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George Bush
41st President
January 21, 1989 - January 20, 1993

" I know some. I know a fair amount."

George Bush replying in 1988 to a question about UFOs while campaigning to become President.

" I am very careful in public life about dealing with classified information."

Bush in 1988 debate with Dukakis

Of all the Presidents that have been faced with the UFO problem, George Bush seemed, on the surface, to be the best qualified President to have been given the secret. He spent a year as Director of Central Intelligence, the head of the entire United States Intelligence Community for President Ford. Then as DCI, he was in charge of giving intelligence briefings to Jimmy Carter during his transition to the Presidency in 1976.

Only four years later Bush was again receiving the Presidentís Daily Briefing while a running mate with Ronald Reagan during his candidacy for the Presidency. For eight years, while vice-president under Reagan, "he read the current intelligence publications every day and requested a great deal of additional support (from the CIA) for his meetings with foreign leaders."

While President he limited the number of people who could read the Presidential Daily briefing, "to ensure that the Agency felt free to include more sensitive material." He started each day with a briefer from the CIA presenting him the latest intelligence. Besides limiting the number of people who had access to the Presidential Daily Briefing book, all briefing books had to be returned the same day. The security conscious Bush wanted to prevent leaks.

Who better to know the ultimate Top Secret about UFOs, than the man the CIA named the headquarters compound in Langley Virginia The George Bush Center for Intelligence? The CIA spoke glowingly of him:

"CIAís relationship with Bush was undoubtedly the most productive it had enjoyed with any of the nine presidents it served since the Agencyís founding in 1947... more than any other President, he was an experienced consumer of national-level intelligence... President Bush was uniquely and extraordinarily well informed."

The numerous actions of George Bush may have been the reason that for the entire time Bush was Vice-President and then President rumors ran through the UFO community that Bush was a member of the Majestic Twelve Group that controlled and managed the UFO situation.

The UFO incidents in the Bush Presidency were few and far between. This lack of disclosure may have gone back to George Bushís term as the head of the CIA for Gerald Ford. Bush had learned the reasons for keeping secrets, and remained tight-lipped about the UFO situation while President. Part of the lack of UFO incidents was undoubtedly due to the fact that President Bush only served one term in the White House. The addition of Dan Quail as Vice-President only added to the apparent weakness of the Presidency.

In a letter from the Bush library they informed this author that there was only one UFO document in the entire Presidential collection. Does these mean that the UFO phenomena went away during the Bush years, or that Bush was able to deflect all UFO paperwork to other agencies such as the Air Force, NASA, or highly classified black-budget programs set up to specifically deal with the UFO situation away from the probing eyes of the public?

In 1988, during his campaign to become President, George Bush broke with his standard silence on the UFO issue. The incident reawakened all the Ufologists who had believed for years that George Bush was one of the key members of the MJ-12 group that was covering things up.

The incident occurred on March 7, 1988, during a trip to a George Bush for President Rally in Rogers, Arkansas. George Bush was about to go into a building to meet with reporters when a UFO researcher approached him by the name of Charles Huffer. In the days before 911, Huffer and his tape recorder were allowed to walk up to the Vice-president and ask him the UFO question all the conspiracy buffs had wanted asked for years.

"Mr. Bush, Mr. President," asked Mr. Huffer (in the excitement of the moment Mr. Huffer called him President). "Will you tell the people the truth about UFOs?"

"Yeah," replied Bush. Then realizing what he has just said Bush added, "If we can find it, what it is. We are really interested."

"Youíll have it, youíll have it." said Huffer. "Itís in there. (I meant it would be in his briefing when he became president) Declassify it and tell us, ok?"

"OK," said Bush, " alright, yes."

Bush then entered the building where he met with the local Arkansas press. Huffer remained outside waiting for Bush to come back out. When he did emerge from the building, Huffer his tape recorder running told George Bush,

"Going to hold you to that promise."

"Alright," replied Bush.

"OK," said Huffer, "youíre going to get it." (I meant the UFO information)

"Why donít you send me some information about it? " asked Bush.

"Naw," said Huffer, "youíre a CIA man. You know all that stuff."

" I know some," replied Bush. "I know a fair amount"

The Bush Huffer encounter quickly sped through the UFO community. No one, however, had the details. UFO newsletters and magazines wrote that someone had asked Bush the UFO question, and that he had confirmed something. Many of the stories had him confirming he was with MJ-12. By the time George Bush entered the White House the story had died down.

Huffer had come close to shaking loose the UFO answer from a sitting Vice-president, and former director of all dozen U.S. intelligence agencies. The effort failed because no one came to Huffer aide with new questions. It was a situation similar to a situation that would occur in the Clinton White House when Deborah Orin from the New York Post stood up in a White House Press conference and asked about President Clinton giving his friend Webster Hubble the job of finding out if there were UFOs.

Orin reported that she asked her question, and then went back with a follow-up. Clintonís Press Secretary was able to deflect both questions. Orin waited for another reporter to use one of their questions to help get an answer. The other reporters as Orin phrased it, "they rolled over and played dead."

Like Clinton, Bush was able to make it around the bases to the White House without being tagged. Now protected by the worldís best security, and a White House press corps that wouldnít ask the UFO question if the flying saucer landed on the White House lawn, President Bush did not have to worry about answering the UFO question again.

Stars Wars and Martian Aliens
There was an event in the Bush administration, which was not a provable direct action by the President, but it did harken back to Ronald Reagan and his alien invasion speeches. The newspaper writer Billy Cox mentioned it in a letter to this author.

"I donít know if you caught Nightline last week," wrote Cox, "but it dealt with the new, unprecedented spirit of cooperation between the KGB and the CIA. X-CIA chief Bill Colby said this new data sharing was like something you would expect the superpowers to do if there were an extraterrestrial threat.

Shades of Ronald Reagan."

Perhaps the invading aliens were from Mars. George Bush was rumored to be a big advocate of Mars exploration. The story circulated that Bush had words with Soviet leader Gorbachev when they met at sea for a summit at a place called the Bay of Mars.

One of the Ufologists who claimed contact with the Bush White House on the Martian issue was Richard Hoagland.

Bush Talks Star Travel
President Ronald Reagan had while president signed a national space policy. Included in the goals of the space policy "to expand human presence and activity beyond Earth orbit into the solar system."

When President Bush took over as President he made a speech on the steps of the National Air and Space Museum down the mall from the White House. The speech indicated that Bush was promising to go even farther than Reagan had dreamed.

"You are the children of the new century - raise your eyes to the heavens and join us in a great dream - an American dream - a dream without end. Americans will follow the path of Pioneer 10. We will travel to neighboring stars, to new worlds, to discover the unknown. And it will not happen in my lifetime, and probably not during the lives of my children, but a dream to be realized by future generations must begin with this generation."

For those who hoped that the former CIA Director would reveal the truth of the UFO, the speech given to mark the 20th anniversary of manís first flight to the moon was a positive sign. Unfortunately somewhere on the way to disclosing the truth President Bush lost his way.

Protection for Bush?
Perhaps one of the strangest Presidential UFO stories comes from circumstances surrounding an abduction of a lady by the name of Linda Napolitano that occurred in November 1989, and disclosures made about the case by Dr. Steven Greer. In order to understand the story one must review what Dr. Greerís world view regarding Extraterrestrial visitations, and with the associated abduction phenomena.

Greer has made it quite clear that he does not agree with the interpretation of the abduction phenomena as it is written up by a number of researchers who have studied the abduction phenomena. This view, expressed by Ufologists such as Bud Hopkins, contents that aliens are abducting humans as part of some sort of genetic program.

Dr. Greer, on the other hand, believes that a renegade "black-budget" group can explain almost all of these "abductions." This is done using deceptive, psychological warfare on the American people. Greer maintains that the group possesses the developed technology to make members of the public believe evil aliens have abducted them, or that they have talked to God, or anything else they chose to have them believe. In a 1999 interview Dr. Greer explained:

"We have... advanced black budget covert projects that operate outside of any constitutional oversight have taken extraterrestrial materials and biological matter and created scenarios using those to make it look like there are extraterrestrial events going on which are, in fact, 100 percent human in origin. For example, the Grays that I know that exist are artificial biological life forms that are made out at a facility in New Mexico named Dulce which is connected underground to Los Alamos."

"We have already cloned not only humans, but things that look extraterrestrial but arenít. Theyíre based on the genetic material that we have retrieved. Iím telling you on the record for the first time that we do have this ability and I have people who can confirm this."

"Humans have also been targeted for abduction by paramilitary units using very sophisticated warfare systems, electronics that can interface with consciousness and have set up these things called, Ďabductions.í"

"Iím not saying that every person whoís had an ET encounter has been the victim of a military encounter, but the ones you hear about for the most part are victims of military operations. This sounds more bizarre than saying there are ETs, but it also happens to be the truth. I have spoken to people who have been on abduction squads and they donít know why theyíre doing this. Theyíre commanded to do it and they do it."

"For many years we have had what are called, "alien reproduction vehicles," that look like UFOs but are manufactured by a consortium of companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup, E-Systems, and SAIC and others. These things in conjunction with electronics that allow an interface with conscious thought and the conscious state of a human have been used to simulate extraterrestrial abductions."

"Whatís disturbing about this is that people who have had real ET encounters have subsequently been targeted for this kind of faux experience to confuse the database and put a spin of fear on the subject. There has been a deliberate attempt to demonize and frighten people about this issue."

"Abductions, cattle mutilations, and other frightening scenarios have been militarily orchestrated for the purpose of putting information out which would discredit the field in the eyes of mainstream scientists, policy makers, and the media."

"The reason behind this is that people profit from war. Military spending in the world just hit a trillion dollars this year. To grow it to a three trillion dollar business in the next millennia, youíve got to have an enemy off planet, because everyone knows that with every small country in the world getting nuclear weapons, we canít afford any more international conflicts that are of any significance."

"There is an attempt in my opinion to export this "threat."... Instead of the "evil empire" being the Soviet Union, there has been an attempt to gradually indoctrinate and condition people to be afraid of and to hate everything extraterrestrial so that there could be a justification for the military industrial complex to have a very strong, space-based presence in the next century."

The power to abduct is according to Greer the ultimate "trump card" to control the President or anyone else in power from revealing the UFO secret.

"It can be made very clear to them," Greer told Art Bell, "that if they donít play along, the trump card can be played."

On November 30, 1989 an incident occurred in New York City involving Linda Napolitano and her son. Under hypnosis Linda recalled being abducted from her 12th floor apartment building on the lower east side of Manhattan in New York City.

Budd Hopkins, a New York City UFO researcher who had worked with hundreds of abductees, investigated the case. During the course of the investigation, Hopkins learned that Linda had received correspondence from a man who claimed to have witnessed the abduction.

The man claimed his car had stalled two blocks away and that he and two men with him had witnessed the whole event about 3:30 in the morning. This man, who wrote Linda and Hopkins about the event, turned out to be the United Nations Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar. Perez de Cuellar was in New York City at the time traveling from a heliport into the city with his two secret service men.

After further investigation, Hopkins determined that Perez de Cuellar was not a witness, but had been abducted as well. This fact was confirmed by Lindaís son who identified the Secretary General from twenty photos of men shown to him by Hopkins, as the man who was with him and comforted him during the abduction. Hopkins contacted Perez de Cuellar in person about the letters he had sent to Linda and himself, and de Cuellar didnít deny his involvement.

Hopkins declined to name Perez de Cuellar in his book detailing the abduction called Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions. "I feel a great deal of pity for him," stated Hopkins.

Later in 1996 under pressure from the NOVA television show to make it public, de Cuellar, then a private citizen denied he had been abducted.

The next part of the story is provided by Dr. Steven Greer who himself has briefed United Nations Secretary Generals about the UFO/ETI situation. Greer, however, fully believed that the incident with the Secretary General was not an abduction but a "covert kidnapping" of the Secretary General. Greer received his account of the incident from a head of state that was involved with Perez de Cuellar at the time. This official described to Greer what had happened.

"He was working with a number of other world leaders to come out with exactly what CSETI is attempting to do now and he was made to disappear, as it were, in a faked or hoaxed abduction attempt. Then he was told on board the craft that he should cease and desist from any further attempt to bring this information out. If he and the other leaders didnít, all of them would be abducted . . . Bud Hopkins thinks it was an abduction. It was not an abduction"

In an article Dr. Greer wrote detailing his view of the abduction phenomena, he again spoke of the De Cuellar abduction without mentioning Perez De Cuellarís name. In the article Greer added that the event had so panicked the Bush White House that the disclosure plans for the UFO secret was immediately called off. He wrote,

"...Worse yet, these capabilities have been used to íabductí, intimidate and deceive world leaders on this subject, and to specifically get them to maintain the secret status of these programs."

"Specifically, the abduction of a certain past MAJOR world leader was orchestrated by covert forces attempting to end a planned disclosure on this subject by this leader, the US President, the head of the USSR and others. A first hand witness, who is friends with this world leader and is himself a head of state, has related the details of this abduction to me personally. It was an effective, if horrible attempt to frighten these world leaders into ending their plans to disclose the UFO information to the world at the end of the cold war. Both this world leader, and the head of state and friend who related this to me, did not know that this event was done by covert human forces. They thought it was an actual alien abduction!"

"And the message offered to this world leader, by these hoaxed aliens? íCease your plans to disclose our presence to the world, or we can and will abduct every world leader involved...í How convenient. Notwithstanding the fact that in this same time frame ET craft were being seen in a massive wave in Belgium, and one would soon begin in the volcanic zone of Mexico and around Mexico City, we are to believe that the E.T.s would abduct a world leader to hide their presence!"

"This, I am told, íblew up like an atomic bomb in the White Houseí, and all plans to effect a disclosure on this subject were ended, forthwith and forever."

In checking the Greer version of the De Cuellar abduction a series of events were uncovered that indicated that the Greer story, no matter how bizarre at first glance, might actually be true. Was there a worldwide plan to release the UFO secret following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the cold war? Was there an effort by someone to stop it? Consider the following:

1. On the day of the De Cuellar abduction, George Bush left Washington for Malta and the first post cold war summit.

2. The evening of the abduction, only hours before the 3 am abduction, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was meeting privately with George Bush at the White House. He had just returned from the Soviet Union and a meeting with Gorbachev. His purpose in meeting with Bush was to "brief" him about his meeting with Gorbachev.

3. Rumors have Brian Mulroney in New York City following his visit with Bush. There were apparently five cars in the De Cuellar motorcade, and there is at least one rumor that Mulroney was in the motorcade. Bud Hopkins stated when asked he had never heard about the Canadian Prime Minister being in the motorcade.

4. The De Cuellar motorcade was, according to Richard one of De Cuellarís secret service agents, heading for heliport at Governors Island. This island on the southern most part of Manhattan is a U.S. Coast Guard authorized personnel-only complex. The secure complex was the site of the summit meeting held the year before between President Reagan and Gorbachev, along with President-elect Bush.

As strange as this story might appear, there is no doubt that some sort of bizarre abduction event occurred in New York City on November 30, 1989. There is also little doubt that it involved the then Secretary General of the United Nations and a number of world leaders in New York on the night in question to meet about critical and dramatic shifts in the balance of power among countries of the world. They were in New York, in effect, to oversee the end of the "cold war.í

Because of the importance of the players in the event, and the high classification given to UFO events, it is not surprising that confusion still rains supreme in attempt to sort out exactly what occurred in this event.

Bush and SETI

Goldstone where the Bush White House was told

they were receiving "very curious signals."

Less spectacular than the story of the possible abduction of the most powerful man in the world are the stories of the everyday alien events that occurred in the Bush White House. One involved the association of the Bush science people in possible detections of signals from outer space.

The official government funded Search For Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) program had been killed during the Carter administration. In early 1977, Carter had gone to NASA for support in investigating UFOs, and had in turn promised continued support for the NASA SETI program, which had begun in 1974 when NASA first funded "a preliminary Interstellar Communications Study Group."

With the kind support of the "UFO President," by 1978 NASA had requested $2 million for an initiation of an all-sky, all frequency search for radio signals from intelligent extraterrestrial life using some of the existing antennas of the Deep Space Network at Goldstone, California, and some state-of-the-art hardware that was to be developed specifically for the program. Carterís space people were projected a cost of $15 million over 7 years.

It was at this point that conservative Republican Senator William Proxmire awarded the Carter NASA alien hunters "a Golden Fleece" award for the project, which he figured "should be postponed for a few million light-years." Within months congressional funds for SETI were stricken from the 1979 HUD-appropriation bill.

In 1981 Senator Proxmire discovered that the Carter people were still funneling money into the project. NASA had spent $500,000 during `980 and the budget for 1981 and 1982 was $1 million a year. The Senator again rose in the Senate to denounce the spending. When he had finished his speech the money was completely cut off without a dissenting voice being raised.

One would assume then, that when Bush arrived in the Oval Office all attempts by the White House to help E.T. phone home would have been a thing of the past. A book put out by Howard Blum in 1990 seemed to indicate that was not true. Bushís Science Director through the office Of Science and Technology Policy was still actively funding SETI efforts going on at the NASA Goldstone complex out in the Mojave desert.

The man in charge of the White House effort was Jonathan Thompson, who was an executive secretary to the Presidentís Science Advisor, Dr. Allan Bromley. He had made many trips to the California complex to meet with the project director and learn if there was any progress in the E.T. search.

In an interview with Howard Blum in a hotel dining room down the street from the White House, Thompson told Blum that a well-known SETI scientist at Goldstone had told him the study was reaping results. He told Thompson, "Weíve been getting some repetitive noises from space. Very curious signals. When Washington finds out, itíll shake them up." Thompson told Blum that just hearing this had shaken him up.

Blum traveled to Goldstone and spoke to the same SETI scientist who had told the White House representative that they were picking up signals. The scientist, however, denied he had said any such thing to Jonathan Thompson. Blum contacted Thompson, and Thompson confirmed what the scientist had told him about the signals they were receiving. "They must have reasons," Thompson told Blum, "for not telling you what they told me."

Bush Insights
Joyce Jillson, who claimed she was paid $1200 by Reagan insiders to help pick George Bush as Vice-president using a horoscope.

Whether or not George Bush was a deep MJ-12 insider, or just a Texas oilman who made it to the Oval Office through a movement of fate, Bush did express his prediction about travel to other parts of the universe. In a speech marking the 20th anniversary of manís landing on the moon President Bush said this about travel to future stars.

We will travel to neighboring stars, to new worlds, to discover the unknown. And it will not happen in my lifetime, and probably not during the lives of my children, but a dream to be realized by future generations must begin with this generation. We cannot take the next giant leap for mankind tomorrow unless we take a single step today.