by George L. (gl2)


from Alien-UfosForum Website


I work as a writer and have friends who are personal "friends" of the Bushes. My first publishing contract was with a man whose family is close friends of the Bushes (major corporation owners). Over time, other friends (past and present) have done business with, or shared contacts with the Bushís--including Cabinet level appointments. (Iím basically antithetical, of a different political outlook and far removed, at this point, from any Bush proximity).


In short, there is cross pollination, and, for other, more important reasons, both ends of this spectrum know about each other. Here, for the first time, in print, is a story about Bush Sr. and suspicious doings surrounding the shooting of Reagan.


*Note: as an "experiencer" since 1995, I post in the aliens and ufoís section often.

Weird as some of what follows sounds, this is the exact truth, as I experienced it. Given the grave nature of the subject, I wouldnít report inaccurate details. I could say the following under oath and not worry.

Iíve been an "experiencer" since 1995 (Iíve written about this on the aliens/ufoís thread--on unknowncountry.comís mindframe section see the thread about "hyperversals," for instance), and, beginning in Dec. of í05, a previously reliable, informative alien source (whoíd given info. about science, exopolitics and a critique of the abducting federation) stated clearly, explicitly that George Bush Sr. was a "direct operative" of the gray "federation," what Philip Krapf refers to as the IFSP (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets).


It wasnít simply stated in passing. The remark was repeated, expanded upon, tested and traced into a human network of interactions, plus a larger kind of quantum memory in time, so to speak, to show exactly how Bush is direct federation. Iím but one of many experiencers who has written about interactions with aliens. In my case, the interaction is semi-public, in that I am part of a larger telepathic community of human interactions. Given that the alien aspects draw great attention, any interaction with me gets noticed, due to the unusual, and sometimes important, nature of what is communicated.

I know this kind of material may be new to some, but the IFSP (gray federation) intervention here is aggressive, and they have contacts and material interactions here, on this planet. They also have an abduction & breeding program and they implant, coerce and try to manipulate--for a reason. Humans subsequently tested Bush remotely, over and over again. I canít say much about this, in order to not betray who we are and what our methods are (not intrusive, not "direct," of course). Bush is old now and easy to beat in such regard. He tries to hide the tell-tale indicators of his interactions, but canít.

This came as but a mild surprise (to an experiencer and to those accustomed to the new paradigm), given that Bushís lifelong superiors and cohorts have been members of the Du Pont family, both during Watergate, and in narco-intel. doings, and the black budget. Bush is part of the Du Pont-Dulles-Bush faction in CIA corruption, the worst of the worst. Bushes also share old family involvements with fascism, and, in Gerard Colby Zilgís first edition of Behind the Nylon Curtain (now called Du Pont Dynasty, in later editions), Zilg has a chart showing Du Ponts married to a "Bush" family, presumably Bush-kin.

Du Ponts and Rothschilds are the main names mentioned by sympathetic, NON-federation aliens when giving humans a heads-up about what may be the most important crisis in human history: the so-called federationís direct intervention here. The Biderman part of the Du Pont family and the French part of the Rothschilds have been directly pointed out as "direct operatives" of the federation. Information of the sort is offered to help humans get up to speed on the breeding program and an intervention that has caught many of us blind-sided. We are also being cultivated to take on greater cosmic responsibilities, mostly of an ecological sort.

Suffice it to say, the news about Bush (witnessed by others in the human community of interaction) caused quite a stir and appears to have put some of the IFSP plan into crisis mode. Through a tendentious network of interactions here, military, intelligence, governmental figures, other nationsí personnae, and many civilians, reportedly thousands in number, have, by now, been apprised, in various ways.


* My basis for this assertion is my knowledge that numerous others track this interaction, and have done so for years. In addition, one helpful alien who communicates regularly (intending the info for more than just myself; it isnít personal, as such) stated that at least "30,000 have to" track the interaction, at intervals, due to its extraordinary nature. Iíve also put this news out in various places, but have yet to do full justice to the subject.

I donít keep info like that secret. My life could be in danger if I didnít get it out - it could die with me... I report at length and write on such subjects, where I can. Venue is limited, but there are creative ways of conveying the basic drift. It is most important.

Again, about Bush: From 1979-1984, I lived and did university study in Denver. I also worked full-time in a hospital and did investigative research, some campaign work (against Reaganís dundering war in C. America). I was even asked by a Senate candidateís press secretary to investigate a Republican rival for legality of personal affairs.

During that time period, with a friend, I dug up info about organized crime, political corruptions and more--some of which touched upon national crime cases of note. Right after Reagan got elected, on Capitol hill and around Denver arts and coffee, theater and book stores where I tended to associate, a billboard announcing the "Assassination Ball" was posted. I was aghast. Reagan was just elected, and someone was sponsoring an Assassination Ball. It seemed fishy. I wanted to go and see what it was about, but knew that the Secret Service would be all over the thing. I didnít want to look stupid - I had deep contacts all over town.

The artwork on the bills was ghoulish - clearly, it was intended to look like it was in the assassination of Reagan vein, it seemed. Reagan hadnít done anything yet. John Hinckley, the Reagan shooter, apparently grew up in Denver and his family lived there - when those Assassination Ball posters went up. Hinckley surely spent much of his time in Denver. He probably knew it like the back of his hand.


The Hinckleys were corporate types and were direct friends of the Bush family. According to a Houston Post report right after Reagan was shot,

"Scott Hinckley, brother of John W. Hinckley Jr., who allegedly shot Reagan, was to have dined tonight in Denver at the home of Neil Bush, one of the vice presidentís sons."


Bush Sr. was CIA, a Du Pont loyalist (anti-Du Pont elements in the CIA apparently helped take Nixon down in Watergate, in part to set back organized crime-entwined Du Ponts, who Nixon favored unquestioningly and favored fascism in the 1930ís - see for details).


After being shot by John Hinckley, Reagan almost died, which would have put Bush in the presidency. Again, Bush Sr. has been described as a reported "direct operative" of the federation, or the IFSP (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets), as Pultizer Prize winning LA Times journalist Philip Krapf calls it in his two books about his own direct experiences with them. It would have been a most dangerous first.

Studying history, and in my other research, Iíd investigated direct involvements in the Kennedy assassination, which I canít talk about here. So, when anomalous remarks and seemingly non-human capacities arose in bizarre staging surrounding the Reagan shooting, I was curious. I shared the info I had, but at that time (1980ís) was unequipped to remotely probe certain remarks by an ambiguous source about killing Ronald Reagan.


Years later, believe it or not, non-federation aliens pointed directly to the federation for having manipulated those very remarks. It was weird--I didnít know how to approach the subject. But, over time, I opened it up for further scrutiny. You would not believe the pains that Iíve taken to be fair in such regard. I stand on my record, even though I was an active opponent of Reaganís brutal policies.

The Assassination Ball lent a cult-like stature to the idea of assassinating Reagan, with billboards posted publicly! It was entirely suspicious. Imagine John Hinckley seeing those same billboards when, surely, almost without a doubt, he went to music, theater, coffee houses and arts events, etc. in downtown Denver where the bills were posted for weeks. If he were a mind control type, or even if he was just unstable, he might have thought he could be a big star, the connecting eminence of the Assassination Ball glory. It would have led him, and possibly others, on.

What was going on? Many have suspected that Bush Sr. wanted Reagan out, to have the office for himself. Ever read about Bush Sr. and the Kennedy assassination? He wasnít the main actor, BUT---he appears to be guilty of deep involvements with various suspects. The Nation even did a cover story about Bush Sr.ís apparent message to J. Edgar Hoover, speaking for the CIA and denying assassination involvements. His superiors, Du Ponts, are all over the assassination, perhaps the prime organizing suspects (see Fletcher Proutyís story about Gen. Ed Lansdale and United Fruit, plus the many Du Pont sponsorships of JFK assassination figures---all over the map).


And, as CIA, Bush covered for its worst crimes, the very worst---dope, murders and MUCH WORSE, as has his son, Junior. See Daniel Hopsickerís book Welcome to Terror Land---it shows just the tip of a monstrous iceberg.

The murder of Reagan by Hinckley would have put a direct operative of the federation into the White House, reportedly, an epic oversight on our part. Remember how, after re-election in 1972, Nixon canned everyone but Bush Sr. He said Bush "will do anything for us." Bush wanted to be president just a little too much. And why? Was he tasked to do so?

More to the point, was Hinckley a mind control case, as some suspect? Or was he just unstable and susceptible to a mind influence "intervention." The methods necessary for just such an intervention were EXACTLY what I witnessed in the months after Reagan was hit. It was such bad timing, on the part of the culprits. Taken together thereís reason to be suspicious:

the Assassination Ball, Bush as direct federation (Junior continuing to cover for "the cabal" and their narcotics, plus the Monarch program), the Hinckleysí direct ties to the Bush family (making them obvious to Bush Srís goons), the bizarrely obvious tipping of assassination remarks into investigatorsí awareness--it all suggests that Bush Sr. may have conspired to kill Reagan. Compared to other assassination suspects, the public knows little about Hinckleyís background and the home life of his family.

In Cathy OíBrienís book Trance-formation of America, about being used as a Monarch mind-control intelligence and sex/blackmail operative, she describes how Reagan tasked her with taking an NCL cruise liner, then a plane to Nicaragua to meet with then-Sandinista president Daniel Ortega. Being a Monarch "beta", she had sex with Ortega and gave him a peace overture from Reagan, a call to allow US business to help develop Nicaragua.


Ortega gave a long, very diplomatic and thoughtful, careful reply to Reagan, BUT, Cathy says the when she returned to the White House to give Ortegaís response to Reagan, Bush got to her first.

Like a bizarre hack, Bush Sr. manipulated Cathy to leave out most of the message and told her to only say an insulting, minor part of the wording to Reagan, which caused Reagan to go beet red and think Ortega stupid, even more of an enemy. If Cathy is correct (her memory is so vivid, it seems to be eidetic), Bush manipulated and schemed behind Reaganís back. A man who has had assassination involvements, deep CIA ties to Monarch and worse, a man who, now, is described as "direct operative" of the IFSP (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets), the gray-related federation.

Also, years after the suspicious remarks incident, non-federation aliens and I dragged out the subject of the remarks for ever-watchful federation aliens to respond to. In a series of starts and halts, a tipping of the subject into explicit details, one federation alien reacted with anger at having exposed their apparent complicity by probing, as though I were betraying my kind (anti-Reagan) by digging, in the first place. Meanwhile, the federation tries to play all parts against each other, for hegemony reasons. Given their reported (and repeatedly probed) Du Pont and Bush affiliations, they arenít at all up to world peace standards, regretfully to say.


This has been a most uncomfortable subject for federation aliens, seemingly revealing moments in which they try to play as though theyíre the revolutionary "green blade" of Nerudaís writings, while theyíre actually steeped in innocentsí blood via their direct regime operatives, i.e. the arch-reactionary "conservative" Du Pont(s) in question. They donít like to be pinned re the Reagan case, so theyíve haggled and postured in such regard, but are extremely suspicious.


Even people of the so-called political right are deeply suspicious of losing basic freedoms under Bushís bizarre rule of self-avowed "cabal" ~crazies. ("the cabal" is how Wolfowitz, Rummy and Perle actually refer to themselves privately, and "the crazies" is how Bush Sr. referred to Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz from 1988-1992)

Centuries ago, France had a Medici on the throne, resulting in the mass murder of a French possible-kingís hundreds of aides and guards. The Italian peninsula had the Borghia family, which massacred many and killed several of those who displeased theme every day, and put a Borghia in as pope who murdered his own family members (see Jacob Burkhardtís respected history of the period). At present, the US has a black budget and arms/narco $ entwined family, the Du Ponts, who were the equal of the Borghias in cruelty and mass murder in Guatemala alone, let alone the rest of the world.


Du Pontís United Fruit invented the death squad and schemed the deaths of hundreds of thousands, rivaling Roman gore in Central America, alone. Du Pont crimes elsewhere (combining with Rockefellersí CFR/Trilateral to plan and profit by the Indonesian genocide and many other massive bloodbaths, sponsoring anti-semitic propaganda during the Nazi era and even militating for avowedly "fascist" rule here, according to a 1936 Congressional inquiry) vastly eclipse the mass murders of the Borghia family. What do Du Ponts own? Part of GM, Boeing, Du Pont Chemical, Coke, Conoco, Phillips, and more. Get the picture?

Shouldnít we be looking for crimes of the Monarch sort, here? Every other regime in history has had similar developments. If it wasnít noble rape of peasants, it was cultish, mass murderous other. The US is no different. Monarch isnít unbelievable, but if you approach it with the attitude that you never saw such a thing in church (see Jesus covered with sadistic gore), in your middle class neighborhood (see the kids video games), among your friends (as per the typical NPR or corporate media dumbing down of outlook, the infantile stereotype of advertising), then you wonít even look for it. It seems ~ alien.

Meanwhile, what does massive narcotics trafficking in government and dogfights over every single scrap of narco money among the complicit breed in such minds?

Extremes of corruption. WORSE than France of De Sade, worse than the Borghias. Face the facts, the US will be looked back upon and regarded as innovative, but terribly corrupt, thick with heinous criminals. Do we have any control of it? Do we have any alternatives?

When you live in such a place, the tendency among popular outlets is to deny, deny, deny. How many Germans worried about Jews being sadistically butchered by Dr. Mengele in Auschwitz? Not many, at all. They were living the good life. (Mengele pioneered some of the tortures used in Monarch programming, and the reported child sacrifices at Bohemian Grove rival Nazi cruelty---the Bohemians gather in dark hoods and do a nighttime ritual of sorts for Moloch, god of child sacrifice.


They even kill the effigy of a child in a torch lit ceremony, then some retreat to "the U.N.DERGROUND" rooms there for other diversions, say Cathy OíBrien, Paul Bonacci, and others) See their stories for details. They are lucid, supported by corroborating accounts. Col. Michael Aquino, who was the Oliver North among White House Republicans re Monarch abuse of sex slaves (used to keep the elite free of risk exposure) did a satanic ceremony in a German castle used by Himmlerís SS elite, says the San Francisco Chronicle.

When you live in the belly of the beast, itís easy to overlook such ugly details. but, in other countries people take notice. Other intelligence agencies are all over the story. They seem to see the US government as compromised and porous, as is so demonstrably evidenced in 9-11 (see Daniel Hopsickers book Welcome to Terror Land, showing that foreign intelligence had to know about the hijackersí ties to US cabal heroin traffic with Bin Laden, who had near control of Afghanistan, the opium source of sources).


Monarch mind control victim Cathy OíBrienís husband and rescuer, intelligence insider Mark Phillips writes about how he was about to do business with Alex Houston (a Monarch operative) without knowing about Monarch, and, they were signing a contract with the Chinese some 10-20 years ago. The Chinese drew Mark aside and showed him photos of Alex Houston sexually abusing a small, African American boy, then told him about Houston and the Monarch program (Cathy and her daughter were victimized, the young daughter sexually violated many times), and Mark Phillips was aghast. He cut Alex Houston out of the deal, contacted Cathy and rescued both she, and her daughter.

Foreign governments certainly know about Monarch and MKULTRA (intelligence agencies donít have feel-good filters on their thinking), and they see it as part of the US monopolar nightmare. When you live in a county where such monstrous offenses occur, when those coked up, dismissive children of the rich just laugh at your idea about exposing Monarch (which provides some of them with easy sex and other hush-hush diversions), donít forget: the story is out. Professionals are digging deep in dozens of nationsí intelligence agencies. US official can easily be blackmailed, then they, in turn, try to set up some dunce with a Monarch slave/photoíd liaison. The US government appears to be a sick joke, internationally, in such regard.

To add some background, hereís a little more. Obviously, all alien experiencer reports sound unusual, at first. Theyíre different. If you havenít experienced any such, it might seem outlandish, but we live in a nation where 40 percent, roughly 100 million voting adults think that aliens have visited here, and a slightly lesser percentage think the government has downed artifacts of alien technology.

In my case, the precursors to having been included in interactions with aliens are probably my penchant for investigative research, my study of the underside of US history, my interest in new developments in astrophysics and cosmology, plus my interest in deepening the larger human commonality. For years Iíve interacted with aliens in a way that is semi-public, in that most of the process (still ongoing at this date) has been monitored by a larger community of like-minded humans. Such interactions form part of yet another threshold in human-alien interactions, an alien willingness to come out from behind the curtain and semi-publicly help humans understand subjects that, in the longer term, are of vital, global concern. As such, I donít consider the interactions as having been directed on a personal level, given that they are of common concern.

To begin with, telepathy is possible via a brainís propagation of ELF-extremely low frequency waves (human brain frequencies are e.l.f. and lower). Research has shown that extremely low frequency waves can pass straight through the body of a human (or alien) and through other dense structures. Why? Because any given atom is largely but a void of seemingly empty space.


The nucleus of an atom can be compared to a small, bizarrely fluctuating pea situated at mid-field in a large football stadium, while the electron is but a tiny micro-dot located way out in the furthest bleachers. So, certain kinds of energy waves can pass through an atom easily. As was documented in a series of groundbreaking experiments done under carefully controlled conditions at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto during the 1970ís, people can remotely view a distant personís perceptions, effectively reading another personís thoughts.

So, how can we tell the difference between human and alien telepathy? To begin with we must be able to sort out our own thoughts from those of another human. In telepathic interactions, the initiate must first become sensitized to the difference between his or her own active thought processes and his/her more quiet states of mind. As Russell Targ, PhD, writes, in order to recognize message content from an external source, one must be able to make oneís mind essentially blank. Targ likens this state of mind to stilled water, or a dark, black screen. As such, we can discern the thoughts of others, which are unlike our own. They are out of character. They have a different internal tenor and may contain information and images that are entirely new to the receiver.

If the initiate cannot still his or her mind, he or she may not be able to make such distinctions. For example, one must first become skilled at noting the difference between oneís own thoughts, which are subtler and more gently inter-dimensioned, versus oneís own thoughts that have a nearly audio-like verbal character. Some of our thoughts are framed in terms of how they might later be spoken, while others are more complex and may converge from a number of different internal perspectives.


Once the initiate can do so, he or she will know his or her own internal tenor. Thoughts communicated by an external source may have a more audio-like, verbal character. They may diverge from the receiverís accustomed way of thinking, hence they are out of character. They stand out.

When we mull an idea over, we tend to examine it from a variety of perspectives which have a soft and familiar precision in our minds. A kind of internal dialogue may go on, yet we are in complete control of it. A telepathically communicated message will diverge from the receiverís precise internal configuration. It will seem different in a number of ways. More skilled telepathic communicators can carefully monitor a receiverís thoughts in order to pose certain ideas at fairly natural-seeming junctures, yet, once the receiver is able to still his or her own mind, he or she will note that the external source communicates in a way that is unlike the receiver.

Over time, one gets a feel for how other humans think. This is important because when an alien comes into the mixture (if such were to happen), the alienís thoughts will be strikingly different from those of the receiver. The alien will begin from a more scientifically and telepathically advanced frame of reference. To the human receiver, the complexity and the insights conveyed by the alien will seem unusually intelligent, highly profound and different.


Focused alien telepathy tends to arrive in imagery that is subtler, with softer outlines, and more complex than is the thought of a typical human. To the human initiate, such thoughts may seem like surpassing genius, which they are, in a sense. Telepathically communicated alien thoughts may involve a variety of new ideas and artistic-seeming details, an astounding inventiveness--sometimes even a complex kind of humor.

If this actually happens to you, you may want to inquire as to who it is and why they are communicating with you. If you receive answers that are definitely not you, not your way of thinking--and youíre sure of it, you may engage in a kind of dialogue. Chances are it wonít be entirely verbal. Why? Because aliens think in terms of a highly complex, if not multi-dimensional geometry. Mathematicians call such geometry "topology." Topology is the geometry of elastic, flowing form (and extra-dimensional connectedness).


Aliens model their thoughts to both mirror, and dimension through the elastic, ever-flowing forms of the quantum continuum. Aliens think in terms of multiple thresholds lying in between every single quantum---unlike most humans, who tend to think that an electron is an electron, a distinct thing, of sorts. Within those multiple thresholds lying between, if not virtually connecting all quanta, aliens look for information content that is often non-local in character. Apparently, aliens can drop into such a configuration space (an extra dimension fluctuating within such intervals) and can discern information content.

In 1995, I was "contacted" for the first time. The extra communications to which I refer have continued to this day and have diversified. I use a pseudonym to write on the web about such subjects. As I would come to learn later, my initial contact appears to have been of the "Elder" sort (see Alec Newaldís book), an independent group that you may have read about re-ascertain safe haven in the New Zealand area. As I found out, later, the Elder(s) communicating were being ghosted by other, more advanced aliens. Prior to Newaldís book, I had no information to specify the contacters, who subsequently confirmed the Elder identity on numerous occasions. The communications were explicit, deliberate, and far beyond human capacity.


The conceptual awareness, certainly the intelligence level, were astounding for me then (and still are, to this day.) I was amazed, literally awed at both the nature and the complexity of what was transpiring. Iíd always suspected that there was more, out there, but never expected it to enter directly into my life. Frankly, the Einstein implications for mass and energy at the speed of light, if not superluminal phasing, tended to dissuade me from assuming that there were numerous alien visits to this planet.

Years later, while struggling to work out a coherent, "cohomological" framework for ongoing phenomena (a logical model that agrees with Edward Wittenís M-theory of multiple mathematics for extra dimensional phenomena, not just the one type of mathematics that we learn in school), I happened upon Scientific Americanís Jan 2000 article on Negative Energy, which essentially agrees with part of Col. Tom Beardenís thesis about electromagnetism and electrogravity. Prior to that time, I essentially searched within the implications of Edward Wittenís M-theory for exceptions to the Einstein limit. The new negative energy dynamics appear to outline an easy, if not readily available framework for reported alien technologies.

After 1995, the below-noted communications developed into larger, now-ongoing interactions of a highly dynamic sort. But first, some background.

As I continue, I refer to two books in particular: Coevolution, by Alec Newald, and also Philip Krapfís books. Whether you think theyíre true reports, or not, Iíll argue a case that assumes at least some credibility in each case, for various reasons, which Iíll get to momentarily. My critique of the two books is as follows: Newaldís was apparently intended to be the first explicit public representation of a marginally diplomatic, fully-aware off-world excursion, quite possibly an attempt to pre-empt what came later in Krapfís books re the IFSP, the largest collective-of-sorts (albeit not a mature "community of mind") yet to visit frequently (at least in visible terms) here.


There are anomalous aspects of Newaldís book that donít hold water: the story about Venus, and the idea that humans are the actual physical past of visiting aliens. And, in Krapfís book, although Krapf may not be aware of it, the "angelic" elements smack of blatantly manipulative, if not mendacious off-world propaganda.


*Not necessarily from Krapfís limited perspective (at the time), however. He seems to be honest, a plain-spoken, humble man. He asks good questions, even when at a disadvantage.

The Elders seem to have done what "grays" (noted in Krapfís books) do more explicitly: they appear, in Newaldís case to have thrown in a few implausible details in order to persuade humans of their basic affinity for two obvious reasons.


First, Elders (and grays) reportedly come from another galaxy (quite possibly the Large Magellenic Cloud, like the grays). Given that they reportedly come from another galaxy, there is an explicitly-communicated wariness here (by non-humans) about certain native rights and the past ecology of any incursion, primarily centering on one basic question:

where and how long will newcomers stay, and how will their stay affect the entire galactic neighborhood, i.e. in terms of Beardenís delta t (the speeding of time in the near-continuum due to the use of electrogravity by any advanced population--it has to borrow significant energy to do what it does, and delta t speeds time in surrounding space-time to fulfill that requirement).

Secondly, both grays and Elders reportedly suffered global disasters, which first forced them underground, then forced them to move to other planets. In each case, the scattering of reports that we get (under the current US regime) point to a basic scenario:

something happened on the given planet(s) to cause a divergence, either of a genetically engineered elite sort or involving the use of electrogravity on a global scale.

There are references to a naive clinging to "nature" by one faction on the original Elder planet, while another faction went underground.


Then, in both Elder and gray cases, came a kind of disaster, which is variously interpreted. It appears to have been both atmospheric and seismic, which suggests misuse of electrogravity, perhaps after having reverse-engineered such technology (conceivably gained from another population).


*In some respects, the similarity of gray and Elder physiognomy suggests a possible common origin.

If an Elder misuse of electrogravity was due to having acquired such technology from some off-world source, as is reportedly the case with us--here on Earth, then itís possible that Elders rushed to develop a global-scale system for defensive reasons, as is reportedly proceeding here, on Earth also. To continue the scenario, if both grays and Elders were being visited by an off-world grouping like the "Verdant" IFSP (cited in Phillip Krapfís books) that later absorbed grays into its fold, we can easily imagine that there might have been an elite effort to ward off the visitorsí conceivably colonial manipulations, which, like the ongoing intervention here, may have involved IFSP propagation of conflict---under the guise of effecting selective advancements over time.

In the human case, as you may have read, there are a variety of reports about Verdant-gray staging of phenomena surrounding three of the human "prophets." Subsequently, there are further indications that religious splits here have been easily manipulated to deepen conflict and de-stabilize the situation on earth in order to make it easier for the ostensible colonial (the Verdant-gray combination) to "save" us from our own destruction.

For various reasons (physiology, height, skin and eye-form, similarity of histories, and various "reports" communicated in the ongoing series of relations to which I am party), I tentatively hypothesize that grays and Elders are of common origin. In such a scenario, grays may have been a genetically un-enhanced, or normal population, while the Elders were a richer, yet more mistake-prone technological elite that effected a planet-killing misuse of a global Tesla energy and defense system (electrogravity).


* Elders appear to have either been unaware about inner core dynamics (possible heavy metal concentrations) and unaware that the use of a planet core (as Tom Bearden describes) as a capacitor requires a kind of counter-veiling extra gravity (electrogravity) to both contain atmosphere from being disturbed, and to offset seismic disturbances.

If we assume the Elder scenario as possibly valid, Elders may have rushed ahead without a mature scientific model, perhaps for defensive reasons (a Verdant-IFSP attempt to destabilize the situation in order to take advantage of it?). Iíve "heard" various allegations (all extra, not human) to this effect, from various sources. These arenít heard with ear apparatus, but are telepathically communicated--such that considerably more detail and graphic is conveyed, sometimes in short burst form, when necessary. The Elder-gray case may have involved a burgeoning Verdant populationís large-scale (inter-galactic) designs and needs being given priority over what, to the Verdants, were the seemingly smaller-scale needs and priorities of the original gray (also Elder?) world.

Before I continue much further with this scenario, let me describe some of the specific communications that have informed it.


*The gray-Elder common origin scenario isnít necessary, of course, given the tenuousness of the reports alleging it, but can be seen in parallel with the larger background of info that humans apparently have, to date. In my case, very specific statements and deeply-seated resentments (by extras) have been observed, repeatedly, re the Elder-gray common origin scenario. Apparently, in numerous ongoing communications that Iíve been party to, even the so-called Verdants have tried to put Elders down for their role in the death of the planet. This is all ongoing, by the way.

First off, as has been mentioned during years of communicated "extra" interactions which I note above, since 1995 Iíve noted a sharp distinction drawn between both the character and the impulses of sexually-reproducing populations, and non-sexually reproducing populations--offworld. Verdants are reportedly sexual. Grays and elders are reportedly not.

In my own life, Iíve catalogued the behaviors and impulses of various extra species who have communicated in ongoing interactions (involving myself, and others, by the way--as part of a growing human community of sorts). Clearly, the non-sexuals are both smarter and more gentle, capable of finer and more sustained reasoning. However, in the gray case, if absorbed into a colonizing sexualsí grouping ( i.e. the Verdantsí IFSP), such non-sexuals can be used, very efficiently by the more aggressive, and in the Verdant case, the technologically more advanced "colonial."


*See Krapfís first book for further details.

Here is the basic context of the inter-communications Iíve been party to: Initially, Elders opened up, reservedly, with implications of a much larger, ongoing dynamic. Then, after months of reading and thought, I began to evolve my ideas: a better understanding of electrogravity, which Elders communicated as being premised on a kind of quantum cosmological negative cycle---which is described in Newaldís book, also.


Shortly after the Elders opened up (this occurred in a context in which I was not necessarily prime, so to speak---a situation in which any communication to me would certainly be picked up by a larger host of other humans), grays (ghosted by Verdants, apparently) and what appear to be hybrids and others began to make some limited statements, apparently for fear of being upstaged by the Elders. On the Verdant-gray side have been extras that Elders repeatedly hinted at as being of the "orange" variety, and others. In addition, taking an essentially neutral, but categorically more capable, stance, has been a group of much more advanced aliens.

*As for myself in all of this: As a critic, an essayist/writer and investigative researcher, Iím probably considered capable of discarding failed conventions in favor of new ones. At the very least, any extra would know that I certainly would move toward expose and the spread of almost any info sent my way. Some such info is sensitive in that it is offered inclusively---i.e. absent the reasoning and assumptions of the common/community identity within which such insights are derived, the info could be misused, if not misconstrued.


Perhaps youíve heard such a statement before. All such interactions are effectively transparent, within certain constraints, of course. Incidentally, a readerís skepticism of this report is both healthy and appreciated. Experiencers like myself need to be tested in order to be able to better explain and document what we report.

Initially, I was awed by all extras, even the grays--who are constantly pressured by others (I was unaware of specifics about Elders in 1995, given that Newaldís book didnít come out until í97, at which time it cleared up quite a bit of ambiguity about what was then-ongoing in my life). As you no doubt know, and as Iíve "observed" over and over again in contentious, often unpleasant circumstances, grays tend to be paralleled and assisted by hybrids, who are part of the Verdant strategy to get an advanced kind of control, of sorts, here, as various contactees and abductees have suggested.


Grays are smarter and more sure of themselves than human-extra hybrids of the IFSP sort. Indeed, much as grays may have experienced long ago, IFSP human-extra hybrids here are pressured into feeling as though they will fail and be potentially lost as a kind, if humans elect to remain independent of the IFSP.

*Common use of the word "Federation" seems too ironic to me, too closely like the TV sci version--possibly for off-world propaganda reasons. I doubt that actual Verdants use such a term in their own language. Instead, the literal translation would more likely be something like the Interaction, the Common, or some such. Verdants are both shrewd and calculating, with an epic span of experience in dealing with lesser populations.

As I was saying, initially, grays communicating with me (and others by extension) would make some limited statement, sometimes a hint that electrogravity and the new physics is premised on a kind of "fold" in the structure of space-time (this occurred when I was mulling over the idea of fractional-waveform in the Wheeler-Feynman vein, prior to having read Roman and Fordís ground-breaking article about "negative energy" in Scientific American, Jan. 2000 issue).


Then, grays, apparently overseen by older and rigidly-controlling (often patronizing and sharply critical) Verdants, would verge on an old Christian religious idea of modesty, moderation, etc. to dissuade me from thinking through the new physics more trenchantly.


*A cloying, stifling incubus, of sorts. Sad as it may seem, such manipulators tend to prey upon the most juvenile sentiments they can identify--when interacting with humans.

We appear to be getting into new territory. I remember reading David Jacobsí book The Threat, about the breeding programís infiltration here, and thinking the same thing. Although I think Jacobs overestimated the alien influence among the populace, it was a real wake-up. The alien sources Iím lucky enough to hear have repeatedly stressed that there are between 3000-4000 direct federation operatives of concern, here on Earth.


They arenít low-level gas pump jockeys. Some of the best ideas about what to do are seemingly folded into your very question itself. If you ask it, you probably already have some answers--but the task seems daunting. Iíd say thereís a three-fold way to approach the subject.

1. Be able to quote the most reputable sources about aliens and their interactions here--among friends, even in speaking publicly, if you dare to take the risk. The whole subject is growing in importance.

2. Get up to speed on remote viewing and telepathy. Below is a quick primer on how to literally locate the federation aliens AND their direct operatives. (Merely sympathetic people should be of no concern, as are people who love the idea of learning from and wish to contact an alien. Direct operatives have no qualms about betraying the whole of humankind; they lack certain qualities that others, here, have.)

3. Try to read up on negative energy and "electrogravity," if and when you can. Itís really fairly easy, when you get a good summary. Itís on the web in various places. Hereís Tom Beardenís summary: When light waves converge along three different axes (i.e. x, y and z) and cancel out (so that the rolling hump in the opposing waves along each axis are the mirror image of each other), the energy bleeds into electrogravity. And, conversely, when electrogravity meets and cancels out, it bleeds into electrogravity.

Electrogravity is based on negative energy, which can be produced by doing what Bearden says---making light waves meet and cancel out (scientists call this "destructive interference." Electrogravity is the cutting edge of 21st century technology and is the basis for faster-than-light communications, plus those amazing saucers that can disappear and make vast "journeys" at hyper-"speeds."