-  ACC (American Computer Company) and The Roswell 1947 Story - Reverse Engineering


 -  Classified Advanced Antigravity Aerospace Craft Utilizing Back-engineered ET Technology


 -  Electromagnetic Fusion and ET Space Technology


 -  Extraterrestrial Base On Earth, Sanctioned By Officials Since 1954


 -  Extraterrestrial Technology and Edgar Rothschild Fouche


 -  Extraterrestrial Technology, the Black Budget, and International Politics


 -  Fiber Optics, Supertenacity, and Other Artifacts - from 'The Day After Roswell'


 -  Is There a Black-Ops Cabal, Even More Powerful Than Government, Using Technology from Alien Civilizations?


 -  Orion Technology And Other Secret Projects


 -  Technology Of The Gods


 -  Time Travel - Main File


 -  The New Medicine Can Be Back-Engineered!


 -  The Saga of Flying Objects - Present and Past - Main File


 -  'Winked Out' - UFOs Or High Tech Camouflage?


Additional Information


 -  Element 115



 -  Ancient Hi Tech Evidence - The Modern Past


 -  Hi-Tech/Top Secret Projects - Main File



 -  Official Within MJ-12 UFO-Secrecy Management Group


 -  Open Letter From a Group of French Scientists to the Initiator of the Disclosure Project


 -  Pentagen/Crystal Rectangle/Nevada Test Site - Classified National Security Document


 -  The Laser - from 'The Day After Roswell'



 -  The Mystery of the Drones



 -  The Pretenders - UFOs And Camouflage

   -  World Peace and Dawn of a New Age  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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