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 -  2012 - Stargate of The Gods   -   2012 - Puerta Estelar de Los Dioses


 -  Bermuda Triangle Stargate?


 -  Blue Apples - A Search For The Lost Stargate Technology And Spiritual Teachings Of Jesus And Mary M...


 -  Exopolitical Analysis of US Policy Towards Iraq - Sumerian Stargate


 -  La Crucifixión de La Puerta Estelar - de 'El Manto de Los Iluminati'


 -  Olphanic Stargate


 -  Place Of The Gods - The Stargate At Abu Ghurab, Egypt


 -  Puertas Estelares – Agujeros De Gusano Y Los Dioses Serpiente Barbados De Todas Las Principales...


 -  Redescubierta en Perú una Puerta Estelar - Puerta de Hayu Marca/Entrada de Aramu Muru


 -  Saddam Hussein, The Stairway To Heaven And The Return Of Planet X


 -  Saddam or Stargate? What is Task Force 20's main objective?


 -  Stargate: 2004-2012 - Venus Transit


 -  Star Gate - A Remote Viewing Project - Main File


 -  Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal


 -  Stargate Stones


 -  Stargate - UFO Reality Shift


 -  Stargates - Wormholes and the Bearded Serpent Gods of all Major Religions


 -  The Message of the Stargates


 -  The Stargate Crucifixion - from Cloak of The Illuminati


 -  The Stargate of Atlantis



Excerpts and Comments from 'The Stargate Conspiracy"


 -  The Stargate Conspiracy - A Review, analysis, and commentary on the book  by Picknett and Prince


 -  The Stargate Conspiracy - Revealing The Truth Behind Extraterrestrial Contact, Military Intelligence...


Additional Information


 -  An Introduction To The Multidimensional Potential Of Human Beings


 -  Ritual Of The Cathedral Portal - Chartres Cathedral and the Knights Templar


 -  The Rocket Scientist and The Guru - Stargate 1946


 -  Una Introducción al Potencial Multidimensional de los Seres Humanos


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