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Research Studies

Research Study #1

 -  The Need for Exopolitics: Implications of Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers and Global...

Research Study #2

 -  Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq

Research Study #3

 -  America's Triumph & Europe's Angst - The Secret Race to Control Iraq's Extraterrestrial Heritage

Research Study #4

 -  Responding to Extraterrestrial Infiltration of Clandestine Organizations embedded in Military, Intel...

Research Study #5

 -  Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence -The Challenge to Democracy and Liberty in A...

Research Study #6

 -  Foundations for Globally Managing Extraterrestrials Affairs - The legacy of the Nazi Germany-extrat...

Research Study #7

 -  The Failure of Power Politics as a Strategic Response to the Extraterrestrial Presence Developing...

Research Study #8

 -  Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials - The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact?

Research Study #9

 -  Political Spin and Extraterrestrial Disclosure - Shaping Public Opinion for "First Contact" with Extrat...

Research Study #10

 -  Using Space Weapons Against Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Research Study #11

 - “Divine Strake” vs. ‘Divine Strike - Did Extraterrestrials Deter the Pentagon from a Preemptive Nuclear...

Research Study #12

 -  False Flag Operations, 9-11 and the Exopolitical Perspective


Exopolitical Reports


Exopolitics Report #1

 -  The Dulce Report


Exopolitics Report #2

 -  A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races - A Typology of the most Significant Extraterrestrial Races ...

Exopolitics Report #3

 -  The Black Budget Report



Exopolitical Comments

Exopolitical Comment #2

 -  St George and Saddam's Secret Treasure

Exopolitical Comment #3

 -  Did  NASA fake Comet flyby?


Exopolitical Comment #4

 -  The 'Eye of Horus' - A Celestial Warning Against War in Iraq?

Exopolitical Comment #5

 -  The Secret race to Control Iraq's Extraterrestrial Heritage

Exopolitical Comment #6

 -  Preserving Human Sovereignty and Independence In Responding to Extraterrestrial Intervention

Exopolitical Comment #7

 -  A Message to Humanity - A Genuine Communication from an Extraterrestrial Race?

Exopolitical Comment #8

 -  Inviting Extraterrestrial Intervention: Collapse of the ‘Berlin Wall’ or ‘Conquest of the Americas’?

Exopolitical Comment #9

 -  The Race for First Contact

Exopolitical Comment #10

 -  Was the United States 'Code Orange' Alert & HAARP Activation Caused by a Possible First Contact Event?

Exopolitical Comment #12

 -  Dr. Dan Burisch Project Lotus and Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence

Exopolitical Comment #15

 -  Significance of Iranian Flying Saucer Reports for the US Military Occupation in Iraq

Exopolitical Comment #17

 -  What Did President Eisenhower Secretly Know  that led to him supporting a Revision of the Pledge....

Exopolitical Comment #18

 -  Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and Alex Collier

Exopolitical Comment #19

 -  The U.S. Presidential Election and Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Exopolitical Comment #20

 -  The Neo-Conservative Shake Up of the CIA and Implications for Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Exopolitical Comment #22

 -  Charles Hall, The Tall Whites and Richard Boylan

Exopolitical Comment #23

 -  Interview with Charles Hall - Motivations of the Tall White Extraterrestrials and their Exopolitical Signific...

Exopolitical Comment #24

 -  Exopolitics and the Methodological Bias of Ufology

Exopolitical Comment #25

 -  ‘Tall White’ Extraterrestrials, Technology Transfer and Resource Extraction from Earth

Exopolitical Comment #26

 -  Alternative 3 and 'Global Consciousness': Identifying a New Strategic Factor for Responding to Extrate...

Exopolitical Comment #27

 -  Teleportation Physics Study - An Analysis of its Exopolitical Implications

Exopolitical Comment #28

 -  Science and Faith Based Approaches to UFO Research

Exopolitical Comment #29

 -  Project Beta - The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth

Exopolitical Comment #30

 -  Asking the Right Questions in UFO Research and Exopolitics

Exopolitical Comment #31

 -  Bob Lazar, Element 115, Massive Stars and Heavy Metals

Exopolitical Comment #32

 -  Whistleblowers, National Security and Unauthorized Disclosure of ETV/EBE Classified Projects

Exopolitical Comment #33

 -  Exopolitical Implications of French/Dutch rejection of the European Union Constitution

Exopolitical Comment #34

 -  Covert Use of Exotic Weapons, Intelligence Leaks and Eschatology

Exopolitical Comment #35

 -  An Interview With Clifford Stone - The EBE Guidebook

Exopolitical Comment #36

 -  Further Investigations of Charles Hall and Tall Whites at Nellis Air Force Base

Exopolitical Comment #37

 -  The Dan Burisch Affidavit and Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Exopolitical Comment #38

 -  Former Canadian Defense Minister Speaks Out on Extraterrestrial Visitors & Government Secrecy

Exopolitical Comment #39

 -  Philip Corso and Paul Hellyer: Initiating Public Debate Over the Weaponization of Space & Targeting...

Exopolitical Comment #41

 -  Richard Doty and Project Serpo - "Public Acclimation" or "Deception Program"?

Exopolitical Comment #42

 -  Exopolitical Implications of a Preemptive Nuclear War in Iran

Exopolitical Comment #43

 -  Public Statement Concerning Eric Julien's Prediction of Comet 73P Schwassman-Wachman...

Exopolitical Comment #45

 -  The "Day of Destiny" & the Indefinite Delay of 'Divine Strake'

Exopolitical Comment #46

 -  Israel's Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran - An Exopolitical Perspective

Exopolitical Comment #47

 -  Exopolitics and the Human Genome Project

Exopolitical Comment #48

 -  Scientist Proposes Telepathic Communications in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Exopolitical Comment #50

 -  Extraterrestrial False Flag Operation to Begin in August, 2007?

Exopolitical Comment #51

 -  Did the USA/USSR Fly a Secret Joint Mission to the Moon in 1976 To Investigate a Crashed Extraterrestrial Mothership?

Exopolitical Comment #52

 -  60th Anniversary of the Roswell Crash - Exopolitical Significance of the Walter Haut Affidavit

Exopolitical Comment #53

 -  Developing a Typology of Extraterrestrial Activities and Motivations - The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Exopolitical Comment #54

 -  The Illuminati versus Chinese Secret Societies - Exopolitical Implications of a Covert Global Depopulation Policy & Staged Extraterr...

Exopolitical Comment #55

 -  Will The Cassini Space Probe Be Used As A Nuclear Trigger To Ignite Saturn And Terraform Its Moons For Human Colonization?


Exopolitics Journal Papers

Exopolitics Journal Paper

(Oct 1, 2005)

 -  The History of Exopolitics - Evolving Political Approaches to UFOs & the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

Exopolitics Journal Paper

(1:1 - October 2005)

 -  Twenty Two Years of Covert Service in Elite UFO Crash Retrieval Teams - Exclusive Interview with Sergeant Clifford Stone

Exopolitics Journal Paper

(1:2 - January 2006)

 -  Colonel Philip Corso and his Critics - Crossing the Rubicon between Objective Criticism and Debunking

Exopolitics Journal Paper

(1:4 - October 2006)

 -  Extraterrestrials Among Us


Exopolitics Journal Paper

(2:1 - April,2007)

 -  How the U.S. Government Suppressed the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft Industry


Other Salla's Sections - Reports


  -  Alex Collier - Andromeda Contactee - Video Interview


  -  Another Project Serpo Story in American Chronicle


  -  Dan Sherman and Project Preserve Destiny


  -  Extraterrestrial Technology and Edgar Rothschild Fouche


  -  Galactic Diplomacy


  -  Galactic History According to Alex Collier and The Andromedans


  -  Government Tried to Ruin the Best Young Science Minds


  -  Ike and Extraterrestrials - President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB?


  -  Interview with the leading exponent of Exopolitics, Dr. Michael Salla


  -  Israel seeks Preemptive Nuclear Strike against Iran - An Exopolitical Perspective on Peace in the...


  -  Late Exopolitics and ETs in India - Messages by Michael Salla


  -  Prophet Yahweh, Electronic Mind Control and Public Deception


  -  Rulers of the Earth - Secrets of the Sons of God


  -  Skywatching at Sattva Sanctuary - the 2006 ECETI Conference & Galactic Peace Sanctuaries


  -  Statement of Aspirations and Code of Conduct for Extraterrestrials Interacting with Earth


  -  Strategic Approaches to Dealing with ETs Extracting Earth Resources


  -  Telepathic Message from The Cosmic Brotherhood


  -  The Covert World of UFO Crash Retrievals - An Overview of Personnel Management in Majestic-12 Group Projects


  -  The Day of Julien's Destiny


  -  The Small Cadre of Elites of Planet Earth


  -  Weaponizing Space



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