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Oddens's Bookmarks (a very comprehensive Web Site on cartographic topics)

History of Cartography: Index Page for Regional Map Societies

Map Collecting, Maps, Software
The Cartographic Creation of New England
(University of Maine)
FEEFHS MAP ROOM - Background and Map Index
Ebstorfer Weltkarte
The Catalan Atlas, 14th century. (BNF, ESP 30)
Moleiro, the best Facsimiles and Art Books.
Antique maps of Iceland
Australian Map Circle Home Page

Internet Cartography Links (Harvard University)

Harvard Map Collection
The Columbus Letter (University of Maine)
Historical Map Web Sites (University of Texas)
Vinland Map and Shroud Updates
"Der digitale Behaim Globus - The Behaim Globe Web Site

Richard Nicholson of Chester - Antique Maps and Prints (a commercial dealer)

Yale Map Collection

Old World Maps Auctions (a commercial dealer)

Cartography - Calendar of Events

Map History / History of Cartography
Area Accurate Map / The Peters Projection
Lycos Road Map
Heritage Map Museum (a commercial map dealer)
100,000 maps for sale
(a commercial map dealer)
Agnese's Atlas

Cartographic Arts (a commercial map dealer)
Paulus Swaen
(a commercial map dealer)
Map History Discussion Group

Oddens's Bookmarks: Maps and Atlases
Cartographica Helvetica 14, 20-24: Summary
Historical Map Web Sites (University of Texas)
Map Collecting, Maps, Software
History of Cartography: Index Page for Regional Map Societies

Philadelphia Printshop (a commercial map and print dealer)

Antique maps, antique atlases (a commercial map dealer)

Mera Bharat Mahaan (maps of India)

CGRERNetSurfing: Maps and References (University of Iowa)
Dutch City maps from the Blaeu Atlas 1649/1652
The RYHINER-Projectat the University Library of Berne
Outlineof Objects and Topics in 1492 - An Ongoing Voyage Exhibit
1492Exhibit (Library of Congress)
Geography (Library of Congress)
American History (Library of Congress Rare Books and Special Collections)
Baldwin's Old Prints and Maps (a commercial map dealer)
Maps and Cartography (University of California, Berkeley)
Medieval Web Links (Fordham University)

Mercator's World HomePage (a magazine devoted to cartography)

The Historyof Cartography Project (University of Wisconsin)
Robert Ross Co. (a commercial map dealer)
The Florida Sesquicentennial
James Ford Bell Map Collection (University of Minnesota)
Map Libraries (University of Minnesota)
Rare Map Collection (University of Georgia)
Map Room Home Page (Oxford University, Bodelian Library)
Cartography Resources on the Web
Facsimiles and Reproductions (University of California, Berkeley)
Rome: Map of the Empire
NIPPUR, Sacred City of Enlil, Supreme God of Sumer and Akkad
Classical Atlas Project
(University of Chicago)