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Sources suggest that human life began on this planet 5.5 - 10.5 million years ago, though the first "humans" did not have physical bodies. There is a suggestion that the Sphinx may date back about 5 million years. Some of the sources include:


  • Edgar Cayce

  • The Tibetan Foundation

  • Joshua David Stone: The Complete Ascension Manual

  • Drunvalo Melchizedek: Flower of Life workshop material

  • Dr. Doreal (Brotherhood of the White Temple): Mysteries of the Gobi, and other publications on Atlantis and Lemuria. (Dr. Doreal apparently received a lot of his information from Tibet shortly after World War II).

  • The Urantia Book, Urantia Foundation (Urantia is the Earth)

  • The Tibetan Foundation, Sedona

The first root race was Polarian, followed by Hyperboean - both these races where non-corporeal. The third root race were the Lemurians, and had physical bodies like ourselves. These early races created bodies because they wanted to experience life in physical form, and some of these bodies may not have been human - the mythical centaurs (half man, half horse) may have been result of some of their experiments.


This is how Dr Joshua David Stone describes the seven root races (A Complete Ascension Manual, page 5):

Root race





1 Polarian

The imperishable sacred land

Physical attunement



2 Hyperborean


Physical attunement



3 Lemurian


Physical attunement



4 Atlantean


Emotional attunement



5 Aryan

Europe, Asia Minor, America

Mental attunement



6 Meruvian

North America

Personality integration



7 Paradisian


Soul attunement



Dr. Stone says that the first race appeared about 18.5 million years ago. We are the Aryan race, and the Meruvian race is just starting to appear in North America and Australasia. The Paradisian race and the continent of Tara are yet to appear on the planet.

Dr. Doreal describes how the first beings inhabited the polar regions (Polarian and Hyperboean), which where warm and tropical at that time. Also, around 500,000 years ago, the earth was covered in a thick water mist and the beings had gill like extensions in the throat for breathing. A serpent-like civilization inhabited the South polar region, and was constantly at war with the other beings (the serpent sign is also used to indicate Sirians - see later).

There is other evidence of ancient inhabitation by intelligent life:

  • grooved metal spheres in rock which is 2.8 billion years old. Hundreds of these artificial objects have been found in South African mines.

  • shoe prints in Cambrian rocks, alongside fossils of marine arthropods. One imprint was of a sandal worn on the right foot, alongside fossils dating back 590 million years.

  • polished square cubes and a block of silver in a coal deposit dating 280 - 320 million years old.

  • carved bell-shaped metallic vessel basted out of rock 600 million years old.

  • a gold thread embedded in stone 320 - 360 million years old

These finds are quietly ignored by science because there is absolutely no explanation for them according to the current theory of human evolution.



I am using the term Shamballa to refer to civilizations in the Gobi desert region. There was certainly a great civilization there in the past, and indications are that it predated Lemuria and Atlantis. The term Shamballa has been used.



-  Elizabeth Claire Prophet: Ascended Master teachings
-  Baird T. Spalding: Life and Teaching of the Ascended Masters (5 Volumes)
Alice Bailey writings.

Dr. Doreal has an image which was unearthed from a temple in the Gobi desert, and he dates it back about 50,000 years. It shows short stocky men, with long thin arms and legs, grass skirts, strange shells, and an image of something he calls the Kraken. The hair and facial features of the men are unlike any race known on the planet today. The booklet explains that the man on the right is covering his pineal gland, showing the separation of men from the governing incorporeal beings - which is in keeping with the Rosicrucian explanations.

Gobi, Sahara, and the Australian deserts have all been populated in the past, and these regions where not deserts a few thousand years ago.

Lemuria (Mu)



Modified after a map in "Ancient World", North Mahalingam.
International Society for Investigation of Ancient Civilization.
101 Mount Road, Guindy, Madras, India 50032

Mu is another name for Lemuria. The Lemurians were apparently a short, stocky, dark-skinned Matriachal race. There is good evidence for the land of Lemuria - much better than evidence for Atlantis.


It is placed in the Pacific Ocean, covering from India, across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands to Hawaii in the north and Easter Island in the east. There are coral reefs in deep water off the coast of some of the Pacific Islands, suggesting that at one time the land was higher (or that the sea level was much lower).


Govindam's "Babaja and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition" shows a map of India in 30,000 BC, joining India to Australia (it also shows Mt Meru as one of the mountain peaks - other sources put Mt Meru at the north pole, or as another name for the Great Pyramid in Egypt!).


References:  Salem New Age Centre
Doreal, Dr. M.: Mysteries of the Gobi, and other booklets, from the Brotherhood of the White Temple, PO Box 966, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104.




Atlantis is one of the best known mythical continents, referred to by Plato and other legends. Many people have theorized where it may have been - from the middle of the Atlantic, to Antarctica, Indonesia, Greenland, and a volcanic island near Greece which erupted a few thousand years before Plato's time.


Some sources suggest that there is evidence of structures on the sea floor off the east coast of northern USA, but no hard evidence has been produced. It may well be that there were Homo Sapiens Sapiens civilizations living in a number of different continents (archaeological evidence certainly supports this), and the people of this era could generically be called "Atlantians".

-  Dialogues of Plato
Phylos the Thibetan: A Dweller on Two Planets
Graham Hancock: Footprints of the Gods
-  Drunvalo Melchizedek: Flower of Life workshop material
Garudas: Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, PO Box 868, San Rafael, CA 94915.

(From A Dweller on Two Planets, Phylos the Thibetan)

Most sources agree that Atlantis existed in parallel with Lemuria, but was colonized later. It had developed technology somewhat in advance of the present day, and it was through misuse of the technology in some way which attributed to the fall of Atlantis and the entire continent descending into the sea. Some sources say that the sea level rose as the ice age came to a close, others attribute it to a meteorite strike, a volcanic eruption, misuse of their technology - maybe it was a combination of factors. Around 11,600 BC Atlantis disappear to the ocean floor somewhere. This coincides with the end of the ice age (known fact) and is supposed to be the mythical flood in the bible.

Other Perspectives


In his book "The Masters and The Path", CW Leadbeater (of the Theosophical Society) describes (page 30) the residence of Kuthumi, Master Morya and Djwhal Khul in a ravine in Tibet. Nearby, he describes the entrance to an occult museum which these masters protect on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood.


The museum houses images of every type of man which has existed on the planet "...from gigantic loose-jointed Lemurians to pigmy remains of even earlier and less human races." Also original manuscripts written by Lord Buddha, and the Book of Dzyan, and scripts from other worlds.

Inner Earth Societies


At the time of the flood, the intelligent beings on the planet either (a) went underground, or (b) build boats (collectively called "Noah" - not one person, but many individuals). As the waters receded, many of the underground people emerged, but some stayed underground. Those underground are said to still have large civilizations there - they are said to be quiet, peace-loving people, with technology, who live long lives. The Ascended Masters are said to belong to these races.

The humans who emerged from underground (Hopi legends tell how they came out of the ground) began the following races:

Hopi (American indians)
Aborigines (Australia)
-  Druids (England)
-  Ainu (Japan)
Snake people (of 5,000 - 6,000 BC, now extinct. Note that the snake/serpent is a sign of Sirian energy)
-  Dravidians (India)

The skin colours of the races were originally:

-  red -        Atlantis, USA
-  black -    Sudan, West Africa
-  brown -   Andes, Lemuria
-  yellow -  Gobi desert
-  white -    Iran, Europe


Ice Ages on Earth


The great ages of the earth are labeled by archaeologists as follows:

-  Pre-Cambrian - 3.9 billion to 540 million years ago
-  Paleozoic - 540 million - 245 million years ago
-  Mesozoic - 245 million - 66.4 million years ago
-  Cenozoic - 66.4 million years ago to present

The Cenozoic era is divided into epochs:

a)  Tertiary, composed of:

-  Palaeocene -   66.4 - 57.8 million years ago
-  Eocene -         57.8 - 36.6 millions years ago
-  Oligocene -      33.6 - 23.7 million years ago
-  Miocene -        23.7 - 5.3 million years ago
-  Pliocene -         5.3 - 1.6 million years ago

b)  Quaternary, composed of:

-  Pleistocene - 1.6 million years ago to 10,000 years ago
-  Holocene -     10,000 years ago until present

These time periods are arbitrarily assigned by humans, designed to coincide with major changes which took place on the planet. The last ice age was during the Pleistocene period, and technically we are still in it, or just coming out of it. Currently about 11% of the land area of the world is covered by ice/glaciers, holding about three-quarters of all the fresh water of the planet. If it were all to melt the sea level would rise 90 meters. During the height of the ice age of the Pleistocene period, up to 30% of the land area was covered with ice, and the sea level was 35 meters lower about 13,000 years ago when a sudden warming occurred and the ice abruptly receded.


Somewhere 10,000 - 12,000 years ago there certainly was a great flood of a lot of land area. Human evolution seems to have occurred during this ice age period when the majority of the world was cooler than in previous times (this could be a concern if global warming is a reality). There was a small ice age during 1500 - 1850 - this is known as the "Little Ice Age".