by James M. McCanney

Jan 2004

from EdgeNews Website


Four score and three years ago, one of our forefathers (John F. Kennedy) proclaimed a new era for man. His vision was based on the scientific reality that we could now build a rocket large enough to carry the required payload into orbit that would then take a small crew of men to the moon and return them safely to Earth. An unwritten assumption by all of us in the USA was that this was just the beginning "step" to a much larger endeavor.

Ten years earlier (more than 50 years ago) a rocket plane called the X-15 was carried aloft under the wing of a B-52 bomber, propelled itself and its pilot into low earth orbit and returned safely to land on the Southwestern desert flatlands. A quick refueling and the plane could be taken again into space. It set speed records of 3,600 miles per hour and once again this was to herald a new age of space plane and flight.

The futuristic Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey showed where we would be by the year 2001 with orbiting hotels, artificial gravity and daily flights to Moon bases and beyond. Life in space was to be business as usual and we all awaited with baited breath as our space program was to build the pathway to the heavens... just as the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) brought electricity to a developing nation and just as the U.S. highway system brought transportation mobility to everyone, including commerce.

Since these early pioneering and visionary days, we have poured over a trillion dollars through a space agency called NASA. Today, 42 years after that visionary promise to take man into space on a permanent venture, our illustrious space agency could not put a mouse into space. For the few flights to an over-budget, falling-apart space station, we depend exclusively on the budget-strapped Russian space launch facilities, including borrowing their space capsules, because we have literally nothing of our own.

What happened to the trillion dollars and the original plan and vision? Where has all the money gone and why do we have literally no ability to go into space? Congress is canceling the "mini-shuttle" program, because it is already over budget -- and even if we had such a space plane...we have no rockets with which to launch it.

Clearly something has gone very wrong within the confines of Washington and the bureaucratic mumbo jumbo we call NASA. Have the large aerospace corporations produced an economical space program? Or is our space program setting in expensive houses and Bentley's in their garages on the West Coast?

Hiding of data?

Further research has uncovered an ongoing "hiding of data" within the unmanned portion of the space program. Much of this data would show that the theories space agency scientists have been propagating for that past 40 years are also incorrect and there is a much more subtle nature to our solar system and universe. Is gravity the sole force governing our universe, are comets really dirty snow balls, did the planets and moons all form at one time, and did the universe really begin with a big bang?


I call these the "Axioms of Astronomy," as one cannot do research, get grants or publish if you disagree with any or all of these "principles of science." In fact, you cannot get an advanced degree in science unless you agree to cater to this pre-determined scientific agenda.

Big egos and big pay checks with what I call "Scientific Vacations" to exclusive worldwide resort destinations set the space agency scientists in a position to monopolize grant monies, the scientific publications and ultimately what the public does and does not hear from their space dollars. There once was a large group of independent space scientists who, one by one, were squeezed out of the arena as they no longer had access to data, publications or grant moneys critical to survival as a researcher.

Today our Sun is "going bonkers," as I like to say. A pair of new satellites launched in the spring of 2003 were meant to measure the energy output of the Sun in all regions of the spectrum. These were launched to replace an aging SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) that seems to mysteriously shut down every time there is a serious threat to Earth.


Unfortunately, no data has been made available to anyone from the two new satellites, in spite of the fact that this information is critical to weather forecasting and predicting more severe droughts like the one now raging in California. With the increase in both the number and strength of severe storms on Earth, why is this information never seen by people who could better interpret it than the few insider scientists who are now viewing these data?

China and Russia have ongoing space programs, and I recently made the prediction that China would have, by the year 2008 (only five short years from now), a standing permanent population in space of more than 100,000 people. Many people have been fooled by our own space agency's ineptitude... or possibly even purposeful policy of making it look so difficult and expensive to go into space. After all, if they made it easy to go into space, then they would conceivably lose their monopoly and funding.

Flurry of inventions

At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, there was a flurry of inventions that brought electricity to mankind on a large scale. The inventors were men named Marconi, Edison and another lesser known man by the name of Tesla. I call the 20th century "The Black Century" and discuss this in my most recent book Atlantis to Tesla --The Kolbrin Connection.


The book shows that the ancient science of Atlantis and Tesla have been rediscovered, giving a unique untold view of life on the Lost Continent, ancient space craft designs and the source of unlimited electrical power. It also discusses "the Secret Societies" that have come to control the governments of the world and also the power that we should all have from the electrical universe around us FOR FREE.

The new insights into the past have been possible, because now the real nature of our Solar System and Universe are understood to be highly electrical in nature. This is something that standard science (the so called "Chapman Physics") has denied for decades and which has been promoted by the space agency scientific elite. My personal estimate is that our Sun emits hundreds, if not thousands, of times more energy in the form of electrical energy than it does in the form of light energy.

We are normally buffered from this tremendous source of power by Earth's magnetic field, however, changing solar system conditions allow this energy to drastically affect us and our weather. That is why weather men can be correct in their prediction some days and be totally wrong the next day. The most important factor in our weather is not accounted for in standard meteorology. The essentials for understanding the electrical nature of the solar system have been outlined for the general public in my previous book, Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes.

There was a wealth of ancient knowledge that had been lost and now regained as a result of the new understanding of the physics of the solar system and the source and true electrical nature of our Sun, which controls all. The Russians, for example, have now realized that in their previous studies associating planetary positions with human behavior (similar to the ancient art of reading horoscopes), it is the electrical interaction of the planets that is affecting people.

This same understanding is now the basis to confirm that NASA never could have gone to the Moon 33 years ago, as the astronauts would all have been dead from X-ray radiation as they passed through the Van Allen radiation belts... which would have turned their metal space craft into a giant X-ray chamber. The Russians knew this, and even though they had technology sufficient to keep men in space for years at a time, they never attempted to go to the moon (they are purported that have tried in the 1960s and their cosmonauts came back very dead from the radiation).

If going through the radiation belts that surround Earth was no problem in 1969 when the Apollo space capsules supposedly went to the Moon, then,

  • why is one of the space agency's main programs called "Living with a Star" focused on how to get safely through the Van Allen Belts?

  • why has NASA never turned the Hubble Space Telescope (or any of the much more powerful mountain top telescopes) to the moon and taken pictures of those landing sites?

My personal knowledge of these telescopes says they are fully capable of imaging those sites. One would think they would be most anxious to show off their new equipment (that we paid for) and at the same time show us the lunar landing sites. The Hubble, like so much other equipment, is off limits to most scientists and they only release a pretty picture now and then so you keep sending those dollars.

Safe passage

It turns out there is a mechanism that would allow safe passage through the Van Allen radiation belts and it is a matter of time before the Chinese discover it. NASA still does not accept the science that would allow them to figure out how this is done. But the innovative Chinese, I predict, will discover it along with the ways to deliver and house large populations in space. When this happens, we will all watch as they populate the most important real estate in our area of the solar system... our Moon... and by the time the American public wakes up, there will not be a square inch left.

Imagine that: The most technologically endowed nation the planet has ever seen -- we have spent more than a trillion dollars in 43 years on our space program -- and we have lost the space race with no plans in sight for the future.

The only hope at this point are the few and fledgling "private space programs" being pioneered by individual investors and engineers. The X-Prize is a $10 million prize offered by visionaries who see space as a real place where real things CAN happen. This is what our space program was supposed to do.

In my own small way, this holiday season I am giving a gift to the public (but not to NASA or the aerospace industries who have already consumed enough for five lifetimes). In 1982, I set forth a revolutionary propulsion system design based on the electrical nature of our solar system, and a subtle concept of pushing against the magnetic fields that permeate outer space.

These magnetic fields are generated by rivers of electrical currents that flow constantly between the planets and beyond. I call these "the electrical rivers or highways to the stars." The basic design is outlined in my most recent book, Atlantis to Tesla -- The Kolbrin Connection, and it is based on the designs I presented at international aerospace conferences in 1986 and '87. I am now embarking on construction of model and full-scale systems.

The new design overcomes the inherent limiting factors of the other existing chemical, nuclear and electrical (ion engine) propulsion systems, all of which eject matter to produce thrust. With these "inertial systems," one must either carry all the fuel and ejectable material or gather it along the way, greatly reducing the ability to go very far. The new electromagnetic propulsion system does not have this limitation, because it carries no ejectable material. Instead, it pushes with electromagnetic forces on existing magnetic fields that exist almost everywhere in outer space.

To create a private space program on a limited budget, I am offering these efforts as my holiday gift to the public... that someday hopefully soon we will all have access to our birthright... outer space, the planets and eventually the stars.