Durante muchos años se creyó que la Tierra era hueca,

pero hasta 1968 no hubo ninguna prueba de ello.

Ese año, unas fotos tomadas por un satélite mostraban claramente un agujero enorme en el Polo Norte.







 -  Antarctica Rediscovered - Main File



 -  Declarations of Colonel Philip J. Corso



 -  El Enigma Intraterrestre



 -  Geophysical Facts about the Hollow Earth



 -  Gran Descubrimiento o Increíble Demencia?


 -  Hollow Earth?



 -  Images Showing an Opening at the North Pole


 -  Is Our Earth Really Hollow?



 -  La Teoría de La Tierra Hueca



 -  Location and Size of the Polar Openings



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 -  The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report


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 -  United States Patent 1096102 - The Hollow Earth Theory


Admiral Richard B. Byrd


 -  Admiral Richard B. Byrd's Diary


 -  Admiral Byrd’s 1939 Antarctic And the Mysterious Snow Cruiser


 -  Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd And the Quest for the Inner Passage


 -  The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd - Fact or Fiction?


Treatises and Books


 -  A Journey to the Earth's Interior - by Marshall B. Gardner


 -  Etidorhpa - by John Uri Lloyd


 -  Mysteries of the Inner Earth - by David Pratt


 -  Plate Tectonics - A Paradigm Under Threat - by David Pratt


 -  Sunken Continents versus Continental Drift - by David Pratt


 -  The Hollow Earth - by Dr. R. W. Bernard


 -  The Phantom of the Poles - by William Reed


 -  The Smokey God - by Willis George Emerson


 -  Vril - The Power of The Coming Race - by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Additional Information


 -  A Look at the Polar Mystery



 -  Antarctica - Detailed Map



 -  Critical Mass - The Real Story of the Birth of the Atomic Bomb and the Nuclear Age


 -  Egyptian Map of Antarctica



 -  Hollow Planets



 -  Los Alemanes en La Antártica



 -  Neu-Schwabenland Map



 -  Polar Evidence - Images



 -  Scientists Discover Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica


 -  Secret Underground Tunnels - Past & Present

 -  What is Happening at the South Pole?




 -  AMP Dig Center - Live


 -  Antarctica


 -  Aurora Borealis


 -  South Polar Opening


 -  Video Antarctic Demolition



Useful Links



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