Bimonthly Newsletter, March\April, 1992

from BeyondTheIllusion Website


The following article was taken from the

February/March, 1991 issue of Nexus Magazine.

Nexus Magazine, C/- P. O. Mapleton, Qld 4560 Australia.

Is our solar system about to enter a cosmic ‘cloud’, as part of a 12,000 year cycle? We present this obscure but popular 1981 article for you to decide.

People all over the world are grasping, reaching out for little pieces of knowledge, enlightenment, hope for the future of their children in a world of growing degradation, drugs, rape, murder, etc. The Prophets of doom preach of physical horror and annihilation. It is like a great vortex, a great sucking spiral, ever downward, blackness, despair.

You look upwards, can see the light at the top and grasp and claw your way to get out of that ever quickening pull of despair. The truth sometimes is so simple that we look past it, ignore it and try to find a much more complicated answer, when all the time, it is there, staring you right in the face, your passport out of the vortex into the future.

It all starts with a little atom and the group of little electrons which orbit around it. English physicist Paul Adrain Maurice Dirac, said that for each type of particle, an anti-particle will exist.

In 1932, Carl David Anderson discovered the anti-electron and called it a positron. In 1956, the anti-proton and anti-neutron were discovered.

When an anti-particle is formed, it comes into existence in a universe of ordinary particles, and it is only a matter of time.... a fraction of a second... before it meets and collides with an electron. The charges cancel, the total mass of the pair is converted into energy in the form of PHOTONS. This offers a new and unprecedented powerful source of energy. The PHOTON is about to become your way of life in the very near future.

A PHOTON BAND was discovered in outer space in 1961 by means of satellite born instruments. We will now move onto the PLEIADES.... The Seven Sisters... an estimated 400 light years from here. This group of stars is the basis of mythology in many countries.... the Greek Gods, Australian Dreamtime.... Chinese mythology. To quote from just a few Astronomers....

  • Jose Comas Sola made a special study of the Pleiades and discovered that they form a system, of which our sun is part of that system, and also several other suns, and all apparently, have their own Planetary systems.

  • Freidrich Wilhelm Bessel showed that members of this group had a proper motion of 5.5 seconds of arc per century in the same direction.

  • Isaac Asimov... ”We can assume that all the stars in this cluster are the same chronological age.”

  • Edmund Halley, studying the position of the stars, noted that at least three stars were not in the spots recorded by the Greeks. The difference was so great that it was unlikely that either the Greeks or Halley could have made a mistake. It seemed very clear to Halley that these stars moved within a system.

  • Paul Otto Hesse also made a special study of this system, of which our sun is a part, and discovered, at absolute right angles to the movements of the suns, a PHOTON BELT or MANASIC RING, a phenomena which scientists have not yet been able to reproduce with laboratory experiments.

It takes our sun 24,000 years to complete an orbit, (of this system) and as seen by the diagram, it is divided into sections. The 10,000 years of darkness is the period as we know it now, day time, night time, the 2,000 year period of all light, again 10,000 years of darkness and 2,000 years of light.

WE ARE NOW POSED TO ENTER THIS PHOTON BELT. It is inevitable.... between now and the end of this century - but it is inevitable! We have completed the full circle and are back at the beginning. It is described in detail in your bible, by all books on mythology, by Nostradamus, and by modern day scientists.

To quote our scientists....

If the Earth enters first into the PHOTON BELT, the sky will appear to be on fire, but be assured, this is cold light, so there will be no heat. If the sun enters first, there will be immediate darkness, which, computed our speed through space, will last 110 hours. The interaction between the Solar Radiation and the PHOTON BELT will make the sky look as if it is full of falling stars. As the Earth enters this radiation belt, all molecules will become excited, all atoms will change, things will become luminescent, THERE WILL BE CONSTANT LIGHT. There can be no darkness, not within the deepest cave, not within the human body. A quick look at your bible.... ”All the stars will fall from the sky and the sky will be no more....”


It is expected that the rotation of the Earth may diminish a little. Because of the reduced Solar Radiation, the temperature is expected to become cooler and the ice caps are expected to extend to about latitude 40 in both hemispheres.... your history books will tell you that at least five ICE AGES have been record-ed, and they seem to last about 2,000 years. It may be noted that world communication centers, fixed satellites, US bases and experimental sights are within the ‘safe zone’.

Design or accident? What about you?


There are three types of people in our cosmos... corporeal, like us, solid, human;.... atmospherean, also solid to a point, but the molecular structure is quite different;.... ethereans, no mass at all. When we enter the Photon Belt, a normal healthy person is expected to feel a jolt similar to putting your finger in a live light socket, and the transformation will be complete... you have just changed from a Corporeal person to an Atmospherean person.... (“and ye shall be changed to immortality without the separation of death in the twinkling of an eye.”)

Theologians have written at great depth on Bible characters, and assert that they have lived in this period of light. The sky and atmosphere was different and apparently it never rained.... Nostradamus, in his quatrain about the end of the world as we know it, in 1999....

”and it will rain no more, but in 40 years, all will be normal.”

In aboriginal mythology it is said....

”Men were different to what they are now.... we had a bridge to the stars...”

In all their stories if they fell out with the Chief or Elder, they fled to the sky. So did the Greeks. It appears that space travel is simple within the photon belt.

The year 1962 was the year that we came within the influence of the Photon Belt. 1962 was a year of great UFO activity. Did we come within range of space travelers using the Photon Belt? As we hurtle closer and closer, will more UFO’s look us over before our rebirth into the years of LIGHT. It would seem that this is already happening.

Erich Von Daniken, when visiting South America, discovered a tribe with an object given to them by Sky People thousands of years ago. They were told to keep it clean and “when it hums like thousands of swarms of bees, we will return.” It started humming softly three years ago (i.e. 1978). A cosmic alarm clock alerting us to the coming of the light?

It would seem some civilizations may live permanently with The Light. When our Planet leaves this period of light and returns to the 10,000 years of darkness, do THEY return to the LIGHT and wait our eventual re-entry. It seems likely. The Mayans departed hurriedly with the message also of their return, which scholars say is now imminent. Rock carvings around the world show drawings similar to the system of Alcione.

Ball lightning... a phenomena about which little is known, is it perhaps little pockets of the Photon Belt?

To all UFO researchers, these craft always show an interest in nuclear installations. What will happen to a reactor within the Belt? I think our scientists are way out ahead. Photon energy seems to be the energy of the future. Many UFO reports seem to indicate Photon rockets on experimental craft... ”the headlights were at the back.” The reports at hand indicate slow, cumbersome craft... but within the Photon Belt, I think we have craft for immediate unlimited space travel.

Because the radiation of our sun will be modified by the Photon energy, is this why our scientists only pay small lip service to the development of solar energy?

Let us think about our planet coming out of the light and into the darkness. Aboriginal mythology says,

“we were cast out into darkness and were much afraid, so the Gods gave us a Sun to warm us and a moon to see at night.”

If the ice caps from within the light years, then the increased Solar radiation when leaving the belt must surely melt the ice .... Floods. If it does not rain within this period of light, it is understandable why Noah was so awed by the sight of that first rainbow. The Gilgamesh talks of a great flood, but it was apparently about 10,000 years before Noah’s flood.

We have thought about our world and the effect on a single person, but what about humanity as a whole? It is conceivable
that many people will not survive the initial jolt if they are not prepared for it. If the ice extends to latitude 40, that covers half the USA, and most of Europe and Asia. That is a lot of people without a home. Will they be accepted in other countries? In a limited space of fertility, will it be possible to support untold millions?