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Stone Disks of Baian-Kara-Ula

'Art's Parts'

When I saw the diagram of the Stone Disks of Baian-Kara-Ula, it reminded me of one of the pieces of the, alleged, Roswell debris that had been sent to Art Bell, several years ago. Leaving no 'stone' unturned, so to speak, I decided to see if these two items had anything in common. Size and material are different, but that could be due to one of four things.

1. As things progressed, the 'stones' became more advanced. They got smaller, dispensed with the 'hole' and a longer lasting, metal material was used.

2. "They' had always used the small metal disks. The Dropas, wanting to leave a record of their existence, had none of the metal material on hand, so they used the stone they were surrounded with and hardened it with other materials, like cobalt, in order to make them last as long as the metal ones.

3. Since it's smaller and there's no hole in Art's piece of 'debris', possibly, there are different versions of the same entity. Each used for a different purpose but similar in design.

4. None of the above. There's no relation, at all, between the 'stone disks' and the, alleged, Roswell circular piece. I don't know what happened to the hole in the center. The only thing visible on the 'Roswell debris' is dust!

The photos, below, were taken from the section on Art Bell's website designated as Art's Parts. I did a little enhancing on the 'disk' after noticing an area, on the top left, which appeared to have a design or symbols on it.

Close up of the area (below)