by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon

from UMFNetwork Website

This book is dedicated to the memory of the crew of the U.S.S. Eldridge and to those who gave their life at Montauk.


  1. The Philadelphia Experiment

  2. Montauk Discovered

  3. A Visit to Montauk

  4. Duncan Arrives

  5. A Conspiracy Revealed

  6. "Project Moonbeam"

  7. Wilhelm Reich and the Phoenix Project

  8. The "Phoenix Project" Absorbs "Project Rainbow"

  9. The Montauk Project Begins

  10. The Montauk Chair

  11. Creation from the Ether

  12. Time Warping

  13. Time Travel

  14. Mission to Mars

  15. Encounter with the Beast

  16. The Nature of Time

  17. The Montauk Base is Sealed

  18. Montauk Today

  19. Von Neumann Alive!