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There is a FREE, 9 minutes and 50 seconds documentary video clip excerpt exposing the truth about the Bush family directly tied into Hitler and Nazi Germany along with of course, the Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove and the Illuminati. Click HERE to watch a video and get a feel for the full documentary. Then show it to fellow Christians who think George W. Bush is really an okay kind of fellow, who is a genuine man of true Christian faith. The video is an Alex Jones Production - from one of his films at 


We would agree that "Dubya" (George W. Bush) is a man of faith, but it appears to be not of our faith. We’ve seen no evidence to suggest that "Dubya" believes and claims that he is and has been "saved by grace through faith alone, in the Lord Jesus Christ. As a "liberal, Methodist" many of whom are woshipping the pagan Earth-Mother goddess - a.k.a. Ishtar - you know her, the MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS of Revelation 17: 5.

Bush’s brand of "faith" is right in line with the Satanic doctrines and dogmas. We see no indication by Bush to the contrary, but rather, plenty of evidence that his entire life and that of his family is wrapped up in the Illuminati which controlled the Nazis and the Communists.

We, at A-O have had many e-mails from "Christians" who think the Republicans are the political party of fundamentalist/evangelical Christianity. Many wrote to attack us for posting all those pictures of George Bush and others flashing a Satanic hand signal during the Second Inaugural proceedings.

They protested the feeble White House excuse issued later that the President was merely flashing the Texas University "Longhorns" symbol. They told us emphatically that we were wrong and how dare we attack a Christian president serving the Lord. We suspect that the "Lord" Bush serves is "lord" Lucifer not the Lord Jesus Christ. Here again are two pictures linking it to Satanic symbolism ...

Portrait of Anton Levay Leader of Church of Satan.

Note the position of the fingers on his left hand. A Satanic signal

George is alumnus of Yale and the Satanic "Skull and Bones Society"


So are his father and Grandfather as well as the Bohemian Grove where there is open worship of Baal (Molech - the owl god) and prayers to Inanna/Ishtar - THE MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS - are proclaimed aloud as an invocation preceding the ceremonial (?) fake-human(?) sacrifice on a fiery altar of a large stone owl.


Click image for detail


This is also on video. The Bush family has their own special lodge for the family and their guests. The folks that made this same video we’ve already mentioned linking the Bush’s to the Nazi’s also has an over 2 hour video of secretly taped video coverage of the Bohemian Grove opening night ceremony from the year 2000 event. Here is how the video happened.

  • The video is very riveting for those with spiritual maturity to understand it. If your are spiritually mature enough, you’ll quickly realize the enormity of the event and the video. You can even find short, video clip movie clips of this documentary by clicking HERE - if necessary click start button several times, till movie clip starts!!!

  • Larger video clip of RAW video of event HERE

  • Another clip HERE

  • Here’s a Photo Gallery of Bohemian Grove Information 

See photos from the Bohemian Grove’s private Yearbook. The pictures may stun some Christians who protest that George is just a sincere, loving, Christian believer. We suggest high dosage of skepticism is in order. Remember, We’ve never heard Bush ever claim that salvation is by Grace through Faith alone. All we’ve ever heard was a "Works" vocabulary. As Paul writes in Galatians, a "Works" salvation gains you eternal damnation. The demons believed in Jesus. In fact, when Jesus encountered the Demons, He had to admonish them not to get too carried away in identifying Him as the Son of God.


Demons have a very straight doctrinal understanding - they’re simply in rebellion over it. So anyone can make claims and reiterate wonderful sounding terms and even a "testimony" of sorts. That does not mean that they are a Christian. We see no signs whatsoever that George W. Bush is a Christian. Instead we see the reverse with attendance at the Bohemian Grove, where Satan is worshipped directly. Just see the video links given above.

Pics of "Dubya" speaking to the group with the huge Satanic stone idol of an owl (Baal - aka "Molech" in Canaan - whom they borrowed from Babylon and the Babylonians called "Baal" or Bel, aka Marduk/ Mardok/Merodach all dependent upon the dialect or language. The Greeks and Romans called him Mars.)

Nonetheless, you see "Dubya" along with his Dad by his side as Dubya speaks during a "Lakeside" talk in the daytime at the Bohemian Grove a few years ago. Oh, there’s also Newt Gingrich there too.

Some others? How about pics of Richard Nixon, Art Linkletter and Walter Cronkite (he offers the prayer to Inanna at the beginning of the ceremonies which Inanna is a early dialect name for Ishtar - they’re one and the same deity - the MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS, also known as the Goddes of Liberty/Freedom and Goddess of Love, War and Justice, as also, Queen of Heaven, aka - Ashtoreth, Ashtarte, Astarte in Mideast, also as Isis or Ish in Egypt and in Greece as Astarte, but later as Aphrodite, in early Rome as Libertas and later changed the name to Venus. Oh, yes, she held many titles.

Some other famous faces in the pics on that page -- Jimmy Carter, Jack Kemp, and German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (below image) an honorary, invited guest.

So, the next you run across a Christian brother or sister who tries to rebuke you concerning any criticism of "Dubya" or the Bush family, show them these links, pics and videos. I suspect it will leave them speechless.