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Two young men find themselves seated together at a science symposium dinner. Each has hold of the beginnings of a profound vision. All that evening and into the night they explore the possibilities of this vision. Then they part and do not meet again for twenty years.

Portland, Oregon. For twenty years David Talbott traces the great stories and myths of the world back to their origins. He arrives at a startling conclusion: the origins of the myths are not so much stories as they are descriptions, descriptions of real events, events almost beyond imagining.

But once imagined -- these events make sense of hundreds of anomalies science has been brushing under the rug for centuries, anomalies that contradict our most cherished assumptions about the history of planet Earth.

Canberra, Australia. And for twenty years Wal Thornhill studies the peculiar anomalies of the gravitational model that has been the foundation of astronomy since an apple fell on Isaac Newton, anomalies that have produced theories such as The Big Bang, The Expanding Universe, Black Holes, and Dark Matter. Thornhill too, arrives at a startling conclusion: the gravitational model is flawed. There is a force in the universe billions of times more powerful and more influential than gravity. Electricity.

For those twenty years Talbott and Thornhill remain outsiders, at odds with the scientific establishment. Each longs for confirmation of his discoveries from other disciplines.


Talbott and Thornhill meet in an elevator. And each discovers in the work of the other the confirmation he has been searching for. Ancient mythology and leading edge astrophysics are telling the same story. That story will shake up our collective assumptions both about the Earth’s not so distant past and about how deep space and the universe actually function.


After ten years of continuing research and collaboration, aided by a close group of associated scientists and scholars, Talbott and Thornhill have produced THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS, a series of monographs that presents a stunning new theory, the culmination of almost sixty years work.