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July 2003

The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court & Order was one of several occult-inspired secret societies created by the aristocracies of Europe following the formation of the Catholic Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar in the 12th Century.

During a time of turmoil within the Holy Roman Empire that controlled most of Europe, these exclusive inner courts and more accessible outer orders were designed to unify the power of the aristocratic families under the Holy Roman Emperor, against an increasingly influential Vatican.

The Dragon Sovereignty, also known as the "Rex Deus" fraternity, was created by Catholic Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund and occultist Vlad the Impaler - the historical figure behind the Dracula myths. Following alchemical principles, the order sought to attain mystical powers that they believed to be their birthright, as inheritors of the bloodline of the Holy Grail. Vlad the Impaler was a prominent member of the Holy Roman Emperorís court, and while the occult pursuits of the Dragon Court were not unusual amongst similar aristocratic brotherhoods, it is of relevance today as one of the longest surviving and most visible of these secret societies. Recent publications from within the order such as
Sir Laurence Gardnerís "Genesis of the Grail Kings" outline their detailed beliefs about the evolution of Man. These books describe a belief system similar to that of Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophy movement, which was largely responsible for the esoteric ideas that led to the Jewish Holocaust:

"In practical terms the concept of this unique fraternity can be traced back to the original Grand Assembly of the Annunaki in ancient Mesopotamia".

The aristocratic families of the Dragon Court believe their pure blood makes them the "genetically engineered" and chosen rulers of Man. They believe the natural social order of Humankind is Feudalism rather than Democracy as,

"Incompetent self-seeking, middle-class idiots more often find themselves voted into control of vast social systems".

Much of the European Community recognizes the Dragon Court as an ethnic racial group and Sovereign State, similar to the secret society the Knights of Malta, who incidentally have Permanent Observer status at the United Nations. By its own admission, the order has within its ranks Catholic Bishops, Monsignors, and even a Papal Chaplain - Monsignor Laszlo Esterhazy of the Mariaremete Cathedral in Budapest. Extraordinary claims by ex-Jesuit priest and Vatican insider Malachi Martin may finally get the attention they deserve, albeit after his untimely death in 1999. Martin worked in the inner circles of the Vatican for over twenty years, spoke 17 languages, and wrote many respected scholarly books. However, his final book claimed an occult conspiracy was afoot within the Vatican, and that Satanic rituals were conducted within a Secret Church dedicated to "Lucifer".

The Dragon Court is directly linked to the European Council of Princes - the political body of the European Grail families, who participated in the formation of the New World Order think-tank "The Bilderberg Group". Sir Laurence Gardner is both Chancellor of the Dragon Court and Presidential Attache to the Council of Princes. By their own admission, the Council of Princes was supported by the CIA in their fight against global communism. However, the Princes did not fight communism in order to restore democracy, but in order to reclaim their birthright as natural rulers within a feudal system that caused so much suffering to the Russian people prior to their revolution of 1917.

The Dragon Court primarily concerns itself with Witchcraft and alchemical Vampirism, and considers itself the terrestrial incarnation of the pantheon of the Gods.

Itís function is to do "the will of the Gods" as interpreted by the Courtís hierarchy. Gardner bluntly elaborates in his book "Genesis of the Grail Kings":

"The Mesopotamian (Sumerian) accounts indicate a rampant population problem which had to be curtailed. An ancient Akkadian text states that the people had multiplied beyond any control and were so noisy that Enlil (Annunaki God) could not get any sleep... they were still lacking the key elements of wisdom and a properly regulated society. There was no marital institution and there were no rules governing procreational couples. Until 4000 BC, sexual mating was largely a matter of free will, with a freedom of partners... they were apparently not conditioned to municipal laws and organized social government. The tablets reveal that Enlil had tried to reduce the population by means of selective famines and plagues, but without success. And so the Assembly of the Annunaki elected for a drastic solution that could quickly pave the way to a new beginning. They agreed to flood the Sumerian region in its entirety".

The genocidal impulse of the Gods doesnít find any difficulty expressing itself in modern times. No doubt the recent spread of AIDS in Africa is also the handiwork of the Assembly of the Annunaki Gods.

Presumably so was the naming of the vast mountain range which covers most of South Africa - the "Drakensberg Mountains".

In a naive attempt to put a human face to the mask that the Dragon Court has worn since its inception, Chancellor Gardner and Sovereign Grand Master Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg reveal much about their Occult philosophy and belief system. Having been appointed Sovereign Grand Master by the House of Habsburg (former head of the European Council of Princes Prince Otto von Habsburg), De Vere von Drakenberg is attempting to make a case with his website "", where he openly discussed the values of the Order - namely Vampirism, Witchcraft and Satanism. His book "From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells" candidly admits that their forefathers the Knightís Templar were a "deeply Satanic organization".

This would be of little consequence were it not for the fact that the Knights Templar are also the founding fathers of modern Freemasonry, and the role model for the Ivy League secret society "Skull and Bones" of which past President and CIA director George Bush was a member. President George W. Bush admitted in a Time magazine interview (Aug 7, 2000) that he too is an initiate. When asked to elaborate, he responds "Without revealing all the great secrets?", then adds that his father told him "These same secret societies are behind it all".

Earlier in 2000, Yaleís "Skull and Bones" secret society featured Sir Laurence Gardner as a guest speaker.

Gardnerís historical writings have recently been approved and sanctioned by the British Royal Familyís invitation for him to join the House of Windsorís "Society of Antiquaries", the oldest antiquarian society in the world that was constituted by King George III. Or maybe it is Gardnerís extensive knowledge of Witchcraft that caught the eye of the "Royal Windsor Coven", as De Vere refers to them in his essays:

"During the late 70ís and early 80ís a series of privately published papers was circulated with material that originated from the Royal Windsor Coven, with damning criticism of so-called initiatory witchcraft, and emphatically asserted that the only genuine valid form of witchcraft was passed down through the blood".

No doubt the rise of right-wing Conservativism in the 1980ís was matched by an equal rise in Occultism and Witchcraft.

Magister Templi (Master Templar) De Vereís internal wires are clearly crossed as he declares "Evil is good, and good is evil".

His venomous view of Humanity is difficult reading:

"Man is thoroughly stupid and dim-witted... and this condition is genetically inherited. Nurture seems unable to ameliorate what nature has here ordained. Here the idealist might argue that a eugenic solution mediated through genetic engineering could produce a more passive, thoughtful population by weeding out the stupid gene and replacing it".

"Leaders are supposed to be able to function at a faster rate than the followers and thereby anticipate any given direction the system might go in, and plan sensible strategies that the system might adopt for its well-being".

"To any intelligent person, to any true seer, concepts like white or black magic or good or evil are irrational, childish nonsense; both in terms of logic and actual fact".

After proving that Jesus was a "Dragon King of the Grail Bloodlines" and a "descendant of Satan", De Vere pronounces:

"The Black Mass was the original Christian Mass of Jesus which the later Catholics stole and sanitized for public consumption".

De Vere assures us that "technically the crime of murder doesnít exist", and comes to the defense of "paedophiles and Satanists" claiming the current "FBI and Scotland Yard investigations are undermining the foundation of the Great Western Civilization". The vampiric rituals "MUST be repeated", the internationally recognized Prince demands.

Through his website De Vere von Drakenberg was accepting submissions of blood samples to be DNA tested at a top London facility for purity of stock. If the potential initiateís blood was shown to be of the authentic bloodlines (and no doubt sufficiently connected politically and economically) they too could join the ranks of the elite aristocracy and become a Vampire. De Vereís goal is to reunify the old bloodlines and create a new Master Race, and no doubt reclaim their aristocratic authority. The elimination of the sub-races would have to be the next priority, as their evolutionary belief system dictates.

"If the planet is to survive, then social groups must become smaller, and must be ordered by economic necessity, not by the global tyranny of the so-called Democracy of Consumerism... By re-introducing their old social structures and values, the Dragons hope to establish a naturally ordained system of socio-economic interactions between the Dragon (Aryan) people".

This new community of born-again Aryans is unlikely to be picking De Vereís apple trees, more likely they will be running transnational corporations, sitting on the secretive "Bilderberg Group", or any other high-level political-financial-military body. The aristocrats of Europe are far from impotent, as illustrated by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlandís position as chairman of the "Bilderberg Group" from its inception in 1952 to 1976. His daughter Queen Beatrix regularly attends the Bilderberg meetings, as do other prominent Eurocrats.

While De Vereís pursuits may sound bizarre, to outsiders the draconian methods of the Nazis and the demonic nature of the Holocaust sounded equally unbelievable at the time it was occurring. In 1919 Germanyís occult "Thule Society" had 1750 members, including industrialists, business men, scientists, aristocrats, military chiefs, judges, and government ministers. Just over a decade later they had funded and created the Nazi Party, with Adolf Hitler as its leader. The sudden rise to power of Austriaís "Freedom Party" headed by neo-Nazi Jorge Haider will almost certainly have connections to the Austro-Hungarian "Sarkeny Rend" inner-council of the Dragon Court. For decades Austriaís Prince Otto von Habsburg has been seeking a restoration of the monarchy in Austria, and undoubtedly the "Freedom Party" is part of the plan. De Vere clearly puts his money where his mouth is, believing Gardnerís earnings from his bestselling book should be,

"invested in organizations whose works are the practical expression of the messages conveyed in the written word"

Stanley Kubrick felt sufficiently motivated to dedicate his final years to exposing the secret occult pursuits of the Power Elite in his movie Eyes Wide Shut. As Sydney Pollackís character explains to Tom Cruiseís Dr. Bill "If you knew who these people were, you wouldnít sleep so good at night". The same goes for the seemingly idiosyncratic, yet dangerously influential and ambitious Dragon Court.

Following the publication of Gardnerís "illuminating" book, De Vereís no-holds-barred website, and the subsequent dismissal of Gardner, the Dragon Court apparently spiraled into schism. The inner council of Sarkeny Rend has side-stepped out-of-the-closet and proud Satanist Grand Master De Vere by appointing quasi-Catholic "scion" Prince Michael Stewart as Grand Protector of a rival order at a ceremony at York Manor, England, which was strangely attended by representatives for Queen Elizabeth II. This move allowed Gardner to remain in the fold, but has seemingly sent a tremor through the Dragon Sovereignty. Concurrently a legal challenge has been made by Scotlandís Cardinal Winning to reverse the British law that bans Catholics from the throne, paving the way for a Stewart restoration. However, De Vere was appointed Grand Master by Austriaís House of Habsburg, also prominent and influential Catholics.

The shadowy world of European secret societies is seemingly as complex as the Gore/Bush November 2000 Presidential race - no doubt its correct outcome, unethically decided by the Supreme Court, was of extreme importance to the Power Elite. The Queen of Englandís pre-election October visit to the Vatican, the first in 20 years, followed by the much protested post-election December meeting between Pope John Paul II and neo-Nazi Austrian leader Jorge Haider (another Habsburg minion) was undoubtedly all part of the Master Plan, or Final Battle, for absolute power in the New World Order... or at the very least to allow the back-room boys to consolidate their interests, stay on top of their respective power pyramids, and maintain their grip on the hearts and minds of Western civilization. And the rest, post-World Trade Center disaster, is fast becoming history... if not Armageddon.

As of late 2002, according to the Dragon Court website Prince Nicholas De Vere is currently suffering from acute paranoid schizophrenia.

De Vere, whose main contribution to the order was allegedly adapting rituals "to include the first menstural blood of pre-adolescent girls", has been replaced as his cousin, Baron Sir Richard Dufton, due to De Vereís condition and his involvement with "Americans who wish to remain anonymous" with possible links to the "Dragon Order side of the Ku Klux Klan." Schizophrenia aside, De Vere is now running his own transnational order in tandem with the anonymous Americans; which means that there are now three Dragon Courts to choose from, depending on your personal leanings, and of course, that you are of the Dragon blood.

However, with their claims that a "child of pure blood was born in the late 1980ís and is being raised by the Jesuits", and that "two children with purer blood are residing in Great Britain", the plot twists are becoming less Shakespearean, and more Hollywood (as in The Omen) by the day.

But donít take our word for it...