Letters From Andromeda

LFA (Letters from Andromeda) is the brainchild of Jon Robinson and Alex Collier as a grassroots publication distributed to subscribers around the world. While the printed newsletter has been discontinued, Letters from Andromeda is alive and well in this form presented here. The intent and purpose of LFA is to act as a medium for the messages and teachings of the Andromedans to be publicly available for Terrans to read..

Below you will see articles that appeared in the printed LFA newsletter.

Volume 1 No. 1November 1995 Editorial by Alex Collier
Volume 1 No.1November 1995 Thoughts From the Publisher[n/a]
Volume 1 No. 1November 1995Creating a Race of Leaders / Leadership[N/A]
Volume 1 No.1November 1995 Mirror, Mirror
Volume 2 No.1January 1996 Thoughts From the Publisher
Volume 2 No.1January 1996Moranae on Understanding Fear[N/A]
Volume 2 No.1January 1996 Vasais on Perception of Intent
Volume 2 No.2April 1996 Letter from the Editor
Volume 2 No.2April 1996 Morenae on Time: An Andromedan Principle
Volume 2 No.2April 1996 Thoughts on the Universe
Volume 2 No.2April 1996 The Is-ness
Volume 2 No.3June 1996 Editorial by Alex Collier
Volume 2 No.3June 1996Letter from the Publisher[N/A]
Volume 2 No.3June 1996 Vissaeus on Consciousness, and on Militant Decision-Making
Volume 2 No.3June 1996 The Race of Greys Called the DOW
Volume 2 No.3June 1996 The Pleaidian Race
Volume 2 No.3June 1996 "Soldiers of the Awakening"
Volume 2 No.3June 1996 Fifth Density: Starting Over
Volume 2 No.3June 1996 The Race from Alpha Draconis
Volume 2 No.4August 1996 The Call to Action
Volume 2 No.4August 1996 Vissaeus on Physiology of Copper
Volume 2 No.4August 1996 Morenae on History, War and Human Physiology
Volume 2 No.4August 1996 Current Changes in Our Solar System
Volume 2 No.5October/November 1996 Notes from the Publisher
Volume 2 No.5October/November 1996 Editorial by Alex Collier
Volume 2 No.5October/November 1996 Morenae: The Period of Sincerity
Volume 2 No.5October/November 1996 Morenae: Prepare and Invest
Volume 2 No.5October/November 1996 Remember: A Poem
Volume 2 No.5October/November 1996 Questions and Answers
Volume 2 No.5October/November 1996 Our Leap in Consciousness
Volume 3 No.1February 1997 Publisher's Notes
Volume 3 No.1February 1997 Editorial by Alex Collier
Volume 3 No.1February 1997 A Plea for Consistency 'Leadership' Empowerment
Volume 3 No.1February 1997 The Grey Agenda
Volume 3 No.1February 1997An Indian Prayer[N/A]

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