by Fintan Dunne Editor,
from Website
23 Feb. 2003 07:00 GMT


This GIF animation shows an object being expelled from the Sun
in a solar flare on 2003/02/22 at 18:30.


Below. close-up detail of the object whose size matches the comet



Latest analysis: Comet Fragment still lingers?

The blue SOHO-C3 image left shows what appears to be a portion of the comet with a coma around it and trailing a tail behind. The comet is the dark circle in the head area.


NASA/SOHO have described this as an artifact.

However, the same "artifact" shows up in the brown tint SOHO-C2 image taken 42.75 hrs later on Saturday - except now closer to the sun.

The composite left was made by resizing the published SOHO-C2 image to 38% of original size - so that it has the same scale as the SOHO-C3

Then the brown tint SOHO-C2 was carefully centered on the blue tint SOHO-C3. See images below

Detail of SOHO-C2 02/22 18:30 - image by WHIZADREE


Another view in a later image