by Philip L. Hoag

from TWM Website


Weather modification technology is in use today by both the United States and the Soviet Union. Both the U.S. and Soviet projects involve the manipulation of the ionosphere and the alteration of the earth’s magnetic fields. This technology seems to have both localized and global capabilities. Evidence indicates that this technology also has the capability of manipulating human behavior and mood patterns.

Nikola Tesla

All of this seemingly Star Trek-like technology originated from a Serbian immigrant named Nikola Tesla who came to the United States just before the turn of the century. This man, without question, proved to be the greatest scientific genius of this century. Tesla worked with both Westinghouse and Edison during the infancy of electricity and it was actually Tesla who developed alternating current.

Tesla also experimented with electromagnetic flux and studied the earth’s gravitational field. During his research he discovered that the ionization of the atmosphere would alter when it was charged by radio wave transmissions in the low frequency range of 10 to 80 hertz. Tesla also discovered that he could cause both positive and negative ionization of the atmosphere by manipulating the radio frequency. Further studies indicated that with positive ionization, people and animals became tired and lethargic and with negative ionization the effect was one of feeling active and energetic.

Another interesting aspect of this technology is the effect which harmonious radio frequencies make when they impact air molecules. The molecules become excited and give off negatively charged electrons which readily combine with hydrogen and oxygen to produce water molecules. But even more profound is the fact that this type of radio wave also carries positively charged ions through the ionosphere into the magnetosphere. The positively charged ions then become trapped in the Van Allen belts, traveling between the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis, right where we coincidentally have holes in the ozone layers.

, the ozone killer, by its nature dissipates quickly. This inherent quality is a contradiction to the concept that a concentration of freon is creating holes in the ozone layers at the North and South Poles. However, when radio waves hit already unstable freon precipitates, they are so reactive that they can not move on and dissipate into the magnetosphere.
As far-fetched as this subject may seem, leaders in the elite global establishment have intimated the existence of this technology and its capabilities. In 1970 Zbigniew Brzezinski published a book titled Between Two Ages. Brzezinski is one of the founding directors of the Trilateral Commission.


In this book he said,

"Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised… Technology of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."

Further confirmation of the Western power elite’s interest in weather modification was revealed in an article which appeared in the September 12, 1989 edition of the Washington Post. This article reported on the 1989 Tokyo conference on global environment. The president of the World Bank, Barber Conable, who is also a Trilateral Commission member, gave a speech in which he outlined the long-range goals of the one world elite. In this speech he said,

"while higher temperatures may cause ‘a number of natural disasters,’ they might also warm cold and unproductive lands in the north into productivity."

There is very good evidence that the one world group and the Soviets have been jointly involved in weather modification over the Northern Hemisphere since the early 1970s. In 1971 it was alleged that the U.S. and the Soviets started cooperating in secret weather modification projects. One such project was named POLEX, Polar Experiment of the Global Atmospheric Research Program, and another in 1973 was called AIDJEX, the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment. It is purported that these experiments involved attempts to melt the polar ice cap. Other U.S. projects such as Nile Blue and Climate Dynamics involved the changing of the arctic ice pack. There was even an article in the December 16, 1980, edition of the New York Times discussing a joint U.S.-Soviet project involving the transmission of ELF waves from Antarctica designed "to interfere with the earth’s magnetic field."

Soviet Woodpecker System

The Soviet weather modification project is referred to as the Woodpecker system. It involves the transmissions of extreme low frequency (ELF) waves at about 10 hertz using Tesla transmitters in Angarsk and Khabarovsk in Siberia, Gomel, Sakhalin Island, Nikolayev in the Ukraine, Riga in Latvia and also a site 60 miles south of Havana in Cuba. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this system, the facility near Havana, Cuba, is said to be maintained and operated by a staff of 2,500 Soviet personnel.

These transmitters generate electromagnetic transmissions that produce an ELF scalar grid over the United States. This is done by transmitting these low frequency scalar waves in pairs so that they converge at a predetermined point on the earth’s surface and cause a disruption of the atmosphere. This technology can be used to alter the course of the jet stream and set up long-term weather blocks.

Long-term Weather Blocking

The long-lasting California drought in the 80s was caused by a massive ridge of high pressure 800 miles off the California coast which hovered for extended periods of time, blocking the usual flow of moist air coming in from the Pacific and pushing storms around to the north. Meteorologists who have analyzed this phenomena consider it to be one of the most unusual national patterns ever recorded, unique in the annals of weather recording. Such long-lasting centers of high pressure were unheard of until 1977. Evidence suggests that this was possibly caused by Woodpecker generated giant standing ELF waves which are transmitted by the Soviets intentionally to block the flow of normal weather patterns.

This phenomenon of long-lasting centers of high pressure is not limited to producing drought. In 1993 the Midwest region experienced severe flooding which was a result of the wettest period in this particular area since rainfall record keeping began in 1876. This flood was a result again of what meteorologists called a blocking pattern.

The normal weather systems usually move from west to east across the U.S., but during the ’93 flood the weather systems stalled for six weeks over the upper Midwest. A high pressure system over the eastern part of the United States was causing warm, moist air to move up from the Gulf of Mexico and dump moisture in the Midwest, where it met the jet stream. This weather pattern involved an unusual shift in the jet stream, which during the summer is usually weak and typically found much farther north in Canada.

This stationary high pressure front also blocked the path of cold Canadian air, resulting in record low temperatures in the Northwest. According to the September 1993 issue of Storm, The World Weather Magazine:

"It is extremely unusual for weather patterns to persist for so many weeks, bringing heavy rainfall to the same area almost on a daily basis… The reasons for the weather patterns to become fixed, as they did in June and July, 1993, are unclear."


A system somewhat similar to the Soviet Woodpecker has been set up in the United States called the Ground Wave Emergency Network, or GWEN. This network was built under the guise, or possible dual use, of an emergency communication system that would not be interrupted by electromagnetic pulse during a nuclear war.

GWEN units are capable of altering the magnetic field within a 200- to 250-mile radius. The individual units themselves are made up of 300-foot tall towers which transmit radio waves through hundreds of bare copper wires which are each 300 feet in length. These wires are buried in the ground in a spoke pattern radiating out from the base of the tower. The wires interact with the earth like a thin-shelled conductor, radiating the radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground.

These units are located in:

  • Texas

  • Nevada

  • Maine

  • North Carolina

  • Maryland

  • Georgia

  • Oregon

  • Washington

  • California

  • Iowa

  • Wisconsin

  • Minnesota

  • Missouri

  • North Dakota

  • South Dakota

  • Pennsylvania

  • Mississippi

  • New York

  • Alabama

  • Virginia

  • Kansas

  • Nebraska

  • New Jersey

  • Arkansas

  • Massachusetts

  • Oklahoma

  • Colorado

  • Montana

There is fairly significant evidence to suggest that these GWEN units in combination with the Soviet Woodpecker transmissions made a significant contribution to creating the extensive flooding in the Midwest in 1993.

It is interesting to note that the Russians are now openly marketing a small version of their weather engineering system called Elate, which can fine tune weather patterns over a 200-mile area. These units seem to have the same range as the individual GWEN unit. One of these Elate units operates at Moscow’s Bykovo Airport.

The threats of weather warfare, totalitarian government and famine dovetail together. As we saw in the famine which the Soviets artificially created in the Ukraine prior to World War II, famine is an effective means of subjugating a people. By controlling food, you can control people. Weather modification can affect food production and eventually the available supply. Starving resisters out is much more effective than having to track them down and shoot it out with them. If you have not surrendered your weapons, you don’t get a food ration coupon. Long-term food storage, well hidden, is the only insulation against famine and totalitarian oppression.

Tesla-Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons

An article in the spring 1993 edition of Orbis Magazine reported on another article which had appeared in the 1992 edition of a Russian magazine called Military Thought. This article, among other things, revealed Soviet involvement in the development of Tesla-scalar electromagnetic weapons:

"…The current civil-military consensus also includes an image of future war based on the development and deployment of advanced conventional munitions, direct-energy weapons, space-based strike weapons and anti-ballistic missiles, and third-generation nuclear weapons."