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by David Wilcock
Internet Publication 12/06/00
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Scientific Proof for Ascension

A Discrete, Heretofore Unrecognized Astrophysical Event in our Near Future with Profound Spiritual Implications. 


This is David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a comprehensive thesis. Topics include:


This new addition of 10/20/02 gives us an overview of the entire three-volume series in the Convergence material.

1. Introduction
In this introductory chapter, the beginning of the case for the Shift of the Ages is laid out. We see how many different movies, television shows and other creative works are all preparing us for this on the subconscious level. Author David Wilcock's first major "Ascension dream" is described, wherein he went through an experience that gave a metaphorical description of this dimensional shift process. We then have an outline of the structure of this book, chapter by chapter.

2. Harmonic Dimensions - The Architecture of the One
In this chapter, the fundamental design of the Harmonic Universe theory is laid out. We show the clear connections between the "octaves" of light and sound, and begin to look at how geometry fits into the puzzle as well. We also take a look at the idea of "Consciousness Units," (CUs,) the unseen structures behind all matter, both physical and nonphysical. We explore the "Grand Theory" for how these pulsating CUs come about, and why they exist.

3. Harmonic Pyramids on Earth and Abroad
Here, we show how the geometries of the CU have been harnessed by the building of crystal structures, or what we call pyramids. We show the evidence that these pyramidal structures were constructed on the planet Mars as well as Earth. We speculate as to the incredible power of the Great Pyramid at the time that it was originally built, given the fact that its construction was of such precision and accuracy. We clearly show how these were built with a much higher level of technology than we give them credit for, and were used for a purpose that we are only now beginning to rediscover.

4. The Breath of the Divine and Superstring Theory
Here we investigate how modern physics is aligning itself with the original ideas presented by the ancient peoples and mystics of old. We show the fundamental connections between the inner workings of the CU and modern "Superstring Theory" in physics, revealing how elegantly the theory of the CU conforms with newly-discovered models. Finally, we see how a quote from Seth appears to have predated this new theory by at least ten or fifteen years.

Scientific Arguments for an "Octave" of Dimentions
In this chapter, we investigate the extraordinary life of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Though the full story is often underplayed in the modern mathematical and scientific arena, we show that his incredible mathematical discoveries were brought about through a psychic process. Furthermore, we show how the number 8, for the Octave, was the underlying factor in Ramanujan's calculations. The octave-based "modular functions" within these calculations now form the basis of understanding for the structure of the multidimensional universe in modern physics. This is then followed by a look at the work of Tony Smith for more detail.

6. The Seth Entity and "Consciousness Units
This chapter is a direct excerpt from the end portions of "The Seth Material," the original debut of Jane Roberts' channeling efforts in 1971. What we find is an in-depth study of the Consciousness Unit. The metaphysical properties of the CU are explained by Seth in careful detail. The result is a guided tour through a set of metaphysical ideas that most people have never considered before. We then explore how archetypes and CUs are related.

7. The Emergence of the "Mother of All Crop Circles"
In this chapter, we zero in specifically on the efforts of Higher Intelligence to show us, in modern times, a precise image and description of exactly what a Consciousness Unit is, as well as the phase of the CU that we are now heading into. All of this comes about through the Barbury Castle 1991 formation, an image of incredible size and complexity that appeared literally overnight in a field of wheat. The entire story and background of the crop circles is explored in some detail, along with Gerald Hawkins' "Crop Circle Theorems" that show a clear connection between geometry and "diatonic" musical ratios, and other formations that reveal more secrets.

8. Richard Hoagland and the "Message of Cydonia
In this chapter we go in very specifically to look at the life and research of controversial frontier scientist Richard Hoagland. We take a brief look at the case for there having been a lost civilization on the planet Mars, building pyramidal structures as well as a gigantic edifice carved into the shape of a human face. Most significantly, we explore how Hoagland's team showed that this entire "City" complex of formations reveal all of the basic mathematical principles of the fourth-dimensional phase of the CU - namely, a tetrahedron within a sphere. We can then see how this knowledge of the physics of the CU is not confined to Earth civilizations.



9. The Cathie Grid
This chapter explores the work of Bruce Cathie, which illustrates how the observed flight paths of UFOs reveal that they are following a "Grid" over the earth, shaped in the form of a cube and octahedron- two of the seven fundamental geometric phases of the CU, representing the third and fifth dimension. We go into great depth to explore the significant harmonic mathematical discoveries that Cathie has made from the study of this grid, including his most stellar achievement of all: Cathie solves the Unified Field paradox of modern physics, revealing that all of the Creation is simply a function of Light. We also take excerpts from the Ra Material to help develop these ideas concerning the expanding and contracting CU in their "cosmic context."

10. The Philadelphia Experiment and Ascension
In this chapter, we begin to examine the basics behind how this system of hyperdimensional physics could actually produce a spontaneous disappearance of a physical body. We deeply examine the case history of the Philadelphia Experiment, wherein a Naval ship was allegedly "teleported" back and forth from Norfolk, VA to Penn's Landing, PA. We suggest that this experiment was an early, crude proof of the fact that if a magnetic field of sufficient strength is configured to produce the higher-level geometries of the CU, you may very well be able to transform the matter phase of everything within that area to a higher dimension. We also suggest that the Sun is naturally producing this same effect, only on a much larger and more long-term scale.

11. Global Grid Two: Hyperdimensional Crystals on Planets
Now, we return to the implications of Hoagland's work with the Cydonia "City" complex on Mars. A tetrahedral, geometric energy force expressing itself through a sphere is shown on many of the planets in the Solar System, including Earth. Then, we head directly into an in-depth study of the work of Carl Munck, who revealed that almost every single pyramid, earthwork and "sacred site" worldwide uses a simple code to describe its exact position on the Grid. We definitively show how Munck rediscovered this Atlantean planet-wide system of geometric coordinates, similar to our own but with the central longitude line passing through the Great Pyramid of Giza. David brings in the work of his own readings in order to help answer the paradox of how to integrate together the works of Munck, Cathie, Hoagland and other "Grid" pioneers.

12. Becker / Hagens: The Global Grid Solution
In this chapter, we put the capstone on our investigation of the CU's expression as the Global Grid, through the initial work of Ivan P. Sanderson, followed by three Russian scientists and culminating with the professors William Becker and Bethe Hagens. We show how the final Grid puzzle is solved when all of the basic Platonic Solids in the CU are plotted over the Earth's sphere. We see how the structure of continents and landmasses are shaped by this. Furthermore, we investigate reports concerning the mysterious disappearances and hyperdimensional effects shown in certain "node points" of this Grid.

13. Physics of the Spiral in the Consciousness Units
In this chapter, we find the quintessential link between the three-dimensional geometries of the CU and the harmonic, mathematical "frequency numbers" of the Octave. This link comes to us through the work of Mr. Carl Munck. We will see how Munck discovers that all of the "Gematrian" frequency numbers that indicate sound vibrations have only two commonly shared tangents. He then shows how the Speed of Light, in seconds, is a precise function of these same two tangents. This gives us a solid background upon which to establish a fundamental mathematical connection between light, sound and geometry, adding great weight to the reality of this theory, and therefore the reality of Ascension as well.

14. Cycles, Grids and MDP: The Historical Perspective
In this chapter we discuss the idea of secret societies having preserved knowledge from the time of Atlantis regarding these planetary cycles and grid formations, as well as the entire field of harmonic physics in general. By examining little-known facts such as the United Nations Meditation Room mural and the symbols and writings on the obverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, we begin to see how these secret societies still persist, and apparently have a working knowledge of many of the principles we have explored in this book. We then explore the work of one Dr. Scott, who may well have discovered a treasure trove of artifacts from Atlantis and is still waiting for the proper time to unveil these outrageous findings to the outside world.


15. Cayce and Ra Speak on Great Solar Cycle
Here we check in on the remarkable works of Edgar Cayce and The Ra Material. Cayce's readings specifically mention a Solar Cycle, and we investigate that question against the backdrop of other information in the Cayce Readings. Then, we go through an in-depth analysis of a series of excerpts from the Ra Material, giving us a precise outline of what we might expect as a result of Ascension, or what they refer to as the "harvest."

16. Maurice Cotterell on Great Solar Cycle
In this chapter, we check in on the groundbreaking work of Maurice Cotterell. We discover that Cotterell detailed a series of new cycles in the Sun, related to the activity of the sunspots. These newly discovered cycles fit perfectly with the information in the Cayce Readings and the Ra Material, as well as information from the Mayan Calendar. Furthermore, this solar cycle was only recently discovered, while the psychic works existed well before Cotterell made his first graph.

(Latest news about the Sun activity: The Sun Goes Haywire)

17. Maurice Chatelain's Mayan Calendar
Now, we check in on Maurice Chatelain. This chapter focuses on Chatelain's work in attempting to fit the fundamental counting unit of the Mayan Calendar, the ~20 year katun, into the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. Even though we can demonstrate that Chatelain was wrong, the mathematical connection between the cycles graphed by the Maya and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions is undeniable. This lends considerable support to the idea that the millennial period will be a major "gateway" time as we head closer and closer into becoming a fourth-dimensional planet.

18. The Nineveh Constant: Planetary Harmonics
In this chapter we examine perhaps the most enigmatic finding in all of Chatelain's significant and practically unknown work. He learns that all of the orbits of the planets can be expressed by one single number, which is a singularly shared common denominator. This important and heretofore unknown number is nothing more than the product of 70 multiplied seven times by 60! We ask ourselves how it can be that this hyper-complex number was originally found on an ancient Sumerian clay tablet.

19. Geometric Time and The Wilcock Constant
In this chapter, we see the work of Bradley Cowan revealing hidden structures in time that can be harnessed, understood and mapped out to predict the behavior of the stock market. We then look into Wilcock's discoveries of a larger-order cycle in the Galaxy that is built up from the same principles as the Nineveh Constant. This lends dramatic assistance in understanding Ra's teachings, then made complete as we determine a scientific basis for the combination three Solar Cycles into one.

20. Great Pyramid: Prophecy in Stone
This chapter starts out with an examination of the harmonic periodicity of historical events, lending greater validity to the concept of time as a geometric, predictable structure. From this basis, we then explore the Great Pyramid Timeline. We learn how the Pyramid contains a timeline of future events, encoded through geometry and a symbolic code that assigns a different meaning to each number one through thirteen, and a few others as well. From here, we suggest that Cayce's interpretation of the King's Chamber is indeed correct, and that therefore we are now at the end of the Timeline. We then conclude with some spiritual reflections on the nature of this book.

21. Conclusion: Tying it All Together
In this final chapter, we push all the "buttons" simultaneously, weaving all the arguments presented in the book together into one package. We see that the entire argument assembles together perfectly. We also provide a few more compelling bits of new information, including the emergence of the "11:11" ratio in the Great Pyramid and the idea that the August 99 - May 2000 period is a major vibrational gateway to usher in higher vibrations.