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 -  Background on the Aviary



 -  History of The Aviary



 -  Birds of a Feather No Longer: Policy Split Divides 'Aviary' UFO-Secrecy Group


 -  Harold "Hal" Puthoff


 -  Non-Lethality: John B. Alexander, The Pentagon's Penguin - Psychic Warfare and Non-Lethal Weapons


 -  People and Places - COINTELPRO, Remote Viewing, Mind Control


 -  The Aviary Saga Continues


 -  The Aviary, the Aquarium, and Eschatology


 -  The Black Lodge of Aviarian Adepti


 -  The Falcon and the Snow-Job


 -  The Li'l Birdies Of The Aviarian Cheerleadin' Squad


 -  The Star of Sorcerers


  Additional Information  

 -  Richard (Rick) C. Doty - Telephone interview: Jan. 8, 1988


 -  The Alien Overlords


 -  The Axiom Faculty


 -  The Destruction of Paul Bennewitz


 -  The Real ‘X-Files’ - Is Uncle Sam a Closet UFOlogist


Related reports



 -  The Axiom Faculty



 -  The Blue Brethren



 -  The Eschaton


 -  The Majestic Project: MJ-12



 -  The Warrior’s Path




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