-  About Shambhala



 -  Exploitation of The Shambhala Legend for Control of Mongolia


 -  Holy Wars in Buddhism and Islam - The Myth of Shambhala


 -  Hopi Legend of Shambhala and the Sacred Mountain Mount Meru


 -  In Search of Shambhala


 -  Mistaken Foreign Myths about Shambhala


 -  Mystery of Shambhala


 -  Shambhala and the UFO Connection


 -  Shambhala - A Real Place or Only Myths?


 -  Shambhala Mystical Kingdom


 -  Shamballa - Where The Will of God is Known


 -  The Nazi Connection With Shambhala And Tibet


 -  The Role of the Shambhala Legend in Russian and Japanese Involvement with Pre-Communist Tibet


 -  The Search for Shambhala - A Conversation with James Redfield


Additional Information


 -  Agharta - The Subterranean World - from 'The Hollow Earth' by Dr. R. W. Bernar


 -  Life of Buddha - Was Buddha an Atheist?



 -  Nechung - The State Oracle of Tibet


 -  Nicholas Roerich and The Chintamani Stone - A Holy Grail from Sirius?


 -  Overview of Kalachakra



 -  Sacred Mountains - Mount Meru


 -  Religious Conversion in Shambhala


 -  The Kalachakra Presentation of the Prophets of the Non-Indic Invaders


 -  The Chintamani Stone


 -  The Thule Society - Main File


 -  The Vril Society - Main File



Books and Treaties


 -  Beasts, Men and Gods - by Ferdinand Ossendowski


 -  La Exteriorización De La Jerarquía - por Alice Bailey


 -  Shambhala, the Resplendent - by Nicholas Roerich


 -  The Externalization of the Hierarchy - by Alice Bailey


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