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 -  About Michael Topper



 -  Channeling, UFOs and The Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World


 -  Dimensional Shifting Process - Commentary - excerpts from MATRIX IV


 -  Hounds Of Heaven - Biting The Brainwave Burglars


 -  Introduction To Matrix IV - Teachers, Adepts, Masters, Avatars and more...


 -  Introduction To The Mother Book - Excerpts


 -  Magnum Organum - Introduction



 -  Magnum Organum - Full Report (fast loading PDF Format)


 -  Michael Topper's Teachings



 -  Precis on The Good and The Evil


 -  Precis on The Good, The Bad and What Curls Up Under a Rock


 -  T-Bird Meets The Phoenix


 -  The Medium's Message-From-The-Pleiades 


 -  The Montauk Project Revisited



 -  The Positive/Negative Realms of Higher Densities


 -  The Southern Crown YAZI-Dictionary


 -  What is Christ Consciousness?


 -  What is Physics?


 -  Why You Don't "Create Your Own Reality" - Featuring


 -  Why You Don't "Create Your Own Reality" - Full Report fast loading PDF Format


Additional Information


 -  A Debate Around Malathion Spraying



 -  Michael Topper on Stalking



 -  Power Breathing



 -  What is "STS-STO" - Que es "SAS-SAO"


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