For some time now, the Enterprise Mission has been operating on a "working hypothesis" to the effect that this planet is in increasing danger from cometary and meteoric impactors, particularly from the bi-annual Taurid Meteor Stream. A core aspect of this model is the premise that NASA and certain "elite's" within the planetary science community have been deliberately downplaying this danger for political and possibly religious reasons. We have suspected that there may be an "escape plan," possibly to Mars, in the event that a major catastrophe of the bolide type inflicts itself upon our world. Correspondingly, we have determined that elements within -- but outside the purview of -- the civilian government of the United States are in possession of "Hypership" technologies, AKA "Flying Saucers" of the type we have seen on the STS-48 and STS-80 Space Shuttle videos. These types of craft, confirmed to be in the possession of deep black organizations by Pentagon sources, are capable of easily directing an asteroid or comet on very precise trajectories -- essentially designer meteors.

To date, our best possible evidence of such a dangerous manipulation is the now well known December 7th, 1998 EMP pulse. At that time, we were assuming that the pulse was created by the activation of some sort of device (which we now suspect is part of a "Tesla shield"-like defense system). However, given that this event was noted to coincide with a spectacular fireball in Georgia, it is possible that the detonation of a large incoming object against such a shield could account for the "EMP shockwave" that was detected. Given that the entry speed of incoming meteors is generally far too slow to create enough energy to produce such a pulse with a simple air burst, the additional energy may be coming from this theorized shield.

What gave us the idea that this "Georgia fireball" was perhaps the product of a little "Hypership" assistance was the fact that it took place when the stars were positioned above many symbolically significant locations, and in accordance with the "NASA/Egyptian/Masonic" pattern we have been documenting for several years now. There were just too many "coincidences" with this particular event, including a very significant alignment at the HAARP facility in Alaska, which we suspected was part of the mechanism for this shield.

Now, due to the excellent continuing work of Peter Gersten of CAUS, Kent Steadman of Orbit, and Charlie Plyler of ELFRAD, we may have confirmation of this model. On January, 8th 1999, an "Alaskan Fireball", evidently of massive size, apparently streaked and detonated in the skies -- right above HAARP!

According to reports in the Anchorage Daily News, an "eerie blue-green" fireball was spotted moving roughly east to west over South Central Alaska on the evening of the 8th. At about 10:20 PM, numerous witnesses reported a brilliant flash of light and a deafening explosion. The fireball and explosion were witnessed by two National Park rangers and their wives as they traveled along the Parks Highway. One of them described the core as bright orange, with a brilliant white tail and and a second "hot gas green" tail behind the first one. Residents in Palmer, Alaska stated that the rumbling shock wave could be heard coming from the direction of Sutton, Alaska, about 10 miles to the northeast. The blast was also heard in Wasilla, Alaska and the fireball was spotted from Anchorage. There was an apparently unconnected earthquake in the area about one hour later. The reports were alarming enough that state troopers took a helicopter up to Mount Mckinley the following day to look for an impact site.

What is interesting about the towns of Wasilla, Palmer and Sutton, is that they form a straight line which points directly to the HAARP facility a few miles north of the village of Gakona.


Whatever it was, it evidently traveled on a path directly over HAARP and detonated somewhere northeast of Sutton. Local astronomers estimated the detonation occurred "about 50 miles away" based on the fact that witnesses reported a three to four minute delay between the detonation and the sound of the blast. We have not yet found any estimate of the objects altitude. Despite earlier reports that the object was "pumpkin sized," these same scientists have evidently now acknowledged the object must have been "larger than normal."

Map showing path of incoming fireball, probable point of detonation, and "funnel pattern" of audible shock wave.

It is important to remember that meteors travel at speeds ranging from 10 - 50 miles per second, so even though a distance of 60 miles or so from HAARP may seem like a clean miss to most of us, it would represent little more than few seconds travel time for such an object. Given the imprecision of the time estimates from the visual blast to the boom sound, and the enormity of interplanetary space and the Earth itself, this is nothing less than a virtual direct hit.

At practically the same moment, devices at ELFRAD were recording another huge EMP event, nearly identical to the one previously recorded on December 7th, 1998. The pulse is at 10:18 PM local Alaska time, the same time as all the witnesses saw the explosion. So there is little question that the EMP event was caused by the explosion of the object.

When we first presented our data on the December 7th, 1998 EMP event, we were lambasted by critics who claimed that the HAARP disgisonde graphs we presented did not indicate that HAARP was actually stimulating the ionosphere, but were just reflecting normal "solar activity." Of course, as we pointed out, the disgisonde actually measures activity in the ionosphere, which may or may not be accounted for by solar activity. This time around, we were fortunate to be able to test which theory is more accurate, ours or our critics.

In examining the digisonde readouts from the time period of the January 8th/9th meteor blast, we found that the digisonde did indeed record significant activity.

At 7:30 AM Universal time, about 45 minutes before the blast in Alaska, the HAARP digisonde was very quiet, recording only normal background activity.

By 7:45, the level of activity had ramped up considerably, as if something had been "switched on" and began stimulating the ionosphere.

This level remained pretty much constant at 8:15, only moments before the big blast in Alaska.

The first graph taken after the detonation indicates a significant increase in activity. (note the amount of light blue and how the readings have spread to the right) This indicates that something is generating a significant energy imput into the ionosphere. Perhaps the impact of a incoming object striking an electrified shield of some sort?

By 8:45, most of the blue is gone, and the ionograph is returning to its level of activity prior to the Alaska blast/EMP event. This activity slowly dissipates over the next several hours. This sort of readout is exactly what we would expect to see if an ionospheric shield was suddenly turned on in anticipation of a "visitor," reacted to the impact of same against the shield, and then slowly resonated or "pinged" throughout the shield network for some time afterwards. It seems more than coincidental that the most intense readout is moments after detonation. What it appears we have here is a graphical record of an active shield being struck by "incoming," and then returning back to normal levels of operation.

But wait a minute, didn't our critics say that this is all just "solar activity"? Fortunately, Steadman pulled the data charts for the time period covering the event from NOAA's Space Environment Center website. What they show is that the night of the 8th/9th was a very quiet one.

Satellite environment plot for January 7th-10th

Plot for January 13th-15th

This Satellite Environment Plot for the period of January 7th through the 10th shows that it was an exceptionally quiet period of electromagnetic solar activity. Only on one occasion did the bar graph move into the yellow range. By contrast, a few days later a moderate-to-mild "solar storm" began and created quite a bit more activity on this same chart:

GOES x-ray flux for January 7th-10th

GOES x-ray flux for January 13th-16th

Note how the storm creates "pulses" of intense activity being registered as the yellow and red readouts on the bar chart. Other instruments recorded the increased levels of activity related to the storm as well. The GOES 8 and 10 satellites record fluctuations in the x-ray output of the sun. They also show that the sun was quiescent on the 8th-9th but quite active in the x-ray band during the recent moderate storm.

The difference becomes even more obvious when we superimpose one graph over the other:

Combined graphs. Earlier data from the 7th-10th is in dark purple color.

HAARP digisonde readout from January 14th, 1999

So all that remains, to put this "solar activity" argument to rest once and for all, is to check the HAARP digisonde during the January 13th-16th storm. And guess what? HAARP's digisonde seems to have been turned off during most the storm. There are numerous blank or nearly blank readouts from the digisonde. If the only purpose of the digisonde network is to monitor the activity in the ionosphere, you would think it would be a good idea to have it turned on during the storm wouldn't you? At any rate, we were able to find some useful digisonde returns. What they show is that the instrument registers some significant activity very similar to what was recorded on the 8th-9th during the "EMP event."

Since we already know that the sun was very quiet during the January 9th, 1999 Alaskan fireball -- flatly ruling out "solar activity" as the source of the digisonde returns -- what could have accounted for the sudden increase in ionospheric activity right before the fireball exploded and right after?

Could be something else? Like maybe, I don't know, say HAARP?!!!

What our critics will quickly jump back to of course, is the story that HAARP is now officially off-line. Given the record of honesty and openness with regard to secretive projects like HAARP, we find this hardly reassuring. There is simply no way for anyone to independently verify if the instrument is operating or not.

We should also note that our scenario is not dependant on HAARP specifically being the source of the January 9th ionospheric stimulation. We have previously laid out a concept of wide spread HAARP-like, or even "scalar devices" not requiring an antenna array like HAARP's as the source for this "shield." What is abundantly clear is that the "solar activity" argument is wrong, and once again our critics have no clothes.

But, what leads us to think that this meteor was "aimed" at HAARP, rather than just coincidentally crossing over the HAARP site? For starters, the chances of that are rather remote in of themselves. The Quantradid Meteor shower had ended the previous day, so the chances of a "random bolide" plowing through the atmosphere directly over HAARP is rather small. It gets even smaller when you take a look at the stars over the "detonation point". Given the distance estimates, we place the location of the actual explosion right around the town of Eureka Roadhouse, actually 65 miles away. And guess what? We have another "symbolic" hit.

Just as at Turret Peak on the December 7th EMP event, it is Comet Encke, the lead object in the Taurid Meteor Stream, this time at the magical "19.5 tetrahedral altitude." So once again, we find the "NASA/Masonic/Egyptian" pattern in a place it has absolutely no business being -- if this is all just a coincidence.

Near Eureka Roadhouse, Alaska looking West.

And a cursory check of the various solar system temples revealed that the pattern was not isolated to this one location. At the Pyramids of Giza, Mars/Set was at the same 19.5 altitude.

And again on Mars at the Viking 1 landing site we find Orion/Osiris' belt star Mintaka rising at 19.5 above the horizon.

But is this all just wild speculation or is there a real pattern here? Looking at the example of the December 7th, 1998 Georgia fireball, this event fits the same pattern with striking similarity. In order for us to be completely wrong about the "staged" aspects of these two events, then all three of the Alaska alignments and all six of the December 7th alignments must be mere chance.

If this seems improbable to you, let us not forget that rather large impact in Greenland on December 9th, 1997. As Hoagland laid out in "A Possible January, 1998 'Hale-Bopp Event'", there were a series of interesting coincidences around that event as well. Not only was Sirius dead on the horizon at the impact site -- again symbolic of the transition between dimensions -- but what he could not and did not know at that time was that there was a very interesting "prediction" being made in the stars over the future Alaska detonation zone.

So this "NASA/Egyptian/Masonic" pattern is hardly new and is remarkably consistent over all of the recent "meteor events." And it seems there were plans as far back as December 1997 to send this "shot across the bow" of HAARP.


The symbolic significance of these extraordinarily unlikely events requires some interpretation. To use "hyperships" to nudge a rock on an entry trajectory directly over HAARP must have some deeper meaning in the Grand Plan, which is being slowly revealed over the course of these events. Given that HAARP has been the center of so much controversy lately, whether it is or is not a "Tesla Device," whether it can control or manipulate weather over vast distances, and its usefulness as a "scalar meteor shield," we find it far beyond the possibility of coincidence that a massive meteor would detonate practically on top of it. The date, time and location of this event were designed to send a message, not just to the "in-crowd" this time, but to the public at large.

The message is -- Watch out! Something's coming!

This shot across the bow is meant as a wake-up call, a chance for us to notice and began to demand the action that would be necessary to avoid a later catastrophe. The significance of Encke's positioning is a strong hint that it is the Taurid stream we should be worried about. The position of Set/Mars from the perspective of Giza could be a warning that the Egyptian god of chaos and destruction is returning to the land where he once ruled with brutal impunity. And Orion/Osiris above the "first temple" of Mars? A sign of hope that the good god Osiris will be restored to his kingdom after the "final war" that the ancients promise us is yet to come. All of this fits with the scenario we first laid out in
"Oh My God!," and moves it another step closer.

As we have already stated, it is not a question of if, but when this planet will again be hit by a large asteroid or comet. It is, in the opinion of the scientists that have studied this problem the most, likely that we could be hit at virtually any time, but the risk is far greater during the November and June passing of the Taurid stream. We have seen indications from various quarters, the SOHO images, the statements of Father Charles Moore, the so-called third secret of Fatima and new interpretations of Nostradamus that the event will take place this year. At least two high level inside sources have also indicated as much in separate conversations with Enterprise researchers. So why, as we asked in "Oh My God!," is NASA doing virtually nothing!?

The unpleasant answer is that this same cabal which controls the "Hypership" and "shield" technologies must believe that they are either powerless to avert the disaster, or ... for some reason ... they don't want to!

Assuming that the latter scenario is true, who the hell is tossing meteors against the "shield" in precisely timed events to get our attention? Is the "ET cavalry" going to come of the hill in the nick of time and save our collective a___!?

Probably not.

One of the most consistent themes in our earthly religions is the concept of free will. We are told that we have it, and can use it to determine our own destiny. But if a Star Trek like group of observers from an "outside agency" wished to give us the opportunity to save ourselves without direct intervention -- sort of a "Prime Directive" for the real world -- they might communicate in exactly this sort of metaphoric language.

Still, we are more struck by the other recent radar data we have been investigating.

Press "F5" in your dashboard

With images of these bizarre "streaks" seemingly striking active "shields" like the ones above from Texas, numerous ground based reports of meteor strikes against these shields, hovering fireballs and inexplicable "scalar" weather, we see a compelling pattern inexorably emerging. We believe that this "near-miss/direct-hit" over HAARP was a test of this meteor defense system, similar to what we have been observing through the last several months on the radar data and never designed to "take out" HAARP. It was done in accordance with the ritual pattern we continue to document, and with a callous disregard as to the consequences of a botched test. If this system had failed, it is possible that some residents of Alaska would have suffered the consequences. That it was also done in plain sight over a populated area, as other tests have been, is an indication that this project is preparing for prime time. Either there is a plan to make public the existence of this system in the near future, or events are taking on a life of their own and what is happening in the skies can no longer be covered up. This does not mean that there will not be continuing efforts to disguise what is happening. It just means that these efforts will eventually fail.

Given this, we here at Enterprise have decided to exercise our free will and pursue a new line of confrontation (parallel to our on going radar research) which will attempt to expose this clandestine operation from within the roots of it's own occult system. Whether we are ultimately successful in this endeavor will likely depend on the support we get from the general public.