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Ancient Cities Under The Sands of Giza
Archaeological Project Samaipata - El Fuerte De Samaipata
Bosnian Pyramid, The
Burrows Cave Enigma, The
Caral - The Oldest Town in The New World
Casting Stones
Crystal Skulls, The Mysterious
Cygnus-Giza Correlation - The Facts And Alignments In Pictorial Form, The
Déndera la Conexion con los Dioses
Egypt's Lost Legacy and the Genesis of Civilization
Excavations of Carlos Ribeiro, The

Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age - A Vedic and India Perspective

Greatest Story Never Told - Book Review Of Lana Cantrell's, The
Great Pyramid and Gantenbrink's "Door", The
Hidden History of the Human Race
"Iron Sun" Debate, The
La Isla Secreta - Pohnpei y el secreto de Nan Matol
Lost City of the Amaru Muru

Lost City of the Dead in the Grand Canyon

"LostTombs" Revisited: "Success Has a Thousand Fathers ...", The

Machu Picchu, la Vieja Montaña

Macro-Lines in Ancient Structures

Marcahuasi - Mysteries in Stone

Nazca Monkey Report, The

Origen del Nombre de la Sociedad Nibiru
Pasado Prehistórico Del Gran Perú, El
Realtà del Secretum Omega - Il "Jesuit Footage", Classificato Secretum Omega, Sembra..., La
Rebelión de Los Brujos, La

Recent Archeological Finds Confirming Vedic History

Redescubierta en Perú una Puerta Estelar - Puerta de Hayu Marca/Entrada de Aramu Muru
Ribeiro, The Excavations of Carlos
Samaipata - El Fuerte De Samaipata, Archeological Project
Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch - Ancient Metropolis Hidden Under Giza?, The

Shaft, The Subway & The Causeway, The


Theban Mapping Project Atlas of the Valley of the Kings



Tropical Stonehenge May Have Been Found

Underworld - Confronting Yonaguni

Viracocha’s Voyage

Xian Altar of Heaven, The

Yonaguni Monument



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Abydos and its Unusual Archeological Site

Ancient Egyptian City In the Grand Canyon?
Andinas y Americanas, Mensajes de Civilizaciones

Antikythera Artifact, The

Archaeological Cover-ups A plot to Control History?

Australia  Pyramids

Baalbek - Un Misterio...

Construcciones Piramidales en el Mundo

Disco del Principe Sabu, El

Dogu, Las Esculturas

Dropa, Los

Edificio mas Antiguo del Mundo - Yonaguni, El

Egipto una Colonia Atlante

Esferas de Costa Rica

Esfinge de Giza - Últimos Descubrimientos, La

Forbidden Archeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race

Fuente Magna - Rosseta Stone of the Americas

Grand Canyon?, Ancient Egyptian City In The

Gran Pirámide y Sus Secretos, La

Hacedores de Alas - The Wingmakers, Los

Hopi - Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest, The

Líneas de Nazca

Malta - Island of the Giants

Map of the Creator - China stone slab which is 120 million years old ?, The

Mensajes de Civilizaciones Andinas y Americanas

Mohenjo Daro - la Desaparición de Una Ciudad

Pacal, La Tumba de

Piedras de Ica

Pirámides Chinas, Las

Rapa Nui - La Isla de Pascua

Sumeria y Los Anunnaki


Tierra de Kem (Egipto), La

Tomb of Osiris, The

Tumba de Pacal, La

Tzolkin Maya, El

Ultimas Noticias Arqueológicas (actualizadas diariamente)

Yonaguni - el Edificio mas Antiguo del Mundo

Zecharia Sitchin, Sumeria, Los Anunnaki y Nibiru





















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2012 - La Conexión Astronómica
2012 - The Astronomy Connection

A Different Story about the End of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

A Key to the Mystery of Comet Origins... in the Current Visit of Hale-Bopp?
A New Model Of Mars As A Former Captured Satellite - Bi-Modal Distribution Of Key Features Due To Ancient Tidal Stress?

Anillo de Estrellas

A Sampling of Curious Features From the Mars Data Dump
Astronomers Announce First Clear Evidence Of A Brown Dwarf
Biocosm - The New Scientific Theory of Evolution - Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe
Binary Stars - Does our Sun have a Dark Companion?
Blindsided - Planet X and Earthchanges!
Brown Dwarf Star
Collision Earth - The Threat From Outer Space
Coming of Planet X - Nibiru, The
Constellation of Draco, The

Cycles of Precession

Cygnus X-3 and The Cosmic Ray Question
Dwarf Star, Brown
Electric Comet, The
Enanas Marrones
Estado Planetofisico de La Tierra y La Vida
Estrellas Binarias - ¿Nuestro Sol tiene un Compañero Oscuro?
Europa Enigma - The Jovian Moons, The
Exploded Planet Hypothesis – 2000, The
Extrasolar Systems

Halton Arp, a Modern Day Galileo

Iapetus - Moon with a View - Or, What Did Arthur Know … and When Did He Know it?
Jupiter's New Red Spot
Lluvia de Cometas - ¿Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis?
Lunar Mysteries
Mars' Findings of Zecharia Sitchin, The
Methane on Mars - Or … “Back to the Future …?”
Moon - What Is It And Who Made It?, The
Nemesis Affair - A Story of the Death of Dinosaurs and the Way of Science, The
New Evidence of Artificiality at Cydonia on Mars

Of Thunderbolts and Celestial Marvels

Origen del Nombre de la Sociedad Nibiru

Our Busy Solar System

PHOBOS - A Strange "Thing"...
Phobos Incident - Malfunction or Early "Star Wars"?, The
Phobos Revisited - Looking For Some Answers
Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life
Planet X and the "Jesuit Footage" Classified "Secretum Omega, The
Secretum Omega - Il "Jesuit Footage", Classificato Secretum Omega, Sembra..., La Realta del
Shoemaker-Levy 9, A Different Story about the End of Comet
Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet, The Nature of
Solar System Is No Accident, Our
Sol Station SouthEast - We Are Not Alone!
Spectacular Video of Ancient Moon Ruins?

Star Systems

Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and Alex Collier

Studies from M.A.R.S - Mars Archeological Research Society
Sun and Earth 2012 Polar Shifts

Sun Is Freaking Out, The

Tiamat, The Late Great Planet
Vulcan and Comets Related Sites - New Solar Planets
Vulcan and Earth Catastrophism - The Beginning of the End
Vulcan y Catástrofes en la Tierra - El Comienzo del Fin
Zeta Reticuli Star System, The



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Agujeros Negros en Nuestra Galaxia

Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites

Astrosciences - Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe

Cambios Dramáticos en Nuestro Sol

Cinturón de Fotones, El

Comet 73 Deep Impact 2006

Comet NEAT

Cygnus Mystery, The

Dogon, Los

Electric Universe, The

Estrellas Amarillas

Hale Bopp - A Sign of the Times

Hollow Planets

Luna - Fenómenos Actuales No Explicados, La

Marte - Los Ultimos Descubrimientos y sus Interpretaciones

Moons of Our Solar System, The

Mystery of the Cosmic Thunderbolt

Nemesis Theory, The

Nibiru - El Planeta X  ó  Hercolobus

Nuevos Universos

Planeta X  ó  Nibiru

Sirius - La Estrella Azul

Slow-Motion Doomsday - Planet X - Nibiru

SOHO Project, The

Sol, Cambios Dramáticos en Nuestro

Teoría del Planeta Oscuro, La

Thunderbolts of the Gods

Ultimas Noticias sobre Asteroides (actualizadas diariamente)

Ultimas Noticias sobre Marte (actualizadas diariamente)

War In Heaven, War On Earth

Zecharia Sitchin, Sumeria, Los Anunnaki y Nibiru

Zeta Reticuli Incident, The