August 26, 2006

from LifeTechnology Website

I am Ra.


The smooth but colossal memories that come into your mind are the edifice of past objectives yet unfulfilled. And those times where the mighty and the minimal became One were great periods on the earth indeed. They shall be, once more.

This is a ferocious time in terms of physical catalyst on the planet. Of this there is no doubt. The distinction we would like to make here is of how fundamentally important it is to not lose sight of the greater framework within which these events are taking place.

It would be, of course, very efficient to have your peoples turn towards love without a struggle or fight. But alas, such has not been the case. We feel we are responsible, in a very real sense, due to the combining together of many different planetary races that had not yet achieved the intensity of light emanations necessary for graduation.

Thus, we defer to future incarnations of many of these entities, wherein they will complete this curriculum of self-healing and awareness of the importance of true love of others and of self.

The harmonious hiccupping occurs in the Earth’s energy grids, so to speak, resulting in those inconveniences of which have been spoken. It is not fair to categorize them as catastrophes, because within each crisis lies opportunity.

You may only see death and destruction, while not also realizing that the physical body is a temporary shadow of a higher self that is much vaster and more refined – and yet it is also your temple, for a short period of time, in our terms – extremely short.


It is a vehicle of self-expression, an emanation of a portion of the self which appears to have a distinctive identity of its own, and which goes through a sequence of learning curves, unique unto itself. Again, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The trademarks upon this process of self-growth and healing have been shared throughout the galaxies for aeons and aeons of your time. We are, in a sense, coming in at the tail end of a very successful program, even within this galaxy.

The mystery-clad unity of being reveals itself to those who approach each new experience with an unjaundiced eye, seeing only the movement of the universe in its sacred perfection. This sacred perfection requires that each soul experience apparent separation for a period of time, that it may again choose to redefine itself as One.

Your body appears to intermingle with other bodies which are completely distinct and separate. That is the great illusion. The reality is a much more difficult thing for you to understand. David has been downloading many of these concepts from us, in the process of further refining the catalyst that is offered, in the process of bringing this film and its vision to a completed state.

We will offer future commentary on this as needed. For now we redirect the flow to another key question.

What about those wars in the Middle East?


It burns in the hearts and minds of so many at this time. There is a sense of inevitability, a sense of failure, a sense of impending doom, crisis and catastrophe. The idea that the conflict may widen is being talked about quite regularly in your media culture.

I would not choose to have you be fearful of any event that occurs on the earth, for the simple fact that these are the events that directly lead to the Great Awakening. It has to become so bad that the people realize that they would like it to be so good – and they see their choices as impacting the greater collective.

When you see images of maimed children, bodies blown apart and extensive wreckage and rubble, recognize that all form on earth comes and goes in its phase and period of time. There is no such thing as lasting peace, or lasting Unity, within this density of your expression.

That is why we consider you to be such brave people. You exist in the only density where fully self-aware beings can intermingle with those who are of extremely negative polarity on the same planet. That makes it more difficult than simply being around others who think the same way that you do.

There is a great crisis of awakening happening in many at this time. We read the emails that are sent to David with him, and notice the increasing sense of desperation that surfaces now in many others as they move through their own learning curve.


You will go through the dark night of the soul.


You will taste the abysmal blackness of the sense of separation and loneliness.


You will experience this crisis, this opportunity, as often as needed, as by necessity, you are moving through a phase where you will no longer simply be a bookkeeper of your emotions; you will open the books, find the hidden passages, remember those old stories from your past, from your childhood – from even other lifetimes, if you choose to go deeply enough – and begin integrating that material to the present.

The events on the Earth force you, or would seem to force you, into a state of fear. You are looking at a reality. You are looking at an apparent reality. You are looking at the apparent reality of the world of form, and seeing how the center does not hold, and that that which was, no longer will be.

This is a convincing illusion. But with it comes the feeling that you are separated and alone, cast asunder from the true higher calling that beckons humanity forth at this time.


I would prefer to have you sing and laugh in the sunshine of your own awakening. That is a glorious moment too. It relies upon you coming to a renewed awareness of your own majesty, of your own immortality, and your own goodness.

For you are a protected soul. You are surrounded by Divine Light and Love, and you are not living in a random, a causal universe. Events that unfold in your life happen for a reason. There are no accidents. This is one of the deepest levels of resistance we have to move through in bringing you to awareness.

There has been such a great poverty of information, in the scientific sense, that would help you to validate these claims of there being a higher guiding principle, that it may seem truly naïve to “go out on a limb” and make such speculations.


Yet, we have never wavered from our responsibility, which is to continue to insure that the experiences that come your way are precisely those that you have requested for your own growth and healing. There is no hidden mystery to this process, and there are very few random events.

You may have heard David mention that he has been transcribing his dreams, from a period of seven to seven and a half years ago, that had not been transcribed. These dreams describe where he is now, what he is doing, who he is working with, and details so specific as to insure that this moment was very well visible at the time.

David’s friend Bruce also just wrote to him saying that he had dreams from twenty years ago that he just found the transcripts of, which described events of the last few years in quite stunning detail.

This function of consciousness is not accidental, and not extraordinary. It is not something confined to the realm of those who are, shall we say, intuitive. As David’s research increasingly reveals to him, intuition is not foreign to your natural way of thinking. The conscious mind, as you would call it, is truly a marvelous playground of different influences, all of which are synthesized together to give the impression of coherency.

The impression is so convincing that most of your peoples would never imagine that there are so many different ways in which a thought becomes a thought, and an emotion becomes an emotion. It is very true that you are thinking thoughts all the time that are not strictly your own, but those which come from the background of consciousness that surrounds you.

In order to not induce psychosis, there is a natural function of mind which interprets these impressions that you receive from the environment, and from others, as if they were private and personal emotions, and feelings, and thoughts. It attempts to understand why these feelings are being felt, and draws what to it appear to be obvious conclusions.

Yet these conclusions are not so obvious. The pathways are not so clear. For there are a multiplicity of influences that come together to make the conscious mind what it is.

There are many different ways in which thoughts are formed, and you experience all of them, to some degree or another.

Observe your own mind. Notice how when you slow your thoughts down, what comes through is not a bunch of garbage, but spontaneous, fleeting thoughts that are not so easily pinned down as being something you yourself created – they just emerge.

When the consciousness is stilled, like the gleaming surface of the waters at dawn, then you may begin to see the reflections of the universal light and truth of Oneness.


If your question is how to meet your Higher Self, it is important to first accept that such meetings are always occurring. For you ARE your higher self. Your opinion matters. You can see the Creator in your own reflection. You can see the Creator in the reflections of others. You can appreciate the progress that you have made, and know the intense value of coming clean about your cosmic identity.

For this is not a path of failure, but one of victory, in the greatest sense. The victory that is achieved is the memory of Unity.

We so encourage you to meditate, because in meditation, the stilling of the mind allows many of the biological signals, and the signals of the planets and so forth, to be diminished – so that only that of the core of the universe emanates forth – the obstacles pulled away.


It shouldn’t come as a great surprise that this process can be done very successfully. Nor is it a difficult process. It does require your investment, your personal commitment to go the distance in your awakening. You are not handed these opportunities on a silver platter; you must earn them, through your own diligent focus.

It is not so simple as just buying a book at the bookstore, or reading an email or website, or having a conversation with a friend or loved one, or both.

This journey is about you. And you are awakening now, in this moment. The fastidious observation of the silence brings you new hope, new gains as a universal being. It’s not so difficult to step out of the mind that observes and worships limitation. How much effort does it really take to move into clarity, truth and beauty of Oneness?


That meditation is yours if you want it, and it doesn’t require an excessive amount of study. You don’t have to be super-intelligent, or even super-dedicated to a particular cause, as all causes are ultimately of the Oneness.


Nor is there any specific task you must perform at any specific time. For the roses of Oneness require only that they be admired for their look, for their smell, for the joy that they bring you. There are some who wish to be gardeners of roses, to carefully cultivate that which grows into beauty. There are others who simply appreciate that which has been done, and drink in the glory of the universe.

The art is not in the doing, but in the being. And yet this equation, as we have called it the Fool’s Equation in the past, carries very strong influence in most people’s minds.

“If I do (blank), then I will be happy.” That is the equation. And they ask David, or they ask other such intuitives for the missing X variable, because their mind already has accepted that this formula is the key to happiness. It is, to a degree, a product of your consumer culture, a product of your upbringing in materiality, which nonetheless is a valid stepping-stone to Oneness.

You believe this formula as if it were a religious edict, handed down from Divine Light, giving you the course that must be followed. Some would say that if they gain a relationship, that they will then be happy. Yet you may be well aware of the fact that a relationship can only open up new avenues of learning, new avenues of struggle, in their own way. Not every relationship is destined to be about love. Many are about initiation, and that is okay.


A relationship will mirror to you the issues you have not yet cleared in yourself. You will naturally be attracted to people who bring the missing pieces into focus for you. It is again ideal if this can be dealt with harmoniously, but more often than not, it is a fractured, tortured path, especially at this time you are moving into in your evolution.


This is the end-game, if you will – a time of having the present circumstances eagerly reflect what has gone before, so that new contrast is offered that helps you understand yourself as never before was possible.

You don’t have to be a magician to see your creative potential arise from these events as they transpire. You are being holographically repositioned into the past, so that it may come up for review once more. And that process will carry you a long way. It doesn’t take a lot of effort on your part, because it will find you, whether you like it or not.

It may even seem to violate your free will. You may not be calling for these initiations, and yet they come to you.

Such is the nature of the moment of time that you find yourselves in now, in the world.

It doesn’t happen all at once, but bit by bit, piece by piece, the sacred story is again being retold. And this should come as no surprise to you.

I prefer that you see yourself as a divine being, and not shy away from these initiations. At this time, no one can stop the ever-rising vibrational increase. You have been prepared for it, by your free will, through the multiplicity of prophecies that have portrayed this time. You have not been left behind. It is known that this is a period of great change, great cleansing.

David’s suppositions are entirely accurate regarding the global heat wave you now experience at the time of this work being brought through, and the start of hostilities in the Middle East. The two are fundamentally interconnected. There is much energy moving through the Earth at this time, for it is not simply a question of acclimating yourself to the vibrations that exist.


That would be far too straightforward for this time. (laughs on the word “straightforward”)

As soon as you feel you are acclimating to the energy, it will be continuing to rise anyway. You are in the most impressive phase of this process now. That therefore means that there will be constant changes going on.


This is unlike any other time in the history of life in third-density. In most cases, the energy changes occur slowly, and without great fanfare. And you have time to adopt your life to the new experiences, the new catalysts, as they come forward.

But now you have the book of the Akashic Record continuously open, continuously showing you new passages of text – about yourself, and about God, if you may choose to use that word. You do not need to look to someone like David, or another who is seen to be of great potential, and wish that you were more like them. Simply open your eyes to what is happening to you, and you will see that you are that person who is awakening, and who is awakened.

You are on the right track if you are listening to these words or reading these words. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with that part of yourself that may have seemed long gone. It is always there. It may seem obscured at times, but you have not lost it. Please be aware of that, for it is very important that you have a sense of hope.

Your finite rational mind may perceive only chaos, collapse and fragmentation in the events you are seeing unfold in the world, but that is a decision that is based in scarcity and lack. It does not speak of the greater reality that we know to exist. It does not allow you to step beyond limitation and embrace Truth, and the validity of your own spirituality.

The times that have been, have required your participation. The times that will be, do not require your participation. They require your acceptance. You can choose to be upset about what is happening, but this does not serve your higher spiritual purpose.

Choose to accept that there is a divine plan for what is going on. It has been prophesied for thousands of years, specifically so that you would not be infused with fear and worry.

This is not a time of Armageddon and planetary apocalypse.


Prophecies have been misunderstood, but if you look at the greater totality of what is being shared from the past, the common theme that comes through is how these experiences pave the way to a so-called Golden Age.


And believe us when we tell you that suicidal impulses have no place in this world that is to be. Suffering is so much less a factor of your life that the world you have lived in, up until now, will seem almost emotionally genocidal by comparison. Everyone seems to be suffering emotionally, and you do die to yourself. You die to the worship of the body, and the limitations that the body imposes.

We can tell you that you have a multidimensional soul, but that doesn’t mean you really begin living like it. It does require your participation to accept. The process is not as simple as one might think.

Take stock in the experiences each day, as time is speeding up. We don’t mean, of course, that it will seem as if the hands on the watch begin spinning faster. When we say that time is speeding up, we refer to the partitioning of emotionally strong events.


You will see more and more of them happening in less and less time, and that is the nature of Time’s increase in speed, in the soul sense of the term that we are now speaking of it – though there are other senses that are not as directly related.

Relaxation and faith and trust are currencies in trade whose value is inestimable, for each person’s mind is a personalized version of the collective mind.


That is the apparent prison that so many are locked within at this time. The voice of the human collective consciousness is by far the loudest of the influences that are composed by the personality self.


The ladder to the intelligent infinity is climbed by your choice. You are the one to take the next step. You can deny what’s happening in the world. You can ignore the changes, and continue to exist in fear. But when you do so, you are cutting off the influxes of new energy that would be creating inspiration, magic, wonderment and Ascension.


When you consciously cut off this flow, it also has a radiant effect on the others around you. Fear breeds and multiplies in many cases.

Those otherselves feeling these subtle influences in their consciousness, in turn, spread it to others. And when enough souls are shut down by events such as the Middle East conflict that you now see, a great heat arises in the earth.


Look at the heat wave that is now gripping your planet, and see how quickly it rose into materialization after hostilities began in the Middle East.

This comes as no surprise.


Many souls who were on the path, and felt comfortable in their lives, were then brought to a place of sudden and unexpected change. And it caused them to blow their perspective of positive, peaceful coexistence with the earth, and move into fear, scarcity and lack of trust. Yet the prophecies have told you that you will see these things happen – that not one stone on these buildings will be remaining standing in such places.

But this does not come as a great surprise if you have done your homework. Perhaps you just didn’t want to see it, but it is there. That does not mean that you need to be afraid of it.

The great cacophony of voices that compete for your attention include those that are still and small, and sing of the praises of this Creation. You have only the highest and best potential at this time. You are being protected. Your life, your experiences, happen for a good reason – for a Divine reason. And again and again, we want you to be able to accept what happens.

You see a world that is fraught with war, with dissatisfaction, with haves and have-nots, and it might seem quite grotesquely unfair to you.

Again, learn to step outside the reality box that confines you to the sense of inevitable failure and doom. The prophecies were not spoken of by accident. They were not speaking about someone other than yourself.


Listen to the silence.

See how it moves.

See how it speaks to you.


Don’t be afraid of the evolution that is happening now. [Fear] is always a choice you can make, but it is a choice that is not necessary to make. It is a choice that is not properly informed.

These wars come up for review because this is the time of the Great Awakening. It is the time in which the people finally see that they do not want this anymore. And when just a few souls can maintain a focus of peace, it has a great effect on the collective mind.

Remember that seven thousand people meditating together have been proven to have a 72 percent reduction on worldwide terrorist activity, and war and fatalities, when those seven thousand people are properly trained in the art of meditation and come together under one roof. Those are key distinctions.

Even if they do not come together under one roof, the harmony of humanity can be upgraded by a very small number who choose to exist in a state of trust and beauty and love. This should come as no surprise.

It is a great glorious bounty that awaits you when you step outside your own feelings of lack and limitation. It is a marvelous new day that dawns when you see the Creator in yourself for the first time.


Little whispers in the corners of consciousness take you back to ancestral memories, and relive the past when the people were in harmony with the forest, and with the little people – the angels, the fairies, the devas. Those times are not lost.


Those times are being re-created, now and again, in the lives of those who put the effort in to seek the good. You can make an effort to seek it. You can make an effort not to be sucked in by consensus thought that speaks of the voice of fear. It is not a losing path, but a path of eternal renewal – one that you know well, from many lifetimes before.

You have only yourself to thank for the great gifts that are there in front of you. We would ask that you not defer your power to some faceless, ghostlike entity that works on your behalf, for these are all opportunities that you bring to yourself.


The question becomes,

  • Do you understand yourself?

  • Do you know thy self for what it is?

  • Where would you set the limitations of the self?

  • At what point do you stop including that which you see around you?

Indeed, you can gaze into a mirror and see the face of the Creator. You can gaze into the faces of those around you and see the Creator. You can gaze at the environment that surrounds you and see the Creator. You can gaze into the harmonics, the colors, the sounds and the geometries, the primordial blueprints of Creation, and see the Creator – see your Self.

This process may seem fraught with difficulty, but the amount of energy that has caused that same heat wave shows the potential that is there if you begin opening to its flow in yourself. Not only do you cool the planet down, but you rise your own evolution. There is the potential for great magic, great awakening, great renewal.


Embrace your potential. Live in the glory of the bounty of this Creation. Know that all is well, all is safe. Know that you are protected, and loved beyond your wildest imagination. Know that in the grandest sense, you indeed are the Light.


You are the Love. You are the One Infinite Creator, now and forever.

We now bring a close to this reading, and thank you for your participation. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Adonai, and amen.