via Sheldan Nidle

from 2012Unlimited Website


At this moment, in your solar system, an intensifying series of energies is streaming in from the matrix of star-gates that we have established. These energies are causing your Sun and your outer planets to vibrate very differently and are encouraging them to alter their traditional electromagnetic emissions. Moreover, they are generating ever-increasing amounts of graviton emissions from your Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.


Scientifically, these events are creating vast hyperactivity in your Sun and, particularly, on Jupiter and Neptune. These patterns are resetting the energies spewed out by the Sun to her various daughter planets. In turn, Jupiter and Neptune are currently acting as her 'controls'. A new matrix which can act as the regulator for the solar system, is thereby being formed. With this new matrix, we will be able to restore all the planets in your solar system to their original condition fairly quickly. We are also about to complete our adjustments to the vast band of Light that you call the 'photon belt'.

Many of you have heard of the photon belt. Your government's scientists have been tracking it secretly for well over fifty years. To sense it requires special equipment related to your highly secret nuclear weapons program. When modified for radio and optical telescopes, it brings into view a vast organized belt of Light that extends for many thousands of Light Years.


Most of it remains at a frequency much higher than your instruments can detect. You are presently lying in a void that you will leave in the next few years. As you near this exit point, the powerful energies in this belt of multi-dimensional Light are greatly affecting your Sun and a number of nearby stars. We see this belt as one of the main springboards that is catapulting you toward us.


One of its key signatures has been a series of immense energy 'waves', recently seen by your scientists, and which occur throughout our galaxy. Along with other energy traces, these waves are being misinterpreted as remnants of the original 'big bang' explosion. In fact, they are merely signs of the powerful influence that the 'photon belt' has exerted upon our galaxy.

In reality, your science seriously misunderstands gravity and even, electromagnetics. The speed of Light is just as much a barrier to our technology as the speed of sound now is to yours. The only true limit, as such, is the 'speed of consciousness', which exists simultaneously throughout Creation.


Similarly, gravity, electricity and magnetism are each multi-dimensional in scope. Consequently, your present scientific constructs discount most of their true effects. These constructs need to be severely overhauled. Fortunately, many of your more advanced theoreticians are beginning to 'see the light' and discover the immense folly of the past followed by Kepler, Newton and Einstein.


The answer, lies in forming a science based upon consciousness, the limitless multi-dimensionality of physicality and the gracious, ever-loving hand of the Creator. Herein exists the true basis for science, and an instrument that can guide us toward the Truths that surround the reasons underlying physicality's creation and the mechanisms that unfold its destiny.

Once these things have been fully considered, you quickly discover the multi-verse within physical Creation. This conscious energy sea is the sum of all the realms we inhabit. By going from one to another, you simply set up the conditions that form each reality. When you do the calculations, you set your adjusted energy fields and poof! you move from one level of reality to another. Each cubic centimeter of physical Creation contains more energy than that given off by your Sun in a nanosecond.


Imagine, the power of this minute block of energy! Also, imagine how many of these cubic centimeters of Creation are lodged within you! That is how amazing and wondrous you really are. Each of us contains this immensity. What you lack is the mechanism to understand it and the learned ability to use it. These are the reasons for your present transformation and why your current reality is mutating at an enormous rate.

Let us return to the photon belt and contemplate it with new eyes. It does not exist without a reason. Its purpose is to act as the prime regulator for galactic change, by coordinating its movements with a natural energy cycle from within the galactic core. At regular intervals this core spews forth an enormous, extremely intense energy wave that is intercepted and transmuted by the photon belt.

When required, this energy causes star to nova, planets to change their orbit or even their very nature - their atmospheric content - and become arid, semiarid or water planets. Consequently, each galaxy's divine plan painstakingly carries out the spread of physical life and its controlled evolution. Everything in Creation happens according to the sacred edicts of its specific divine plan, which a galaxy's Spiritual Hierarchy watches over. For this to be accomplished, Heaven forms countless Orders, Councils and Administrations.

A photon belt regulates these waves, moving about in a set pattern that is established by how the galactic core operates. In your particular case, the Milky Way galaxy runs in roughly 13,000- and 26,000-year cycles. Hence, the photon belt rotates around the core according to this pattern. Each emission of galactic core energies varies in intensity and dispersal pattern because it needs to affect every section of the galaxy in a specific way.


This energy leaves behind a special pattern that encodes each section of the galaxy with a distinctive 'timetable' - that is, the way each star, planet, dust cloud, et cetera, will react and carry out its part of the divine plan. Each aspect of a galaxy also possesses a schedule for its unique unfolding. These events shape the very nature of physicality.

Physical Creation has a divine pattern that is set, in every way, by the divine plan. Consider, how detailed this plan is. Each sentient Being in Creation, whether a planet, a star or even you, possesses such a plan! All of them are carefully meshed together in perfect sequence. What results is an immense whole - the multi-verse itself.


Each reality has the potential to form the subsets that are needed to manifest a greater reality. Surrounding it are billions upon billions of other galaxies that possess a shape either quite similar to or vastly different from our own. Imagine how rich are the experiences contained within this enormous mix!