-  About Zecharia Sitchin

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 -  Extraterrestrials and The Vatican

 -  Evidence of Ancient ETs on Earth - Is This Artifact a Sculpted Scale Model of a Rocketship?

 -  History Timeline According to Sitchin

 -  Pye’s Disagreement with Sitchin - Creation of Homo Sapiens (Humans)

 -  Sensacional Descubrimiento Sobre El Genoma Humano

 -  Sensational Human Genome Discovery

 -  Sumerian Record of the Line of Cain


 -  The Ancients and the Power of Water



 -  The Case of The Evil Wind - Climate Study Corroborates Sumer’s Nuclear Fate


 -  The Case of the Genetically Modified Primate


 -  The Case of the "Intelligent Designer"


 -  The "Forbidden History" of Early Mankind



 -  The Mars' Findings of Zecharia Sitchin



 -  The Olmecs and Zecharia Sitchin



 -  War Comes to The Edin



 -  Will Nibiru Return in 2003? Interview With Zecharia Sitchin


Additional Information


 -  Estela de Naramsin


 -  If the Anunnaki Created Us, Who Created the Anunnaki?


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 -  Nibiru's Orbit Identified


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 -  Planeta X - Información Clasificada


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 -  The Elohim, Zecharia Sitchin, Pyramids and Christopher Dunn


 -  The Location of Planet X - by R.S.Harrington


 -  There Are Mistranslations in The Bible and The Word Elohim Can Be Used as a Plural


 -  The Writing on the Wall


 -  UFO's and Extraterrestrials..., A Problem for the Church?


Excerpts and Comments from Zecharia Sitchin's books


 -  Books of The Earth Chronicles Series - Excerpts


 -  Enki Speaks - based on Zecharia Sitchin's epic 'The Lost Book of Enki'


  Entrevista con Zecharia Sitchin: Crónicas de La Tierra


 -  Stairway to Heaven - Are Zecharia Sitchin and Vatican official Monsignor Balducci really...


 -  The Stairway to Heaven - commented book excerpts


 -  What Are The Earth Chronicles About? - Interview with Zecharia Sitchin

 -  El 12º Planeta


  The Stairway to Heaven


  La Guerra de Los Dioses y Los Hombres


  Los Reinos Perdidos


  Genesis Revisited


  When Time Began


  Divine Encounters


  El Código Cósmico



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