Above images: drawings from a flying object that it is thought the VRIL Society assembly for traveling to

 "the other side"

Above image: small flying system constructed in 1922 by the VRIL Society


Junkers patent , dated 1910, of a strange flying machine


A sketch of the RFZ 2


Images of the RFZ prototypes


RFZ 2 test flight



In spite of difficulties and  deficiencies found in the construction of the RFZ 2, this one was developed for a new model designated as VRIL-1

Undergrounds constructions: they were built to manufacture

"strange" flying machines (VRIL),

having been used years later to build V-1 and V-2 bombs

Drawing: the great tunnels and galleries are well notorious as it can be seen in this image


There were several projects found by the Allies in the SS files,

when they occupied Berlin in 1945




At the beginning, the German technicians thought to apply  conventional "weaponry"

in these " flying machines", installing "Panzer" tank cannons.


The evolution of the VRIL and the HAUNEBU was extremely fast thanks to the OVNI pieces recovered at  the Black Forest and in Gdynia




This map, cannot be exhibited in Germany ...under prison penalty. Later on, the ban was lifted by the German Parliament

Territory occupied by Germany on 1938 in Antarctica. Was given the name of NEU-SCHABENLAND


The arrival of the nazis to Antarctica  and the "demarcation" of the occupied territory (600.000 Km2),  through drop-flags thrown by hydroplanes


U-Boat submarine in Azores


U-Boat submarines in Antarctica 1943



Some images of VRIL 7 and VRIL 6

Details of bottom area: VRIL 7


Detail of bottom area:


Part of a project:


Part of ANDROMEDA project : "flying cigar" transporter of different kind of objects


Arado Ar 65
(Year: DEC 1941 Speed.: 900 Km/h;

Altitude: 12.000 m; Motors: Heinkel He 109)


Focke-Wulf Vorschlag 1
(Year: DEC 1942 Speed: 930 Km/h;

Altitude: 13.600 m; Motors: BMW P 3302)


Henschel HS P 75
(Year: 1941 Speed.: 790 Km/h; Altitude: 12.000 m; Motors: Daimler Benz DB 613 A/B)

Henschel HS P 135
(Year: FEB 1945 Speed: 984 Km/h;

Altitude: 14.000 m; Motors: Heinkel He S 011)


Blohm Voss BV P208/3
(Year: NOV 1944 Speed: 790 Km/h;

Altitude: 11.400 m; Motors: Daimler Benz DB 603)

Junkers Ju EF 128
(Year: FEB 1945 Speed.: 990 Km/h;

Altitude: 13.700 m; Motors: Heinkel He S 011)


Gotha Go P60 C
(Year: FEB 1945 Speed: 930 Km/h; Altitude: 13.300 m;

Motors: Heinkel He S 011)


Horten HIX 

(Year: MAR 1945 Speed: 950 Km/h; Altitude: 16.000 m; Motors: Junkers Jumo 004 B-2)


Gotha P 60 

(Year: JAN 1945 Speed: 915 Km/h; Altitude: 12.500 m; Motors: BMW 003 )


Horten XIIIb

( Year: 1944 Speed: 1200 Km/h; Altitude: 15.000 m; Motors: Heinkel He S 011 A-0 )