This is their perspective. They say that we fell into time and physicality, and they many of the other extraterrestrial races are fascinated by what it is that we know, locked up inside of us.


Because, we have already evolved to that level and came back to start over again. They don't have access to what they think we know, which is apparently locked up inside of us. Not only that, but apparently we specifically chose this physicality and its vibration because it is able to hold such an extreme of emotions.


When you couple idea with the idea that this physicality is also made up of 22 races, including the Andromedan race, they say that every single one of you is "royalty" on this planet. They say that many of the other extraterrestrial races, particularly the benevolent ones, acknowledge this, because of the fact that we are spirit and we have these genetics inside of the bodies we are using.

The "dark ones", which include the Grey Men, see us as "beasts" because of the primate component. They say, how can we allow this to surpass us? This is why there is constant genetic and mental manipulation here. The negatives are concerned that once we move out of our "prison" of third density that we will radically "change everything". We will. I don't know about you, but I need a change!

The Andromedans told me that I am one of four contactees, and that apparently more will be added in the very near future. I hope some of that has to do with my griping. I have bitched and moaned. There are not enough people to do this. The reason that I and the other three people were chosen in the 'first round' is because that apparently when they were here 62,300 years ago and had a colony here for 65 years, I was one of them that was here.


There was a battle and they were chased out of here, and I (my body) was killed. So, I know that I am from another place. In fact, all of you here are. Your souls were not "born and hatched" here. I can tell you that.

They say that our universe, in terms of our reckoning of linear time, is a 21 trillion year-old hologram. They also say that there are 100 trillion galaxies in this universe, including all dimensions. One hundred trillion! And some people still don't think there's life out there! I don't know what to do with folks like that, you know?


I have some really good friends that I work with that are very good people, very awesome people, full of integrity, but they are convinced that there is going to be a 'rapture' and that 'they don't have to do anything' but just wait. God, that pisses me off. I mean, there is so much to do and they are just going to sit on their butt and wait? I said to one guy, "suppose He changes his mind?" He says, "well, He couldn't do that" I said, "is He God?" He said, "yes". "Well." I said, "then he could!. Oh, God I am so frustrated.

You know, I feel the 'pressure' of things starting to get 'tighter' and 'smaller', and it's really great to see all of you here. I was very disillusioned last weekend, and I basically said to myself "that's it, I'm fed up, I've had it." I even thought about not coming here to give this talk, because I was just so burned out. Well, you know folks, it isn't easy walking these two worlds". You know? Yes, I know that you know. Right. I forgot who I was talking to.

And, well, there are times that I go out for walks at night and I try and call them down, and they don't always come. And, I look at my wife and I say to myself, do I need to put all of my energy into this? Can I do both? There are times when I truly wrestle with where it is I want to be.


Because the two realities are so extreme. When I go up with them, I am so free I can't even put it into words. When I come back, there's the phone bill, the electric bill, the gas bill, the car payments, the insurance-- all these little things, and I say to myself, "God, they really have the right idea - they keep it all really simple." All their energy goes into creating themselves.


They are not distracted by all this other stuff. I wrestle with that a lot. I haven't come to a conclusion yet. I'll keep you posted.


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Human Children Being Taken Off the Planet Each Year

Some of the missing children on this planet have not only been taken by the Greys, by Orion, but also by the Pleaidians. Now, apparently in the systems in Aldebaran, there are human Terran colonies. The Pleaidians have taken human children from here.


When I asked Morenae if they had permission to do this, he said, "no, there were many broken hearts left behind." Ok. Again, whatever the justification is, it's still a violation of free will. And that's how you have to measure somebody else's actions. Sirius has also been doing this.


There were many children taken underground, not only by our government. Many of the children were ....eaten. I want you to know that the Andromedans have confirmed this. Ladies and gentlemen, these children are our future, whatever it is going to be. They are our future. You've got to protect your families. The family is the target. Because, that will pull the rug out from underneath our society in a heartbeat.


A lot of people, even if they are cowards, find their strength in their families. When that doesn't exist, we have big-time problems. Children are leaving this planet at the rate of at least 100,000 per year from all over the world, and you're not hearing about it.


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The Implosion of the Corrupt United States Government in 1997

They are just being taken out of here, and some of the ET's feel they have a 'right' to do it. Basically, this reflects a 'deal' that was cut with the world governments. I wanted to share that with you because it might help you when things totally start to unravel.


For those of you who are Americans, you are about to witness the great implosion of the United States Government, starting after April 1997. It is going to just start to unravel next year.

The lies and truths are going to start to come out, and people are going to be blown away at how corrupt your government is. Well, maybe not you. Again, I forgot who I was talking to. You have to understand, I don't usually talk to an educated crowd like this. This is really a treat for me. I mean, you guys are just awesome.


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The Andromedan Holographic Language

Let's look at some of the holographic language symbols of the Andromedans. Now, remember that you have to pull these symbols up off the board into three dimensional form and be able to move all the way around them. I am not an expert on how holographs work, but in these holographs, if you could see them physically all the way around, is contained information.


This symbol, when given holographically to another race, totally tells them everything about the Andromedan race:

Apparently, we are supposed to be able to do that, and apparently do, but we don't understand how it works.

This is the symbol for love or, mutual respect:

If they were to project this symbol inside of your consciousness, in this one symbol would be everything they know about mutual respect.

See, it's simple. It doesn't take 200 pages to explain love. There it is.

This is the symbol for Earth physicality. When they give this symbol, it contains our entire Earth history:

Again, you lift this symbol off and look at it dimensionally, underneath it, above it, and inside is contained information.

This is the symbol for "war" or "confrontation":

This is a much more complicated symbol for the Earth races:

Now, this next symbol should be interesting for you.

It is supposed to represent peace:

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