by R.A. Boulay


(Spanish version)

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This electronic transcription of FLYING SERPENTS AND DRAGONS by R.A. Boulay was first published privately by Galaxy Books of Clearwater, Florida, in 1990. The first edition is now out of print, and this electronic version is by no means an attempt to infringe upon the author's original copyright privileges; it is merely an effort to preserve this important earlier version, with my personal commentary, for posterity's archives.

Roberto Solàrion
Dallas, Texas
1 February 2001


         Prologue  -    Why Were The Ancient Gods So Shy?

         Chapter 1 -   Arrival Of The Proto-Sumerians - The Ancient Astronauts

         Chapter 2 -   The Antediluvian Cities And Their Purpose

         Chapter 3 -   Physical Conditions Before The Deluge

         Chapter 4 -   The Old Testament Begins At Sumer

         Chapter 5 -   The Creation Of Man And The "Fall"

         Chapter 6 -   The Serpent-Gods And Immortality

         Chapter 7 -   Dragons And Serpent-Gods In World Mythology

         Chapter 8 -   The Patriarchs, Demi-Gods Of The Antediluvian Period

         Chapter 9 -   The Rephaim - Warrior-Gods Of The Western Lands

         Chapter 10 - The Deluge And Other Problems Of Chronology

         Chapter 11 - The Sky-Chariots And Boats Of Heaven - The Vehicles Of The Ancient Astronauts

         Chapter 12 - The Phoenix Bird As Symbolizing A Rocket Launch

         Chapter 13 - Was Noah's Ark A Saucer-Shaped Submersible?

         Chapter 14 - The Radios Of The Ancients

         Chapter 15 - The Fabled Land Of Dilmun

         Chapter 16 - The Space City And Facilities Destroyed

         Chapter 17 - The Mount Sinai-Kadesh Space Facilities Destroyed

         Epilogue    - Is There Really A Missing Link?

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