This section, though containing few words, is perhaps the most revealing evidence of a presence of non-human beings and flying vehicles in mankind's recent and very distance past. We present hundreds of works of art in forms ranging from paintings and cave art to religious icons, from tiny scratching on hidden surfaces, to figures hundreds of feet long, visible only from great heights. The common thread in all these works of primitive, simple, and sophisticated art is that they don't fit; either in the culture to which they are attributed, or the age they were produced. They come from every part of the globe and a diverse representation of culture.

Most, though easily accessible to the public, have gone unnoticed, glossed over with strange descriptions by archeologists such as, abstract and stylized, to cover the obvious true anomalistic nature of these works. We have provided locations and brief descriptions where possible and have pointed out any frauds where found.

No better form of evidence that we have been visited by beings from another world in our past, exists than the visual records created by our ancestors. Fortunately a few of these works have survived the never-ending assault on cultural identity by religion and other power hungry entities.

The collection is in 5 basic categories:

  • New Artwork
    This section is new work we have not yet verified or classified.

  • Paintings and Drawings
    These relatively recent works depict aerial phenomena either obvious or subtle.

  • Images
    Statues, figurines, and reliefs.

  • Geoglyphs
    Huge creations obviously meant strictly for aerial viewing, many not discovered
    until the advent of human flight.

  • Petroglyphs and Cave Art
    This is the most extensive part of the collection covering a wide range of works.

  • Other
    Various works in a variety of formats