Clinical Toxicology 1984
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"I cannot pretend to be an expert on the matter (fluoridation), but from what I read, it seems to be better, rather then worse, for people's health"

Tony Blair


NOTES OF A MEETING between Ms Tessa Jowell, Minister for Public Health, and Professor Dr A.K. Susheela on 26 October,1998, at Richmond House, Whitehall.

Professor Dr A.K. Susheela is a Histocytochemist and a member of the Faculty of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. She is the Director of the Fluoride and Fluorosis Research Foundation of India and a Senior Consultant to the Indian Government, with 25 years of research experience in the field of fluoride and its adverse effects. Dr Susheela has published more than 100 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed biomedical journals. Dr Susheela gave a 40-minute presentation, with slides, to the minister and three of her advisers on fluoridation.


She stated that:

Fluoride causes Dental Fluorosis ( brown staining and pitting of teeth), Skeletal Fluorosis ( internal changes and weakening of bones ) and non-skeletal conditions. There is not one scientific or laboratory study proving that fluoride reduces tooth decay in humans. To say that fluoride is good for teeth is a MYTH. No essential biological function has been proven in humans.( DoH agrees )

Total fluoride exposure from all other sources, such as food, air pollution, fluoridated dental products, etc, is ignored by the Dept. of Health when considering artificial fluoridation. Dr Susheela proved, with scientific results and scanning electron-microscope photographs, that fluoride ingestion has the following adverse effects:

Red blood cells ( erythrocytes ) are killed prematurely, lowering hemoglobin and resulting in anemia. As fluoride levels rise in the body, calcium levels go down. Fluoride induces pitting/cavity formation on the surface of tooth enamel. These cavities are distinctly different from the cavities formed as a result of dental caries. The incidence of dental caries remains the same no matter how much fluoride is added to water. The gastro-intestinal tract mucosa is deranged ( the lining of the stomach and intestine ),resulting in irritable bowel syndrome complaints.


Structural damage to the gastric mucosa caused by fluoride can be rectified in 10-15 days by providing pure water. Drugs are not required. Blood fluoride levels rise continuously with prolonged use of fluoridated toothpaste. In those who ingest fluoride-contaminated water and who use fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwash, rinses, etc, the muscles, connective tissue elements (particularly the collagen fibers) and bone tissues undergo degenerative changes. People lose their teeth and become edentulous at a relatively young age.

Dr Susheela ended by saying that fluoride causes still births, miscarriages and genetic damage. This is consistent with the findings of Dr Albert Schatz, (discoverer of steptomycin) who stated in 1993 that artificial fluoridation:

"may well dwarf the thalidomide tragedy, which was dramatic because it produced crippled children who are living testimonials to what the drug has done. Many victims of artificial fluoridation, on the other hand, die quietly during the first year of their lives, or at a later age under conditions where their deaths are attributed to some other cause."

At the end of the meeting, the Minister asked:

"Why haven't we seen these health problems in our fluoridated areas?"

Dr Susheela replied:

"You don't even have a Government laboratory to test blood and urine. If you don't look for problems, how can you hope to find them.?"

Throughout the presentation, three of the government's 'advisers' on fluoridation, Dr Michael Waring, Mr Ian Cooper and Mr Jerry Read, scribbled furiously. They saw slides of damaged erythrocytes and gastric mucosa, fluorosed vertebrae and teeth. At the end, not one of them asked a single question or made any observations. These are the "experts" who tell us fluoride is "safe." Finally it should be noted that the Blair regime is pushing ahead with plans for the compulsory fluoridation of water supplies.


They are awaiting the findings a report, expected spring, 2000.