What can be concluded from this glimpse into the world of German flying discs? Certainly, it can be said that some of these projects were realized. This being true, it can be said that these were the first "flying saucers". It is also certainly true that German flying discs were re-created and perhaps further developed by countries comprising the former Allied Powers. It can be said that in all probability, Germans immigrated to places outside Europe after the war and also built these flying craft.It is also a certainty that the exact nature and real history of these flying devices has remained a closely guarded secret in all these countries. Not only has a secret been kept but an active effort, a conspiracy, has been made to keep it that way. This means that their exists an effort to keep the exact knowledge of these devices from the general populace for the foreseeable future. This effort extends back into time, into the origins of these projects in Germany and extends into the present. The victors wrote history. The victors omitted German flying discs and the victors are keeping quiet now.

The exact methods of propulsion of the exotic versions of these discs still remains a mystery. Jet and rocket engines were used but there is still debate as to which models used which engine at what time. There is no doubt in my mind that field propulsion techniques were at least experimented upon during the 3rd Reich. This is established in my mind, if for no other reason, by the series of F.B.I. reports dealing with the witness who saw such a device while a prisoner of war near Gut Alte Gossen. The F.B.I.took these reports seriously enough to take them and save them all these years. Maybe we should also.

One overriding question concerning UFOs is why are they so, so secret? Dr. Milos Jesensky and engineer Robert Lesmakiewicz propose an atomic saucer in their book "Wunderland" Mimozemske Technoloaie Treti Rise. This conclusion is seconded by Klaus- Peter Rothkugel and Jim Wilson. This assertion should be taken very seriously.

The UFO-atomic connection fits the historical facts concerning both atomic energy and UFOs. UFOs have always been and are today associated with atomic energy facilities. Los Alamos, Hanfordand Area 51 are examples of nuclear facilities at which or very near to which UFOs are or were regularly seen. If we suppose atomic energy as a power source it might explain this association. But that can not be all there is to this matter. Methods of propulsion involving atomic energy seem to be known to us. Indeed, some were reviewed in this book. Why the extreme secrecy then? Might it be that there is some other arrangement involving nuclear energy of which we know nothing? Might the Germans have stumbled on to something really exciting during those war years, perhaps coupling field propulsion with atomic energy ? If this is so then not only would the association of UFO activity over and near nuclear facilities be explained but some of the extreme secrecy and conspiracy to cover-up the matter might also be explained.

At this point the reader may smiling and shaking his or her head in disbelief, perhaps even making comments involving the words"fantasy" or "science fiction". The German watch-word of those times was "nothing is impossible" and it is clear that within the Reich scientists took this saying to heart. Those scientists were not surprised by breakthroughs, they expected them. Please let me remind the reader that the alternative explanation is ethereal science fiction or fantasy. In this origin of UFOs a multitude of alien beings seemingly travel to earth from intergalactic space not to exchange ideas, exploit earth's resources or conquer the planet, but to abduct and inseminate our females. And above all, if we buy into this reasoning, these aliens seem particularly attracted to American women.

The story goes on from here to describe genetic experiments,mixing the DNA of humans and aliens to produce a hybrid human-alien. Anybody who entertains such nonsense has absolutely no understanding of the species concept in biology. Unfortunately, many individuals subscribing to the alien hypothesis fall into this category, even some with advanced degrees. Only one of two possibilities are within reason. The first is that these hominids are manifested in the minds of the witnesses as the result of some black mind control project sponsored by the government. The second possibility is that they are the result of experimentation by the government involving human, hominid or hominid genes. Either option is possible but both options are beyond the scope of this book. Both discussions are superfluous,however, since the topic of this book is UFOs, not aliens. "Aliens" have been used by the media and the government long enough to misdirect the inquiry into UFOs. Aliens are the ultimate "red herring".

In trying to crystallize these thoughts on the origin of UFOs, we are presented with two mutually exclusive hypotheses for the origin of flying saucers. The first is that they are a man-made technology. The second is that they are a non-man-made technology. In view of the fact that we now know the first scenario is true, why are we even considering holding on to the second hypothesis? There is no reason for a duplicity of theory. If a failure to explain the facts is ever encountered in the "UFOs are man-made theory", then and only then are we justified in moving to another hypothesis.

Before signing off it is felt that an obligation exists to discuss another reason for the suppression of the German connection in the history of UFOs. English speakers sometimes recognize this as an unuttered truth once it is out in the open but many German speakers and others are usually well ahead of the curve on this one. Unfortunately, this is not going to be pleasant.

In some circles, the flying discs built by the Germans during the war are called "Nazi UFOs". Some may do this as a way to quickly name a concept but some others do this for an entirely different reason. The point that is being made is that technology usually does not adopt a political name. The atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese by the Americans was not called the "Democrat Bomb", for example, even though a Democrat was in power in the United States at the time. The Nazis are a special case, however, and this is a central problem and roadblock we encounter in researching their innovations.

The Nazis were defeated militarily by the Allies. Yet some in the media elite continue to fight this war. Of course, the Allies always win but that is not the purpose of their fight.The purpose is the nature of the Nazis themselves. The Nazis were not just a military machine. Hitler and his supporters brought other ideas with them into power. These ideas were historical, social, artistic, economic and scientific. In other words, the Nazis brought a completely new culture into prominence almost overnight and with at least the passive acceptance of most of the general populace.

It is sometimes said by these media people in question that America defines itself as what the Nazis were not. The fascination that the mass media, especially in Hollywood, has for the Nazis is evidenced in their ongoing campaign to insure that these cultural ideas are as thoroughly defeated as the Nazi military. In defeating the Nazis militarily on the silver screen they believe they also defeat the cultural ideas associated with the Nazis. They take every opportunity to do this. The media fight this propaganda war over and over again, as if the war was still going on, while attempting to link the military defeat ofthe Nazis with the cultural defeat of their ideas.

For a moment I want to digress in order to illustrate an example of exactly what I am talking about. This example is both germane to our discussion of UFOs as well as cutting to the very heart of this cultural conflict. It has to do with Hitler's myrmidons, the SS.

Historians tell us that the abbreviation "SS" stands for "Schutzstaffel". "Schutzstaffel" could be thought of as"bodyguard" and in the early days of the Nazi movement members of this order dressed in black and were Hitler's personal bodyguard.As it developed, this order changed into many things.

Portrayal of the SS in the media has degenerated simply into a negative caricature to which we are all supposed to respond immediately with a politically correct, knee-jerk type of condemnation formula. As far as the media is concerned, this is all the SS was. Their point is that we now know enough about the SS and are supposed to drop further inquiry. This first unwritten law has already been violated in this book. In this discussion we have focused on the SS as the organizational and in some cases the research and development framework behind German super-weapon's technology. But the SS was more than this. To insiders, initiates within the 3rd Reich, the abbreviation"SS" did not stand for "Schutzstaffel" at all but for the words "Schwarze Sonne".

"Schwarze Sonne" means "Black Sun" in English. The Black Sun to these initiated individuals was a physical body like our visible sun except that the Black Sun was not visible to the naked eye.This Black Sun radiated light which was invisible to the human eye. The concept of the Black Sun seems to have bordered upon the religious. It was said to be located at the center of our galaxy. The earth along with every other celestial body in the gallaxy rotate around this Black Sun.

The Black Sun is sometimes represented symbolically as a black sphere out of which eight arms extend. Such is its most famous rendition on the mosaic floor at Wewelsburg Castle which served as the spiritual home of the SS. The number of arms are unimportant. There could be eight or six or only four. The more astute reader will recognize at this point that the swastika, thievery icon of the Nazi Party, was itself is a Black Sun symbol.

The point is that concept of the Black Sun is not just Nazi mumbo-jumbo. The Black Sun is in reality a cold, collapsing implosive vortex as described by Viktor Schauberger or Karl Schappeller. It gathers and densities yet is as cold as interstellar space. It does generate unseen radiation in the form of cosmic, gamma and x-ray radiation. This is possible because in spite of what was said about those crazy "Nazi madmen", the Black Sun is very real. In fact, the Black Sun is the most powerful force yet observed in our universe.

Forty or so years after the demise of the SS, scientists, in this case astronomers, have located the Black Sun at the very center of our galaxy. In fact, we are all familiar with it by another name. Today, we call it a "black hole". It is the center of great spiral vortex of stars which draws in matter and energy and generates the aforementioned radiations near it periphery. The Black Sun is, in reality, a huge system or perhaps it could even be called a huge machine. We and our entire galaxy are all part of this machine whirling through space. All the matter it contains, the stars, planets, asteroids, comets, meteors and so forth, are all bound in a context of energy. Our galaxy, with the Black Sun as its heart, operates as a vast machine using all the matter and energy contained therein and using every law of physics at once in its operation. Its counterpart, the centrifugal vortex which remains unseen, may even be a doorway into another dimension into which this matter and energy from our dimension spew forth like a fountain. It is the same kind of implosive vortex from which the Germans were about to build a "new science" based upon creative, living energy as we have discussed. It may have been the same force which was to propel their flying discs.

Yet who in the media would dare give credit to those associated with the 3rd Reich for making these connections so long ago? In fact, who in the media would even point out this connection today? None. As far as they are concerned, one is politically incorrect to ever say or imply that the Nazis thought of or developed anything of value. To do so would be to commit professional suicide. To do so would mean the end of one's carrier whether in the business or the academic world. Even if one wanted to make this connection in print or film form, no politically correct publisher or producer would touch it, at least in English.

Not only does the media fail to give credit where credit is due, or to even mention or explain this concept, but anyone seeking to look into such concepts runs the real risk of being branded anew-Nazi. This threat clearly extends into the UFO world. As a result, this threat has had a chilling effect on real UFO inquiry for over fifty years.

How should the media be treated in this case? How are we going to handle institutions within our culture which actively seek to stymie knowledge? Regardless of one's personal opinion of the Nazis, should we and are we going to allow these " open-minded champions of truth" the right to omit the history of UFOs, let alone the new science of this force of nature, simply because "they" find its origin politically offensive?

Returning from this example to our broader discussion of the media, in American culture it is sometimes said that the media's power rivals or exceeds that of the three branches of American government. With power such as this, the media believes itself up to any propaganda challenge. They are correct in this belief.As any thoughtful person realizes, the mass media's power has been used frequently in the last forty years to radically alter the course of those three branches of government.

In addition to the above referenced dilemma regarding media bias,we face a second obstacle in any effort to arrive at the truth. It is a culture of secrecy within the government itself. Vesco recognized this immediately. According to this "Vesco Doctrine" no German secret was acknowledged publicly unless that secret fell into the hands of more than one of the four occupying powers, (USA, Soviet Union, Great Britain, France). He says:
"In fact, of the numerous revolutionary "new weapons" that the Germans developed in that period, we know only those-fortunately, they comprise the majority-that fell into the hands of all, or at least more than one, of the four occupying powers"(1).

These governments seem to keep secrets for the sake of keeping secrets. In any event, they operate on a "need to know" basis in dispensing these secrets. We simply have no need to know in their eyes.

The differences between the media and the government itself are becoming more and more blurred. Politicians rely of instant polls, conducted the night before by the media, to plot today's public policy. The results of these polls are whatever the media says they are. In the meantime, the media itself is doing everything it can through "news", through entertainment and through movies to influence the results of those polls. The media and the government are so closely intertwined that for all practical purposes they can be considered as one. The C.I.A.spends a large portion of its budget in an effort to frame public discussion on issues it deems sensitive. The point here is that"truth" is not the goal of the government and in accomplishing their ends they use the methods of the mass media if they are not in partnership with the mass media itself.

For almost sixty years this government/media has been telling us through their propaganda machine, "Hollywood", that all the ideas of the Nazis were merit less, if not dangerous. "The Nazis never had a good idea" seems to be their simplistic mantra. Of course government, at some level, know what you now know about the origins of UFOs. In fact, they know that there is much more to this still-secret high technology than just UFOs. In the past,they have no trouble using captured German scientists when it is in their interest to do so, but they hate to admit it. The problem they face is that they have boxed themselves in a corner.They can not admit the origins of UFO technology without a re- appraisal of other ideas which they have succeeded in putting to bed. If they were to admit one good "Nazi" idea, the question might arise as to if there is another good idea. The elite media has already preempted this question rhetorically, calling any re- appraisal of the Second World War "Revisionism". They use this word disparagingly. Using a sort of "new-speak" they have kept the genie bottled up for almost sixty years.

What does this all mean to the researcher or truth seeker? With enough evidence could this information ever be acknowledged officially? With what level of proof could this elite media/government power axis acknowledge the fact that Germans working for Hitler built experimental flying craft that we could not even touch? The simple answer is that they can not do so,period. Not with "all the proof in the world". Why should they? What is the upside for them? There are no good Nazi ideas.There is no need to know. There is perhaps a technological breakthrough behind the mystery. This is a loose-loose-loose situation for them by any reckoning.

Perhaps we can crystallize this nightmare for the power elite in an image. Suppose that tomorrow a highly technically advanced flying saucer landed on the White House steps in front of full,live, media coverage. Their nightmare would not be a little greyalien emerging from the saucer saying: "Take me to your leader".Their nightmare would be a former SS scientist emerging from the flying saucer saying: "I have an appointment".

The implications are obvious. For over forty years the UFO community has been saying that we are on the verge of fullgovernment UFO disclosure. For the reasons outlined above, we are not now nor will we ever be on the verge of full UFO disclosure by the government.

This means that it is up to us to do the "disclosure". Anyone interested in doing research along these lines will be encouraged to know that there is plenty of room in this field. It is not necessary to be a scientist. It is not necessary to live in Europe. It is not necessary to read German. The most important ingredient in this research is interest. If you are interested, there are mountains of government files which remain unexplored.The censors did not edit-out everything. They made mistakes which can be caught and pieced together. If each researcher could contribute just one fact to this growing body of knowledge,our trouble would be over quickly. In short, "Disclosure" isn't going to happen unless we make it happen.

These scientists and technicians who built these early flying sauces may have been the very best and brightest of their time but they got up each rooming and put their pants on just like the rest of us. In fact, they are us. Now that we know that we earthlings are capable of manufacturing objects we call UFOs,should we not use these facts we possess in explaining this phenomena rather than ignoring this information altogether? Should we not cease creating a new and superfluous mythology, if not an outright religion, to explain this phenomena which incompletely devoid of a factual basis? Real truth is usually quite simple. In this case the real truth is that the origin of UFOs and many more technological secrets are resting in the grave of Nazi Germany, simply awaiting our re-discovery.

This has not been "The Complete Book of UFOs" or even "The Complete Book of German Flying Discs". Within each topic touched upon in this book lie worlds within worlds of details and additional information. It is for the reader to use the references cited as a starting point to root out what is of interest. This book was designed to get you started. It was only a guide.

Concluding Thoughts-References

Vesco, Renato, 1976, Intercept UFO, page 96, Pinnacle Books, NewYork, NY.


Most everyone who has ever looked in to the matter of German flying discs has come to the conclusion that there is at least some truth to it. Still, opinions and interpretations within this group differ with the individual doing the research. Nobody can know or find everything. This certainly is true of the study of German flying discs. Many researchers in this field have setup a circle of correspondence or exchange with others interested in this topic. Even the brightest, most hard working individuals have benefited from an exchange of information.

I have written up this book by doing some research and receiving a great deal of help, input and information sent to me by my friends. My deepest thanks and appreciation" go out to those individuals who have shared their findings with me, explained their research to me and/or shared the counsel of their wisdom.This is true even in cases of disagreement or in cases of differing interpretations. In all cases, they have gone much beyond their published material. These include: Michael Blaeser,Rainer Daehnhardt, the late Joseph Andreas Epp, Dr. Gordon Freeman, Heiner Gehring, Friedrich Georg, Dr. Milos Jesensky,Kadmon, Mark Kneipp, Robert Lesniakiewicz, William Lyne, Thomas Mehner, Theo Paymans, Richard Ross, Klaus-Peter Rothkugel, Horst Schuppmann, Vladimir Terziski, Milos Vnenk and Michael Watson. I would also like to thank my daughter, Lisa Stevens, for her work in proof reading and editing this text.

What the American Government Really Thought About UFOs

Left, U.S. Air Force document, Jan. 3, 1952 Right, blowup of the second paragraph