How the Wands of Horus Were Made

The technology used to produce the Wands of Horus and all the other elements of the complex took into account the pyramid’s ability to affect certain characteristics of materials. It was precisely for that reason that the production of the Wands of Horus was directly connected with the pyramid. The bodies of the wands were cast in moulds of the appropriate shape and after the metal solidified (crystallised) they were placed in the pyramid with the result that the metal’s crystal lattice acquired special qualities under the influence of the pyramid. The structural field of the pyramid has a correcting effect on the distances between the atoms, as a result of which the lattice becomes more perfect, which meant that even at this stage the material from which the wands were made possessed miraculous qualities. The fillings were also subjected to treatment of an appropriate kind in the pyramid.

As was already stated, at the beginning of the process of self-perfection the hierophant or pharaoh used a special sort of white sand that was processed in the pyramid’s structuring field for a period of twelve diurnal cycles. The decisive factor in choosing the fillings was the qualities of the crystal lattice. Under the influence of the pyramid the crystal lattice of the quartz changed its qualities, becoming more regular, flawless, and consequently better in terms of its resonant properties. (35) .
In the subsequent stages of the process of self-perfection, special crystals were placed inside the Wands of Horus. Their more perfect qualities were also acquired inside the pyramid under the influence of its structuring fields.

It is important to note that the orientation of the crystals of the small-grain white sand or large-grain quartzites inside the wands is of no relevance with regard to the law of harmonic resonance. In this instance the significant thing is not the shape or orientation of each individual grain, but the peculiarities of the crystal lattice.

It should be stressed that when choosing the fillings for the cylinders it is not absolutely correct to divide them into Yin and Yang, or to associate the qualities of the fillings with the horoscope. This connection is a very conditional one.

To better understand the essence of the process, one should bear in mind that BA and KA or Yin and Yang, are two energy flows, two sources of vital energy situated within the human being itself. Their harmonization therefore requires minerals that possess the relevant properties. Jasper, amber or shungites, for example, were not used as fillings for the Wands of Horus by the Ancient Egyptians because of the unsuitable qualities of their crystal lattices. The use of quartz was prompted by its unusual, surprising qualities described below.

One of the basic concepts in crystallography is the axis of symmetry of a crystal. If you take a quartz crystal with well-developed facets, then from the position of those facets it is possible to observe one peculiar fact: the vertical axis of symmetry in a quartz crystal is twisted in a spiral.

“X-ray examination of the structure of quartz crystals confirms the deduction made on the basis of morphological and optical peculiarities, that the structure of quartz has a spiral, that is to say helical character. In accordance with this two types of structure can be distinguished — left-handed (No 3) and right-handed (No 1).” [3]

To explain one further significant peculiarity of quartz we need to turn once again to the conceptual system of the Ancient East.

The quartz crystal, like any other, has its energy centre (chakra). However, because in quartz the axis of symmetry forms a spiral (36), several projections of the main energy centre form within the crystal. That is to say one centre receives energy, but several give it out. You can picture it more precisely in this way: one zone of the crystal accumulates energy within itself, transforms and scatters it. What was one flow becomes several. Precisely due to the helical structure and, as a consequence, this scattering effect, Wands of Horus filled with quartz crystals have a gentle, general healing effect on a person’s energo-informational structure and his or her entire organism.

Perhaps it was for this very reason that some ancient civilizations considered quartz a sacred mineral. It was evidently also connected with quartz’s ability to convey information. In this context it is appropriate to quote from an interview with Professor Vlail Kaznacheyev, the director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, a full member of that academy and of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian


“In our experiments we obtain some astonishing things: when one cell culture experiences some stress, it can transmit its condition to another cell culture, if there is an optical channel of communication. The light ray conveys the essence of the matter — and it itself comes alive in a way. Moreover, a tissue culture of living cells of this kind that has perceived the state of its neighbours in a quartz or mica optical channel, can transmit that state on to other cell cultures; and so the accumulation of a property of living material unknown to us passes through the cells for 5, 6, 7 generations in the optical sphere. Mica and quartz are transparent for such effects, just as they are for ordinary light…”

In other words, quartz is capable of conveying not simply information, but also a psychological state.


Carrying out appropriate research and taking into account the results of a number of scientific experiments, we set about producing the Wands of Horus, guided not only the finest nuances of the technology used when creating them in Ancient Egypt, but also the results of the latest scientific experiments.


The metals used to make the cylinders, as well as all the fillings, undergo appropriate processing in a recently-constructed 22-metre pyramid. (click above-left image)

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The Results Of Research Into The Effect Of Pyramids

The time has come and the pyramids are gradually revealing their secrets to us. Experiments to study the effect of the pyramids on animate and inanimate objects are changing conceptions about the properties of material. And despite the fact that attitudes to the pyramids are still mixed, they are becoming an ever more forcible presence in our lives, helping us to see the world with different eyes.

Recent researches have shown that in an area with a concentration of pyramids seismic activity diminishes. More precisely, instead of one powerful earthquake there are hundreds of tiny ones.

In the atmosphere above the pyramids the state of the ozone layer improves.

Burials of radioactive waste incorporating pyramids lose their deadly properties. Agricultural seeds treated in the pyramid show a 30% to 70% increase in yield. Diamonds synthesized from graphite that has lain for a week in a pyramid turn out purer and harder than usual, and more perfect in shape. Water that has been in the pyramids retains its properties for years.

A week after a complex of pyramids was installed at the Ishimbai oil-field in Bashkiria (South Russia) the state of the strata changed. The oil became lighter (less viscous) and a number of its physical and chemical properties altered (the proportion of tars, asphaltene and paraffin). The yield of the oil-wells increased by 30%. The fractional composition of the oil shifted towards the lighter components. Experiments conducted jointly with the Gubkin Oil and Gas Academy in Moscow confirmed these results.

The desire naturally arose to test the effect of the pyramids in the sphere of medicine. The influence of a pyramid on preparations and living organisms raised the immune status and regenerated tissues. But we shall limit ourselves to an account of two experiments carried out by doctors and physicists in the pyramid constructed by Alexander Golod.

Dr N.B. Yegorova,
Mechnikov Vaccine Research Institute

“My colleagues and I carried out research to study changes in the general reactivity of the organism on exposure in pyramids. The most informative models were chosen for these models, one of them involving the use of a typhus specific to mice, caused by a bacterium called salmonella typhi murium. All the experiments were carried out on several groups of mice that were placed in pyramids for various lengths of time and various numbers of times. The control group consisted of mice that were not placed in the pyramids. At various lengths of time after exposure in the pyramids, the mice were infected with salmonella typhi murium and their survival rate was recorded over the course of a month.

“It should be said that infection with salmonella typhi murium is a very serious disease in mice and a handful of cells is practically enough to cause death. By the twenty-fifth day of observation practically all the control animals had died. Among the groups exposed in the pyramids 3540% survived. There can be no doubt that this was connected with the time spent in the pyramid. There was no other reason; the more so, since this was not one but several groups of mice. Factors of the natural resistance of the organism are undoubtedly at play here. It may be changes is cellular immunity and humoral immunity. The investigation of those factors requires very careful and serious research which we were not able to carry out.

“We were very surprised by the result we obtained, because to get a 40% survival rate in mice infected with a fatal dose of salmonella typhi murium is very difficult. It is important to stress that the mice were not given any chemical substances or medication; there were no factors that might act perhaps in one way, perhaps in another. And so we have established that the pyramid itself affects the living organism. Now we need too study the mechanism by which it does so.” (See “Appendix 9”)



A.S. Kotosonov,

Doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Graphite Scientific Research Institute


“I was highly skeptical regarding the effect of the pyramid on the physical and chemical properties of non-organic materials. We therefore decided to resolve the question with a many-sided approach. We used the whole arsenal of methods available in our laboratory to evaluate the effect, or lack of it, of the pyramid on the physical properties of carbon materials. We chose for the purpose a specific material known as quasi-two-dimensional graphite. To put it simple, this is high-temperature pyrolytic carbon, highly textured and precipitated on a hot liner at 2000°C.


“Its highly pronounced two-dimensional structure leads to it having a mundane and generally understood property — electrical conductivity — that is not affected by such powerful energetic influences as neutron radiation. Neutron radiation as high as 1019 neutrons/cm2 (and even more) produces no significant change in the electrical conductivity of a material like quasi-two-dimensional graphite.

“It seemed to us that if neutron radiation has no substantial effect on electrical conductivity, then the mysterious pyramid was hardly likely to influence it. As a consequence, we were terribly surprised, but it is a fact — experiments on electrical conductivity carried out in our laboratory by Sergei Kuvshinnikov demonstrated that conductivity does change, by a factor of several times. More than that, the influence of the pyramid depends on the time of day when the samples were placed in the pyramid and when they were taken out. The changes in electrical properties, conductivity in particular, followed a periodic law, and the amplitude of these oscillations depended on the length of the pyramid’s influence and the time when the samples were removed from the pyramid.” (See “Appendix 10”)


V.I. Kostikov,
Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation
Director of the Graphite Scientific Research Institute

“It may even be not a bad thing that our science finds itself in such a difficult position, because the people left in it are obliged, under conditions of poor material stimulation and poor supply, to think very well. And in the problem we are examining today our task is to bring in the best people so that tomorrow’s technology will be founded on new principles and new capital-intensive investments. I should like to stress the idea that hitherto in all forms of technology we have had four variable parameters: temperature, pressure, time and concentration. Now, perhaps I am being hasty, possibly I am leaping to conclusions that are too bold, but to those variable parameters in technology we can add a fifth — the pyramid, with all consequences deriving from that. This is despite the fact that the method by which it operates is still the subject of debate and theoreticians will be working for a long time yet on how to put it to practical use. Still, the existence of this fifth parameter gives us the opportunity to obtain new results in practically all forms of chemical, metallurgical and other technologies.

“Now it is possible to state boldly that this is the technology of the twenty-first century. And the further we advance, the more we will feel the influence of information on the technological process, and most importantly we will use it, since we sense all these things from the depths of antiquity. There are very many facts indicating that these factors have influenced events, people, decisions taken, and so on. But, probably, for the first time with the use of the pyramid we have acquired the capacity to influence the final result in a given direction. That is the most fundamental difference. Previously we knew it , sensed it purely empirically, but today we have the opportunity, by introducing this factor, to vary the end result. This is, I believe, the coming technical revolution, one that will be unparalleled in human history. (See “Appendix 11” on page 70)

“That is to say that there is real, concrete data that cannot be denied. …. Here in our laboratory, incidentally, we demonstrated our results to some of the country’s foremost material scientists, specialists in the fields of aviation materials, powder metallurgy, semiconductors and electronics. They were the directors of leading institutes who visited Egypt together with me. We showed them these results. Despite the fact that they are all, if you’ll excuse the expression, hard-bitten materialists, they left the place inspired, with the understanding that here we have come into contact with the great invisible, but not on the level of psychics, soothsayers and magicians, but on the level of measurable quantities and variable effects.

“In conclusion, I should direct your attention to the fact that a person holding the Wands of Horus is also under the influence of the pyramid, but it is an indirect influence, by way of water, atmospheric electricity, and also the Wands of Horus that are linked to the pyramids by resonant interaction.”

Today we have just slightly opened the door to one more secret that will help people to see the true level of the Ancients’ knowledge and take one more step towards an understanding of the history of the previous civilization.

Several thousand years had to pass, before we again succeeded in discovering the secret of the reasons behind the construction of the pyramid complex at Giza, which is only a part of a whole system embracing a once immense territory from the Pacific basin through Eurasia to the shores of the Atlantic.

Irrespective of which particular civilization, Hyperborean or Atlantean, was the source of this knowledge, it is evident that this knowledge did not help to change the course of history. Ancient Egypt suffered the same fate as many other civilizations before and after. It was not the knowledge that was responsible, but those who possessed that knowledge, people who were in one way or another motivated by personal interests and not those of mankind as a whole. This led to the breakdown of basic ethical principles and, consequently, to degradation and oblivion.

Recognition of this will, in turn, help you to sort out the sources of today’s problems and to see what lies ahead for us. We are still only at the beginning of the road and we hope that the knowledge that is returning to people will be carefully analyzed and not used for harmful ends, and also that all ethical aspects will be taken into account, since ignoring them is the chief cause for the present state of our civilization.

The present book contains the relatively small amount of information that will allow you to form an initial picture of the knowledge of the Ancients. More complete information about the make-up of human beings, the pyramids, energy complexes and what lay behind the knowledge of the Ancients, invisibly guiding the world, will be provided in a larger publication that is currently in preparation.

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Instructions for using the Wands of Horus

In this section we shall describe how to use the Wands of Horus. It also incorporates all the indications for their use to be found elsewhere in the book. This will help you to concentrate on the basic nuances regarding the use of the cylinders and to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Remember that the copper cylinder should be held in the right hand, the zinc one in the left. It is recommended that you remove all metal objects (jewellery, watches) while working with the cylinders.

N.B. The cylinders can be used in a sitting or lying position as well as standing.

At the start you should use cylinders with two types of filling. This is due to the general un-preparedness and unsatisfactory state of the energy system in the majority of people, something reflected in the illnesses that dog us.


Therefore in the initial, preparatory phase to improve the general state of the body’s energy system and taking into account the most frequently occurring problems, we suggest cylinders with a filling of carbon and ferro-magnetic material and others with a quartz filling. The table below indicates some basic differences that should be considered when selecting the type of cylinders.

Both types of cylinder are effective for

  • Prevention of atherosclerosis

  • Diseases connected with poor circulation (including certain forms of impotence)

  • Possible relief in cases of spasms in the alimentary canal; some relief in cases of arthritis and back pain (osteochondrosis and radiculitis) without elimination of the causes

Both types of cylinders have a positive influence on blood vessels and the cardio-vascular system, but their effects vary.

The effect of the Wands of Horus Kont is strong and forceful, an impulse capable of getting an established problem moving. Those suffering from low blood pressure should be careful when using this type of cylinder as they lower blood-pressure. Coupled with low atmospheric pressure use by those with such a condition may lead to a circulatory collapse with all the consequences. On the other hand, for those with high blood-pressure, these cylinders filled with carbon and ferro-magnetic material may be an invaluable aid.

The Wands of Horus Quartz have other properties. They are very good for guarding against cardiovascular diseases, nervous depressions and many other illnesses, but may prove inadequate against such conditions in the acute phase.

The cylinders are not a panacea for all illnesses, since their purpose is somewhat different. Nevertheless, it is worth stressing once again that the greater part of our illnesses begin with disharmony between two fundamental flows of energy — the BA and KA or Yin and Yang. Daily work with the cylinders (for no less than two hours) has a beneficial effect in cases of:

  • over-agitation and nervous disorders

  • problems with arterial pressure

  • vegeto-vascular disorders

They also:

  • normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses

  • improve circulatory processes, with a beneficial effect on blood vessels

  • ease pain in the joints in cases of arthritis and gout

The Wands of Horus can be recommended for those suffering from:

  • cardio-vascular diseases

  • high blood pressure at an early stage

  • neurotrophic disorders

  • excretory diseases

  • insomnia, and also to relieve stress and help prevent atherosclerosis

Contra-indications for the use of the cylinders:

  • Schizophrenia and other psychological disorders

  • Epilepsy

  • Pregnancy (in the last six months)

These contra-indications apply to both types of cylinder, but particularly to those filled with carbon and ferro-magnetic material. If you do not have pronounced problems with your blood pressure then you can successfully use either type of cylinder, depending on the task you have set yourself. For most people the best times to work with the cylinders are:

Things you should know and remember when working with the Wands of Horus
The best place to work or meditate with the cylinders is in a natural setting close to natural sources of energy, such as water (a river, lake, the sea or ocean), in a forest or in the mountains.

It is best to stand bare-footed. This improves the energy-exchange and metabolic processes in the organism.

  1. The use of the Wands of Horus in combination with hallucinogenic or narcotic substances, as well as strong alcoholic drinks, is not recommended. The results may be unpredictable.


  2. It is not recommended to use the Wands of Horus close to a working television, * computer monitor, microwave oven or other devices producing radiation. Using the Wands of Horus activates the body’s energy centers (chakras). On the one hand, in a natural setting the activation of the chakras enables them to absorb the energy flow at a higher intensity, up to 40% of their capacity. On the other hand, you should remember that the opening of the chakras makes it easier for harmful radiation to enter the organism. You should take this factor into account when choosing a time and place to work with the cylinders and plan your day accordingly.

    The same applies to people living in zones of higher radioactivity or working in places where there are powerful electric fields. The consequences of working with the Wands of Horus in such places can be highly unpredictable.

    * This warning applies to televisions and monitors with a cathode-ray tube. When using the cylinders try to keep at least 5 meters (16 feet) away from such devices. The cylinders can be safely used alongside liquid crystal displays and projection televisions.


  3. Those with low blood pressure must bear in mind that when using the Wands of HorusKont in the run-up to unfavorable days (geomagnetic storms), they should not take on an immoderate amount of work. It is not advisable for them to immediately drive a car or operate machinery due to the likelihood of drowsiness. Such drowsiness is the natural result of the Wands of Horus affecting the nervous system and the wider organism. During the ensuing sleep the organism transforms the energy it has received and when you awake you will feel particularly alert.

    A slight feeling of dizziness is possible immediately after a session. In this event, you should, if at all possible, lie down and relax. There is not cause for concern as the feeling soon passes.

  4. When working with the Wands of Horus it is desirable to shut your mind off from thoughts that cause you stress. The cylinders activate deep-going processes connected with the mind. To engage in a session while preoccupied with stressful experiences can provoke dizziness.

  5. Diabetics should note that working with the Wands of HorusKont can lead to shifts in blood sugar levels of 2–3 units. This is particularly important for people who have ever been in a diabetic coma and the elderly. Continued work with the Wands of Horus will encourage the stabilisation of blood sugar levels.

  6. Those with kidney and gall stones, particularly when the condition is exacerbated, should note that by stimulating the circulation the Wands of Horus may provoke the abrupt expulsion of gravel and stones.

  7. Women should not use the cylinders when menstruating.

  8. During periods of abrupt change in atmospheric pressure, stress or physical overload some unusual conditions may arise when people with energy canals located close to the surface work with the cylinders. Such sensations if they do arise will occur in the first minutes of a session, after which everything normalizes itself.

  9. “Electrically charged” people — those who produce mild electrical discharges when they touch other people or objects — may experience a certain sense of over-excitement when working with the cylinders. In this case they should take a cool shower before working with the cylinders or after such feelings arise.

    Various negative sensations may arise when working with the Wands of Horus if a person has certain blockages of the energy canals and dystrophic decompensation. In this case correction, a diet or cleansing is necessary.

  10. You should pay particular attention to the state of your spine. Since functionally the spine is inseparably connected with the activity of a person’s energy structure, its condition determines not only the state of a whole number of organs and the organism’s life-support system. The state of the spine also determines your sensitivity and receptivity. Osteochondrosis blocks your organism’s energy exchange system. One of the symptoms pointing to this is the temperature of hands and feet. If they are cold that suggests that the main energy column (the spine) is blocked


    This is one of the causes of a complete lack of sensations when using the Wands of Horus. Besides, low hand temperature means the cylinders are not warmed sufficiently and do not reach the necessary level of activity. In some instances when working with a psychic healer a person with osteochondrosis may experience acute discomfort. Consequently, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to the state of your spine. After you tackle that problem, you may find the doors to absolutely new states opening up to you. (See “Appendix 12”)

  11. Some unpleasant sensations may arise in people with serious disruptions to bilateral symmetry.

  12. Briefly about bilateral symmetry: In a normal person’s organism the nodes of the energy canals running through the body should precisely coincide with the acupuncture points. Serious diseases such as cancer, Bekhterev’s disease (ankylosing spondylitis), and a number of others cause the nodes to shift away from the acupuncture points. That is not the sole reason for such a shift, however. Other causes can be hidden in a person’s genetic make-up or in the process of developing other health disorders. Therefore in some circumstances bilateral asymmetry requires appropriate correction, which should be performed by a specialist.

  13. During and immediately after a stroke users should pay particular attention to the sensations they experience when working with the Wands of Horus. As has already been stated the cylinders encourage blood circulation.

  14. People with persistent high blood pressure should start working with the cylinders gradually, paying careful heed to their sensations and remembering that the Wands of HorusKont have a powerful impulsive effect.

  15. In selecting which cylinders to use, remember that you must take your blood pressure into account. The Wands of HorusKont reduce blood pressure, but it is important to bear in mind that they reduce it to the norm determined by the genetics of the organism itself. Therefore, when deciding whether your blood pressure is high or low you should not just follow charts. In some people the blood-pressure-meter may show a level lower than the standard norm, but if they have had low blood pressure from childhood their organism has long-since adapted to it and such a level is effectively normal for them.


    The same applies to people with higher-than-standard readings. You should be guided by the direction in which sudden shifts of pressure occur. If you have had low blood pressure all your life according to the charts, but at times of change it rises that means that your blood pressure is in fact inclined to soar and not to drop. In which case you should begin working with the Wands of HorusKont .

    If you have had high blood pressure all your life according to the charts, but at times of change it falls that means that your blood pressure is in fact inclined to drop. In which case (if such shifts of blood pressure upset you) you should begin working with the Wands of HorusQuartz . They encourage a rise in blood pressure to the genetically determined norm.

    If you do not have problems with blood pressure, then you can use both types of cylinder, without fear of unpleasant sensations on that score.

  16. Irrespective of the filling, the Wands of Horus are a tool for individual use. When held in the hands, participating in the creation of a “pranic cocoon” that corrects processes taking place in the organism, the Wands of Horus remember the frequency dictated by the hypothalamus and hypophysis. That distinctive vibration is like a person’s individual code. The memory process is highly specific. It is this individual vibration interacting with the crystal that makes it (the crystal structure) resonate, setting the rhythm that your organism needs at that given moment.


    After you put the cylinders aside they will continue to vibrate at your frequency for some time. The persistence of this memory depends on a person’s energy qualities. If a person has an ordinary level of energy potential, the cylinder’s will “remember” his or her individual frequency for a matter of hours. A powerful energy potential can leave a memory that lasts for several months.

    In principle it is possible to pass the Wands of Horus to someone else, but we do not recommend using them immediately. They should be left to lie for at least two hours so that the individual frequency set by the first user’s organism has time to dissipate. If you pick up cylinders vibrating with someone else’s frequency then the “pranic cocoon” they create will also vibrate with a “foreign” frequency. To accelerate the process of dissipation, it is best to place the cylinders in cold running water.

  17. It should be especially stressed that in order to obtain a deep corrective, therapeutic effect immediately after a session with the Wands of Horus you should, whenever possible, lie down and relax, even better go to sleep. It is during this period of relaxation or sleep that the organism transforms the energy received and when you awake you will feel particularly alert.


  18. Working with the cylinders is very useful for women going through the menopause.

  19. When working with all varieties of the Wands of Horus with the aim of developing and improving your energy structure and psychic capacities it is necessary to take account of your own individual annual cycle of rising and falling energy activity. The best results in self correction and self-improvement will be achieved only in the ascending period.


    As for healing, the treatment of patients with serious diseases during the descending period may lead to negative results, including perhaps the loss of energy potential and disease on the part of the healer himself or herself. The loss of energy potential can lead to the appearance of serious health problems and the onset of degenerative processes.

For information on individual annual cycles contact us at:

P.O. Box 57, 197342 St. Petersburg, Russia:

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The Construction & Basic Parameters of the Wands of Horus

The Wands of Horus take the form of two hollow cylinders made of copper and zinc for right and left hands respectively. This is important because the link between metal and hand is tightly bound up with the functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

All external and internal dimensions of the Wands of Horus conform strictly to the proportions of the Golden Section. This is of fundamental importance for the existence of resonant interaction between the cylinders and the user. To work effectively the Wands of Horus need to attune themselves to the organism, while the user’s organism for its part should also attune itself to the Wands of Horus. Such interaction is only possible when the cylinders conform to the proportions of the Golden Section. (See “Appendix 1”).

The copper and zinc used to produce the cylinders are of high quality. The zinc has a purity of no less than 99.96% with a minimal lead content.

“Cylinders of the Pharaoh” are filled with carbon and ferromagnetic material in the form of powder or tiny crystals. The effectiveness of the “Wands of Horus” produced by the International Ufology Research Information Centre is increased by using carbon and ferromagnetic material in the form of “cores” inserted into the cylinders, the carbon in the copper one, the ferromagnetic material in the zinc one. Drawing on Ancient Egyptian tradition, (37) this type of cylinder has been given the name Wands of HorusKont .

The ferromagnetic material should have a relatively low magnetic induction value. The regular value of the magnetic induction maximums is 10±2 millitesla. The highest value of magnetic induction maximums is about 47 microtesla.

The filling used for the Wands of HorusQuartz is a special white quartz, fine-grain, large-grain or monocrystalline. The choice of crystal size depends on the aims being pursued (31).

Any height (length) can be chosen for the cylinder, although its should be noted that in ancient times the height of the cylinder, like the height of the Pyramid of Cheops, were not chosen at random. For example, the height of that pyramid (146 meters) is roughly equal to one-thousand-millionth of the distance from the Earth to the Sun. It was also connected with the period of the basic Sothis cycle (38) , 1460 years, which was divided up into smaller units of 1460 days — the Egyptian year cycle. Therefore the height of Wands of Horus attuned to the pyramid and to this cycle may be 146 millimeters. But, bearing in mind that the Pyramid of Cheops has been damaged, the wands should be attuned to the whole complex. It that event, the height of the Wands of Horus will be equal to 151.4 millimeters.

To increase the effectiveness of the Wands of Horus all the components from which the cylinders are made are exposed in a pyramid with a powerful structuring field (39), to correct the inter-atomic distances, for a period of at least twelve days (and nights).

We are certain that in the near future cylinders will come to occupy the place they deserve in the life of almost every person. Therefore it is extremely important that the public knows as much about the cylinders as possible. Correct and extensive information will help people to use the cylinders as effectively as possible.

Regrettably, in our business-minded age, the growing public awareness of the cylinders of the pharaohs has awakened interest in the commercial possibilities. New publications are appearing that present the knowledge of the Ancients in new, not always correct ways. The lack of necessary information and incorrect use of the cylinders can lead to negative results.
In this context the International Ufology Research Information Centre continues to receive many letters and telephone calls inquiring what the difference is between the Wands of Horus and the “means of acting on the human organism marketed under the name Zhezli sily or “or “Wands of Power” in English.

Drawing on the knowledge embodied in the monuments of Ancient Egypt and presented above, we should point out a number of basic, fundamental differences. The “Wands of Power” have a number of substantial constructional defects.
The sizes and proportions of the “Wands of Power” do not conform to the principle of the Golden Section, which almost completely excludes the possibility of them attuning themselves to the human organism.

The metal from which the “Wands of Powerhas an unjustifiably high lead content, which in itself is a danger to health.

The greatest danger, however, comes from their high level of magnetic induction. Powerful permanent magnets have been placed inside each of the rods, in the middle and at the ends, and as a result the regular value of magnetic induction maximums in the “Wands of Power” is 30±4 millitesla, while the peak value is 42 millitesla. (Measurements by the scientific research and production facility Sensor). This is almost four times the maximum level of magnetic induction laid down in Soviet Ministry of Health standards of 16 August 1977. We include the Ministry normative document as an appendix. (See “Appendix 13”)

The use of cylinders with such a high level of magnetic induction leads to bilateral and general bioenergetic asymmetry.


Effectively this is a time-bomb. When examining the human energy system, we repeatedly mentioned the canals that run through the whole of a person’s energy system. In principle and in essence, the extensive network of energy canals is an absolute copy of the circulatory system, since the first energy layer ( the ethereal body) contains within it the matrix (40) of the circulatory system. The highly-branched system of energy canals that plays an extremely important role in the organism’s vital activities, has a large number of junctions or nodes that should precisely coincide with their projections on the human body, what are known as the “acupuncture points”.


The use of the “Wands of Power” with their high level of magnetic induction leads to a shift of the energy framework in respect of the acupuncture points that can subsequently lead to the most unpredictable consequences, including the most serious diseases. Suffice it to say that the development of such grave illnesses as Bekhterev’s disease or cancer is bound up with the displacement of the energy nodes away from the acupuncture points. This displacement is described as bilateral and general bio-energetic asymmetry.

The use of cylinders with a high magnetic induction is justified in certain cases of cancer of the internal organs, where a positive effect may be obtained by destabilizing the growth of the tumour, but even then, after growth has been stopped, the side-effects may be extremely unpredictable. The use of the “Wands of Power” may produce a breakdown of the nervous system, not only in a sick person, but even in a healthy one, and also lead to mild psychological disorders.

A few words need to be said about the fillings as well. As we have already said the influence of cylinders filled with carbon and ferromagnetic material encourages the lowering of blood pressure. Quartzites, on the other hand, stimulate the organism, encouraging a rise in blood pressure to the genetically determined norm. The filling of the “Wands of Power” consists of quartzites, coal, graphite and ferromagnetic material and so simultaneously encourages blood pressure to rise and fall. The effect of such an influence is hard to predict.

In conclusion we would like to stress that the attempt to justify the choice of filling elements on the basis of links between particular minerals and stars is bound to fail as such links are conventions.

It makes sense to bring to the reader’s attention the fact that the “Wands of Power” owe their origins to a manuscript written by Comte Stefan Colonna Walewski.

We present the reader with an extract from the manuscript that was published in America in 1955. It contains a description of the method used in Ancient Egypt to strengthen the flows of energy in the body. The manuscript states, among other things, that cores were placed inside the cylinders and not a mixture of various minerals, while the collection of various minerals used in the “Wands of Power” contains some without the structure of quartz which makes their presence merely arbitrary. [“The principle of correspondence”; (See “Appendix 14”)]

IX The Lesser Arcane

The Regeneration of Nervous Energy

The method used in Ancient Egypt to strengthen flows of energy in the body was shown in the figures depicting the second master arcane (exercise). The two rods are grasped in the hands of these standing figures, grasped with enormous force resembling electrical force (secondary electricity), and, when the hands themselves maintain the grip, they release this energy within the body in order to gather it in the unipolar nodes and cerebrospinal fluid. The regeneration of energy potential is 100% complete and lasts a day and a night, twenty-four hours.

There were two rods and they were of different composition. One was usually intended for the right hand, the other for the left. One had the power of the sun, the other that of the moon.

The solar rod of power consisted of specially prepared hardened carbon in which the structure of the molecules was changed in the same way that the structure of iron molecules changes when the iron is magnetized. (When iron becomes a magnet the structure of its molecules changes through the process of re-crystallization or hardening in the course of which the magnetic properties appear.) The hardening process consists of heating to a high temperature and then instantly cooling by plunging into water. (The rods of hardened carbon produced for electric arc lamps are eminently suitable as solar rods of power.)

The prepared (hardened) carbon rod can be placed in a copper case open or closed at both ends. (The length of the rod is six inches, the diameter one inch, or matched to the grip of the hand.)

Rod of hardened carbon (solar)

The lunar rod of power consists of a piece of hardened magnetite or pressed magnetite. (It may also be of non-magnetic hardened iron or magnetic steel.) The lunar rod of power can be inserted in a zinc or tin casing, open or closed at both ends. (Length and diameter are the same as for the solar rod.)

Rod of hardened magnet (lunar)

The lunar rod serves as a catalyst, making the solar rod more active. Rods of power were known and used even in the remotest times and the secret of how to make them was known to a few initiates.

The mysterious metal (bronze) AURICALCUM has astonishing strength and consists of five metals, each of which has a particular colour — white, black, red, blue and yellow. It is radio-active and conceals within it the secret of the immaculate conception. (The proportions of the metals are equal.)

Pose from the EGYPTIAN MASTER SYSTEM for the regeneration of nervous energy.

(One should be relaxed and keep track of the sun.)


Then comes an electrode made of gold and silver (40% gold and 60% silver), then a combination of 75% silver and 25% zinc, a combination of copper and zinc and also copper and tin. (Many combinations of bronze can be obtained, calculating the relationships and properties of the planets.)

  • Sun is gold

  • Moon silver

  • Saturn lead

  • Jupiter tin

  • Mars iron

  • Venus copper

  • Mercury mercury

The same applies to minerals — carbon, magnetite, beryl, amber, tourmaline, rock crystal, haematite, and so on.”

In conclusion we should like to stress that the inclusion of this section was prompted not by competitive considerations, but by a sincere conviction that the use of incorrectly made cylinders may lead to the most unpredictable consequences. That in turn may lead to a wave of negative reaction against the cylinders in general and lead to the discrediting of the very subject.


We for our part are convinced that within a year, two or three cylinders will appear in many homes, providing invaluable help in the fight against disease and the improvement of the immune system. Therefore efforts must be made to bring knowledge of the cylinders used in Ancient Egypt and the mechanism of their effect on the human organism to a wider public.


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