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1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain - U.S. and Soviet Scientists Have Develop...

33 Arks of Soul Resonance - Investment Futures, The

ACC (American Computer Company) and The Roswell 1947 Story - Reverse Engineering

Agua Conciente, Cristales de

A.I.D.S. is Man-Made

Albert Einstein, Plagiarist of the Century

An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security

Ancient and Occult Genetic Code, An

Ancients and the Power of Water, The

Antigravity And The World Grid

AntiGravity - Holy Grail of the 21st Century

Antrópico, Diseño y Principio - El Universo Como Habitat Apto
Antrópico, El Principio - Fragmento Historia del Tiempo

Art Bell & Dr James Mccanney - The Nasa Lies And Tesla Cover-Ups

Axiom Faculty, The

Before the Big Bang, There Was... What?

Behind the Veil - A Look at the Phenomenon of Channeling

Biggest Discovery of all "Times", The

Biocosm - The New Scientific Theory of Evolution - Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe

Bioenergy - A Burning Issue

Biological and the Silicon - Modifying Humans for Space Travel, The

Biological Function Of The Third Eye, The

Biological Immortality - Intelligence Briefing

Biotechnology's Advances - The Knowledge

Bloodline, Starfire and the Anunnaki, The

Brain, The Human

Brainwave Frequency Listing

Bright Skies - Top-Secret Weapons Testing?

Connective Physics

Consciousness and the New Physics

Coso Artifact, The

Creation, The 12 Dimensions of

Cristales de Agua Conciente

Critical Mass  - The Real Story of the Birth of the Atomic Bomb and the Nuclear Age


Cymatics, A Commentary On

Danger of Cell Phone Towers

DARWINISM - A Crumbling Theory

Darwinism - The forbidden subject

Deciphering the Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World

Depleted Uranium - Nothing Depleted, About

Did Life Come from Another World?

Dimensions of Creation, The 12

Discoveries of David Hatcher Childress, The

Diseño y Principio Antrópico - El Universo Como Habitat Apto

Drones, The Mystery of the

Earliest Human Ancestor? - Not likely!

Electromagnetic Fusion and ET Space Technology


Elements 113 and 115 to Periodic Table, Scientists Create and Add

Energy Grid - Harmonic 695 The Pulse of The Universe, The

Esoteric Info on Electromagnetic Weapons

Extraterrestrial Technology and Edgar Rothschild Fouche

Etheric Energy

Fer de Lance

Física del Viaje en el Tiempo - ¿Es verdad o es una Fábula?, La

Fractal Matrix - A Paradigm For Multidimensional Reality, The

Frequently Asked Questions to Lloyd Pye

Further Speculations on the Secrets Of - The Templars, The Inklings, N. Tesla, and R-le-Chateau

Future Technology From The Past

Geographic Geometry - A New Look at an Old Design

Gilgamesh Project, The

Giordano Bruno - 16th Century UFOlogist?

Giordano Bruno, Philosopher and Scientist, Burnt at the Stake 400 Years Ago

Gravedad y Magnetismo

Gravity and Antigravity

Greatest Story Never Told - Book Review Of Lana Cantrell's, The

HAARP - Una Amenaza Para el Clima y el Medio Ambiente Vibracional del Planeta, El Programa Americano

Harmonic Conquest of Space, The

Harry Oldfield's Amazing Imaging Technologies

Hatcher Childress, The Discoveries of David

Hidden History of the Human Race

High-Technology in the Bible

Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons

Hoagland, Hyperdimensions, Space and Time and Assorted Strange Connections

How You can Remove Sabotaging Commands from the Brain

Hueyatlaco - Anatomy of an Anomaly

Hum - A Legacy from Nikola Tesla, The

Human Brain, The

Human Experiments - Nonconsensual Medical Experiments on Human Beings

Human Multidimensional Anatomy

Hyperdimensional Nebulae - Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case

Hyperdimensional Oscillator - Technology To Access Other Dimensions Of Spacetime, The

Hyperdimensional Physics

Hyper Dimensional War, The Art of

Hyperdimensions - Realm Dynamics


Ice Age - One of History’s Biggest Mystery, The

Implosion - Rethinking The Basis Of Technology

In Pursuit of Gold - Alchemy in Theory and Practice / by LAPIDUS

Introducción a La Herencia Atlante - El Misterio del Antiguo Pasado de La Humanidad

Introducción al Potencial Multidimensional de los Seres Humanos, Una

Is Space-Time Actually A Superfluid?

It’s in the Ether - Etheric Energy

Knowledge - Biotechnology's Advances, The

Laser - SBL, Space Based

Lasers in Space - Technological Options for Enhancing US Military Capabilities

Laurence Gardner on Ancient Secret Science - an Interview

Life Beyond Earth - An Ocean on Mars. An Earth-like Planet Light Years Away. The Evidence is Mounting, but...

Life's True Beginnings

LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project, Project

Lucifer Project, The

Magic and Mystery of ORMUS Elements, The

Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects

Mapas que Cambian la Historia

Medicina del Futuro - Bioenergética, La

Multidimensional Potential Of Human Beings, An Introduction To The

Mystery of the Drones, The

Nanobacteria Link to Heart Disease and Cancer, The

Nanotechnology - The Future is Coming Sooner Than You Think
Nanotech Viruses In Food

Natural Light From Organisms - What, If Anything, Can It Tell Us?

Negative Energy, Wormholes and Warp Drive

Nuclear Weapons and Radiation - Miscellaneous Facts

Oak Island

Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and The Conspiracy To Conceal It

Omega Principle - The Energy Which Patterns Randomness, The

Onda, La

On Extracting Electromagnetic Energy From The Vacuum

On The Edge Of Time - The Mystery of Time Slips

Open Letter From a Group of French Scientists to the Initiator of the Disclosure Project

Organic Portals – The “Other” Race

Organ Transplants and Cellular Memories

Orion Technology and Other Secret Projects

ORMUS Elements, The Magic and Mystery of

Our Climate - Dead or Alive? - Schumann’s Resonances and Vision 2020

"Outside The Box" - Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies for The 21st...

Pavlita Generators - Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain

Pentagon Aliens - Formerly 'Space Aliens From The Pentagon'

Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations, The
Physics of Time Travel - Is it Real, or is it Fable?, The

Planetophysical Function Of Vacuum Domains

Predicciones Científicas del Libro de Urantia

Principio Antrópico - Fragmento Historia del Tiempo, El
Programa Americano HAARP - Una Amenaza Para el Clima y el Medio Ambiente Vibracional del Planeta, El
Project FMM - Fibers, Meteorite & Morgellons

Project LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project

Psionics - Practical Application of Psychic Awareness

Psychotronic War and the Security of Russia

Pyramid of Thoughts

¿Quien Eres Tu?
Quantum, The

Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence

Reverse-Engineering - Roswell UFO Technology

Robert Ghost Wolf's Vision - Winds Of Change

Rupert Sheldrake - A Theosophical Appraisal

Salto Quantico, El

Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control - Anomalous Weather Worldwide

Scalar EM Weapons, Historical Background of

Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology - extended version, The

Science of the Extraterrestrials - 2005, the Year of Explanations, The

Scientific Remote Viewing

Scientists Create and Add Elements 113 and 115 to Periodic Table

Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts (SETA), The

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - A New Empirical Approach - Astro Biological Nonl...

SEAS - Space Energy Access System

Secretary of Defense Reveals Earthquake and Volcano Weapons

Significado del Numero 19

Skulls Found in Africa and in Europe Challenge Theories of Human Origins

Slave Species of God - The Shocking Truth About Our Human Origins

Some Aspects of Anti Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons

Space Based Laser - SBL

State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Harassment Effects, The

Sun-Earth Connection, The

Symptoms Of Pathological Skepticism

Taming the Fierce Energy of the Vacuum

Tesla Doom Weapons and Aum Shinrikyo

Tesla Howitzer, The

The Universe is Obsolete - A Gallery of Multiverse Theories

Twelve Things You Should Know About Scalar Weapons

Universe According to Kerner - Short Greys, Robots, Gods and Eugenism, The

U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights


Vortex Kinesis - Re-imagining Time & Space Warps

Vymaanika-Shaastra (Ancient Indian Treatise), The

Vymanika Shastra Rediscovered

Washington's New World Order Weapons Have The Ability To Trigger Climate Change

Water, The Ancients and the Power of

Weather Modification

What is the Singularity?

"Who Are You?"

Why Speak of an Aether?

Zero-Point Energy

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Agua, La Memoria del

Airplanes - The Modern Past

Ancient Atomic Warfare

Ancient Hi Tech Evidence - The Modern Past

Ancient Manuscripts and Treatises

Antarctica y La Teoria de La Tierra Hueca


Antikythera Artifact, The

Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites

Astrosciences - Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe

Atlantean Heritage - The Mystery of Humankind's Ancient Past, The

Atmospheric 'Phenomena'?

Atomic Power and the Use of Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons

Aviones Precolombinos

Bearden, Tom, The Work of

Bermudas, El Triangulo de Las

Biochip Implants

Blue Beam - The uncovert Project

Cell Phones - Microwave Radiation

Ciencia Real, La

Círculos en Los Cultivos

Control Mental

Coral Castle

Cráneos Insólitos

Cymatics, The Wave Phenomena of

Dan Burisch and Project Lotus

Darwinism - A Dying Dogma

Divine Cosmos - A Breathtaking New View of Reality, The

Echelon, La Red

Edgar Cayce - Un Gran Visionario

Esferas de Costa Rica, Las

Extraterrestrial Technology And Reverse Engineering

Filadelfia-Montauk / Proyectos Negros

Física Hiperdimensional - ¿Porque Se Nos Oculta Este Conocimiento?

Flying Objects - Present and Past, The Saga of

Forbidden Archeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race

Free Energy

Fuerzas del Universo

Galactic Superwave

Genio de Nikola Tesla, El

Geometría Sagrada

German Disc Aircrafts (1922-1945 and Beyond)

Giordano Bruno, El Universo de

Gravity and Antigravity

Herejías En La Ciencia

Herejias en La Evolucion

Hi-Tech/Top Secret Military Weapons

Hi-Tech/Top Secret Projects

Hollow Planets


Holographic Universe, The

Horus, The Wands of - New Knowledge From Ancient Egypt


Hyperdimensional Physics

Hyperdimensional Hurricanes?


Indigo Children - Crystalline Children

Interplanetary 'Day After Tomorrow?'

Investigations and Discoveries of Valery Uvarov, The

Kerala, The Red Rain of

Mapas de Piri Reis

McCanney, The Unconventional Views of James M.

Memoria del Agua, La

Misterios del Antiguo Egipto

Modern Megaliths in The U.S.

Modern Past - Ancient Hi Tech Evidence, The

Morphic Resonance


New Knowledge From Ancient Egypt - The Wands of Horus

Noel Huntley - Buscador de La Verdad

Ondas Shumman, Las

Orgone Energy and Wilhelm Reich

Origen de la Vida y del Hombre

Oro Monoatómico - White Gold

Paradigma Holografico - El Universo Es Una Ilusión

Piri Reis, Mapas de


Proyectos HAARP y ROTHR, Los

Proyectos Negros / Filadelfia-Montauk


Psychic Universe, The


Purple Energy Plates

Red Rain of Kerala, The

Reverse Engineering and Extraterrestrial Technology

Scalar Electromagnetics Technology

Scalar Wars - The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

Science of Oneness, The

Seccion de Preston Nichols y Peter Moon, La


Star Gate - A Remote Viewing Project

Subterrene Machine, The

Tecnología en El Pasado

Teoría de la Tierra Hueca

Terra Non Firma - Earth

Tesla, Nikola - El Genio de

Tierra Hueca, La Teoria de La

Time Travel

Triangulo de Las Bermudas, El

Tsunamis and Earthquakes

Tunguska Events, The

Tzolkin Maya, El

UFOs - German Disc Aircrafts (1922-1945 and beyond)

Unconventional Views of James M. McCanney, The

Universo de La Nueva Fisica, El


Visión Remota - La Ultima Frontera

Voynich, El Manuscrito

Wave Phenomena of Cymatics, The

Weather Warfare

White Gold - Oro Monoatómico

Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy