by James M. McCanney


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Notes Page For Art Bell Coast to Coast Interview

of 12/27/2003 on Space Programs

The following pictures will demonstrate that what NASA is proposing today (a mini space shuttle) was done in the 1960'S by the Russians ...

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Few people know that while we we not going to the moon in the 70's and while NASA was tearing down and destroying the physical complex and all records of the Saturn V moon rockets and the Apollo program, the Russians were launching daily and created a knowledge of how to live in space ... today we have NO ability to go into space ...


NASA could not put a mouse into space ... the Chinese have purchased Russian technology and within 5 years I predict will have a standing presence in space of at least 100,000 people ... we have lost the space race after spending 42 years and over a trillion dollars (we have had less than 300 people in space during that time) ...


The future that NASA is offering is one of a few dangerous flights on a 30 year old shuttle (would you drive across the country in a 30 year old vehicle ?? ... Why is our 15 billion dollar a year space program using a 30 year old failing rocket plane??) ... All we have to look forward to are long term projects that promise to go to the Moon (again???) and Mars ... more projects that will be over budget and behind schedule as their deadlines approach in 15 or 20 years

Our only hope is in the efforts of private space programs.

Here are the links that show we are 40 years behind the Russians and giving ground to the Chinese and Russia every day that NASA waists more of our time and precious space dollars.

Soviet shuttle artists conception 1976


An artist drawing of a shuttle like craft approaching the MIR space station ... the soviets rejected the idea of the shuttle for all the reasons we are finding out today the hard way ... at best it was a secondary vehicle and would never have been used as a sole or primary vehicle.

Soviet mini shuttle Kosmos 1960's


The soviets were flying the mini shuttle on a regular basis as early as 1962 ... this is a spy plane photo of one being recovered after landing ... notice how this is EXACTLY what NASA is proposing we spend 8 years developing, even though we have no rockets to launch it!!!

Kosmos launch schedule from 1962


The Russian KOSMOS mini shuttle launch schedule from 1962 ... Are you amazed??? I bet you did not know where they were then compared to where we are now ... In my conversations with Russian scientists the thing they are most amazed about is how well NASA has fooled the American public ... They also are fully aware that the Americans never went to the moon because NASA could not (and still cannot) get through the Van Allen belts.

Kosmos launch schedule through 1977


Continuation of the Kosmos mini shuttle launches up to 1977 ... Compare just this minor aspect of the Russian space program to our entire launch history!!! Obviously they had thousands of people in space on a regular basis INCLUDING WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

Soviet launch vehicles as of 1977


Again compare the Russian program launch vehicles with that of the US... They were launching DAILY from the major launch facilities for decades while the US remained grounded for most of the past 42 years... Once again we are grounded and strapped to the bad decisions of the past ...


Notice the Russians did all of this on a budget that was extremely limited. My Russian scientist friends made $75.00 per week yet maintained heavy work schedules and rigorous work ethics... Compare this to the US scientists and their tough schedules of world wide scientific "vacations" to scenic world wide resorts for their "conferences" e.g. Kona Hawaii in February, exclusive ski resorts in Finland during high peak season and Montreal Canada in the spring... How lovely.


Russian fleet compared to US single shuttle concept


THE RUSSIAN "FLEET" CONCEPT (they have many rocket styles) compared to the single US shuttle concept ... All our eggs in one basket and it was far to complex an idea to fly ... The statistics were a "failure" every 25 flights but big business won out since it meant billions in Gov. $ for the big US aerospace corporations and congress bought it hook line and with a very big sinker.

Our only hope is in the efforts of private space programs.