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V.92 Prophecies on the popes of the twentieth century
Apres le Siege tenu dix et sept ans
Cinq changeront en tel revolu terme
Puis sera l’un eleu de meme temps
Qui des Romains ne sera trop conforme

Apres: after; Siege: seat, chair, the Holy See; tenu (tenir): to hold, tenure; dix: ten; sept: seven; cinq: five; tel: such; terme: term, time; puis: then, afterwards; eleu: elected; meme: same; temps: time; qui: who; Romain: (fig.) Catholic, clergy; trop: too much; conforme: conformable.

  • After the Papacy held for seventeen years

  • Five shall change in such a revolutionary period

  • Afterwards one shall be elected in the same year (with his predecessor)

  • Who shall not be too conformable to the clergy


Pope Pius XI (1922-1939); Pope Pius XII (1939-1958); Pope John XXIII (1958 - 1963); Pope Paul VI (1963 - 1978); Pope John Paul I (1978); Pope John Paul II (1978 - 2005).

For the first time in the Church’s history, many bishops, cardinals, even priests publicly criticize their pontiff, John Paul II who is single-handedly trying to upheld the Church’s Teaching and Tradition.


VIII.44 The election of Pope John Paul II
Le procree naturel l’Ogmion
De sept a neuf du chemin destorner
A roy de longue et amy au mi hom
Doit a Navarre fort de Pau prosterner

Procree (procreer): to procreate, to beget; Ogmion: used by Nostradamus to describe either King Henry of France or Pope John Paul II as both were anointed by God, and both play very vital role in human history; neuf: nine; chemin: way, road; destorner: anagram of dethroner which means to dethrone; longue: length, a long time; mi: half; hom (homme): man; doit: debit; Navarre: northern Spanish town; fort: fort; Pau: Pol for Poland or Paul; prosterner: to prostrate.

  • The naturally begotten Ogmion

  • By seven to nine through the way of dethroning

  • Shall be king for a long time and friend of half mankind

  • The debit from Navarra shall prostrate at the fort of Pau


At the end of 1978, after the death of JPI, the final selection of his successor narrowed down between a Polish archbishop and a Spanish cardinal. Pope JP II was ordained by God to be His Vicar on earth. He has been unyielding and steadfast in preserving the Church’s Treasures of Faith. He is both much beloved and much detested.



VI.30 The holy See shall be betrayed by his own
Par l’apparence de fainte sainctete
Sera trahy aux ennemis le siege
Nuit qu’on coidoit dormir en seurete
Pres de Braban marcheront ceux du Liege

Fainte: faked, false; sainctete: sanctity; trahy (trahir): to betray; siege: seat, Holy See; coidoit (coi): quiet, silent; en surete: being secured; dormir: to sleep; Brabant: part of W.Europe now including part of Netherland and Belgium; liege: league..

  • Through the appearance of false sanctity

  • The enemies shall betray the Holy See

  • At night one shall feel secured during sleep

  • Near Brabant those of Muslim league shall march


The heretic clergy and Catholic shall betray the Holy Father. The Eastern league shall invade Europe all the way to Netherland suddenly.


V.49 John Paul II, the descendant of the ancient Roman Emperor
Nul de l’Espagne, mais de l’antique France
Ne sera eleu pour le tremblant nacelle
A l’ennemy sera faicte fiance
Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle

Nul : none; Espagne: Spain; mais: but; eleu: elected; tremblant: trembling; nacelle: cockle boat, (fig.) the Church; faicte: (pronounced as faked); peste: plague.

  • Not from Spain but from ancient France

  • Shall be elected for the trembling Church

  • With his enemies shall disguise as friends

  • Who shall reign during the cruel plague


Pope John Paul II who originated from the southern part of Poland which was once a part of the ancient Empire of Charlesmagne, might be the descendant of the Christian Emperor himself. He was chosen over a Spanish cardinal for the papacy to lead us through the most difficult period of the Church. He has many dissents and oppositions among the clergy.


II.41 Pope John Paul II shall flee from Rome. The preceding sign is the comet.
La grand estoile par sept jours bruslera
Nue fera deux soleils apparoir
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera
Qunad grand Pontif changera de terroir

Estoile: star; sept: seven; brulera (brulure): burning; nue: bare, naked; apparoir: appear, gros: large; mastin: mastiff, dog, (fig.) Muslim forces; hurlera: shall howl; toute: all.

  • The great star for seven days shall burn

  • So nakedly clear like two suns appearing

  • The large dog all night howling

  • While the great Pontiff shall change his territory


The great comet shall be seen for many days (Seven in prophetic languages stands for grandness, completion). Afterwards, Pope John Paul II shall flee from Rome as Muslims invade Italy.


II.43 Hale-Bopp Comet signals Divine Chastisement
Durant l’estoille cheuelue apparente
Les trois grand princes seront faits ennemis
Frappez du ciel paix terre trembulente
Pau, Tymbre Undans, serpens sur le bord mis

Durant: during; estoille: star; cheuelue (chevelure): hair of comet, hair; apparente: appear; fait: made, shaped; frappez (frapper): to strike, hit; paix: peace; Pau: John Paul II; Tymbre: Tibre, Vatican is located on the bank of River Tiber, here means Vatican; serpens: serpent; bord: board of ship, deck, mis: placed.

  • During the appearance of a hairy comet

  • Three great princes shall be made enemies

  • Heavenely peace struck, earth trembling

  • John Paul II, Vatican undone, serpents (warships) shall land


The comet shall appear before the invasion on Italian soil and devastation of Rome. The Holy Father shall flee from Rome.


IX.85 John Paul II leaves Rome.
Passer Guienne, Languedoc et le Rhosne
D’Agen tenans de Marmande et la Reole
D’ouvrir par foi parroy, Phocen tiendra son throsne
Conflit aupres saint Pol de manseole

Passer: to pass; Guienne, Languedoc: French towns near River Rhone; Agen, Marmande, Reole: French towns along River Garonne in southern France; ouvrir: to open; foi: faith; roi: king; Phocen: ancient Marseilles; tiendra (tenir): to hold, tenure; thronsne: throne; manseole: a compound word of man-soleil, half English and half French, meaning the Labor of the Sun, i.e, Pope John Paul II.

  • Pass through Guienne, Languedoc and River Rhone

  • By Agen, Marmande, and Reole or Roole

  • Shall open for faith and king, Marseilles shall prolong his throne

  • Conflict after the saintly Pol (Paul), the Labor of the Sun


John Paul II shall flee from Rome to Marseilles. Muslim forces shall conduct a man-hunt to locate him.


VII.22 Vatican captured, the Vicar to Rhone.
les Citoyens de Mesopotamie
Irez encontre amis de Tarracone
Jeux, Ris, banquets toute gent endormie
Vicaire au Rhone, pris cite, ceux d’Ausone

Citoyen: citizen; Mesopotamie: usually indicating the modern Iran and Iraq where Rivers Euphrates and Tigre run, but here indicating the area where two rivers run , Rivers Rhone and Loire in southern France; irez (ire): anger, wrath; encontre: against; amis: friends; Tarracone: Tarragone, Spanish town; jeux: young; ris: laughter; toute: all; gent: race, nation; endormie: sleeping; Vicaire: Vicar of Christ, the Pope; Ausone: Ausonia, the ancient Italian city.

  • The citizens of the southern France near River Rhone

  • Shall be angry at former neighboring Spain

  • Who engage much in sensual enjoyments, and the whole population is put to sleep

  • The Vicar of Christ moves to Rhone as Vatican City captured by Italians.


Italy and Spain shall belong to the Eastern Alliance alongside with Russia and Muslims. Pope JP II shall flee from Rome to the southern France near Marseilles probably by boat.

II.35 Pope Paul II flees to the area near two rivers
Dans deux logis de nuit le feu prendra
Plusieurs dedans estouffez et rostis
Pres de deux fleuves pour seur il adviendra
Sol, l’Arc et Caper, tous seront amortis

Logis: home ,house; prendre: to take, seize; dedans: inside; etouffer: suffocate; rotir: to roast, scorch; seur (sur): sure; adviendra (advenir): to happen; Sol or mansol: Labor of the Sun or John Paul II; caper or cape: the pope; Arc: (fig.) the Church; amortir: to break, mortify.

  • In two houses by night fire shall take place

  • Many inside shall be suffocated and scorched

  • Near two rivers (Rhone&Loire) for sure it shall occur

  • John Paul II, the Church all shall be mortified


The Holy Father shall flee from Rome to France near River Rhone.


II.97 Roman Pontiff, be on guard when you approach the city between two rivers
Romain Pontiffe garde de t’approcher
De la cite que deux fleuves arrose
Ton sang viendra aupres de la cracher
Toy et les tiens quand fluerira la rose

Garde: cautious; fleuve: river; "la cite que deux fleuves": "city between two river" here might means the city of Lyon between two Rivers Rhone and Saone or Loire; arrose (arroser): to water or wash out; ton: your; sang: blood; aupres: nearby; cracher: to spit; toy: you; les tiens: your family, your supporters; fluerir: to bloom (flowers); rose: here the Mystical Rose or Rosa Mystica, one of many titles of the Mother of God.

  • Roman Pontiff be on guard while you approach

  • The city between two rivers (full of water)

  • Your blood shall be spilled nearby

  • You and your close circle while the Rose blooms


Pope John Paul II shall flee Rome and take refuge in southern France. He shall visit Lyon and shall be captured and martyred nearby, in the region near the river Rhone or southern France. At the end, Blessed Mother shall receive his soul and offer to her Divine Son , our Lord.


II.94 John Paul captured, Christians deported
Grand Pau, grand mal pour Gaulois recevra
Vain terreur au maritin Lyon
Peuple infini par la mer passera
Sans eschapper un quart d’un million

Pau: Paul or JP II; mal: malice, harm; recevra (recevoir): to receive; terreur: terror; maritin (maritime): maritime Lion or England; infini: infinite; eschapper: to escape; quart: a quarter.

  • Great Pope Paul shall receive great harm from Frenchmen

  • Vain terror shall strike England

  • Vast number of people shall be deported by sea

  • Without escape are one quarter of million


Pope Paul shall be captured in France by French informants. Muslims shall deport Jews and Christians, and prisoners to the islands located in Mediterranean.


IX.68 December 13, PopePaul shall be captured where Saone and Rhone join
Du mont Aymar sera noble obscurcie
le mal viendra au joint de Saone et Rhone
Dans bois cachez soldats jour de Lucie
Qui ne fut onc un si horrible throsne

Obscurcie: obscure; mal; evil; Saone et Rhone: two rivers in southern France; bois: wood; cachez (cacher): to hide, conceal; soldat: soldier; jour: day ,feast day; onc: ever, never; fut (futur): future; throsne: throne, here papacy; jour de Lucie: feast day of St. Lucie, a Denmark tradition, December 13.

  • Upon Mount Aymar, a noble man (Pope) shall be hidden

  • Evil shall come where River Saone and Rhone joins

  • In the wood, soldiers shall hide on the feast day of St. Lucie

  • One shall never see such a horrible throne


This quatrain ties with IV.27. The pyramid mentioned in Quatrain IV.27 is Mount Aymar. On December 13th, Pope JP II shall be captured and martyred shortly somewhere in southern France. The term "Denmark" might mean that the vice president of Denmark will be his last audience.


X.30 Pope Paul shall be put to death
Nepveu et sang du saint nouveau venu
Par le surnom soustient arc et couvert
Seront chassez, mis a mort, chassez nu
En rouge et noir convertiront leur vert

Nepveu (neveu): nephew; nouveau: new; venu (venir): to come, become; surnom: nickname; soustient (soutenir): to support, hold up; couvert: cover; chassez (chasser): to chase; mis a mort: put to death; nu: nude; rouge: red; noir: black; convertiront (convertir): to convert, transform; leur: their; vert: green.

  • Nephew and blood of a new saint

  • His nickname means supporting arc and cover

  • Shall be chased, put to death, chased nude

  • Red and black shall turn into green


Pole is used to support arc and tent. John Paul II and his close confidants are prophesied here. They shall be hunted and put to death by Muslim or Russian forces when they advance into the southern France. Red figuratively means the pope and black the bishops or priests who are accompanying him. Green implies the turning color of dead bodies.


X.29 The agony of the holy Pope
De Pol Mansol dans caverne caprine
Cache et pris extrait hors par la barbe
Catif mene comme beste mastine
Par Begourdans amenee pres de Tarbe

Pol: Poland; Mansol: manus (latin means labor) & soleil means sun, the Labor of the Sun or John Paul II; caverne: cave, den; caprine: (latin = caprinus) goat-like; cache: hidden; pris: capture; extrait (extraire): to draw, pull; hors: out, outside; barbe: beard; mene (mener): to drive or steer; comme: like, beste: beast; mastine: domestic; Begourdans: habitants of Bigorre, southern French of which the major village is Tarbe, near Lourdes; amenee (amener): to bring, carry; Tarbe: French town near Lourdes and Spanish border.

  • John Paul inside the den of goats

  • Hidden, captured, and pulled out by his beard

  • The captive being ridden as a domestic beast

  • Through the local habitants he shall be brought close to Tarbe


In 1139, St. Malachy of Ireland received the prophetic insight concerning all future popes in order to present to the Holy Pontiff who was in great distress at that time. This list was lost and discovered in 1590, therefore, Nostradamus could not have read the lost document. Anyway, Pope John Paul II was described as "the Labor of the Sun" which meant that he was the servant of our Lady, the Lady clothed with the Sun described in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. There will be only two true popes after him who were described as "the Glory of Olive" or the pope of period of peace and "Roman the Peter" or the militant pope who shall shepherd his people through the hard time, probably before the reign of the antichrist. Pope Paul II shall grow beard during his exile. He shall suffer a humiliating ordeal and cruel death after being captured in southern France. He shall be taken to Tarbe probably martyred in the Temple of the Virgin (Q.IV.27) or Lourdes. During his life, the holy Pope consecrates himself to Blessed Mother. The Holy Father imitates the Lord perfectly in life as in death. Please pray for him.


II.15 John Paul I & John Paul II murdered, a world-wide economic crisis
Un peu devant monarque trucide
Castor, Pollux, en nef, astre crainite
L’Arain public, par terre et mer vuide
Pise, Ast, Ferra, Turin terre interdicte

Peu: little while; devant: before; trucide (trucider): to kill; Castor et Pollux: two brothers, sons of Jupiter (Greek mythology); nef: ship, vessel nave of church; astre: star; crainite (crainte): fear; arain: (latin = aeris): silver coin, money; vuide (vide): empty; Pisa, Asti, Ferrare, Turin: all Italian cities; interdicte: forbidden, restricted.

  • A little while before the mornarque murders

  • Two popes, JP I and JP II, as the fearful star appear

  • Public money shall be empty or economic crisis shall occur on land and sea

  • Pisa, Asti, Ferrare, Turin shall become forbidden land

COMMENT: Boat is often used to indicate the Church. Castor and Pollux implied Pope JP I and JP II. Economic crisis shall occur when the rumour of war emerged. Then shortly after that JP II will be killed. The fearful star here is the comet Hale Bopp.


VIII.46 The Labor of the Sun shall die near Rhone
Pol mensolee mourra a trois lieues du Rhone
Fuis les deux prochains tarasc detroits
Car Mars fera le plus horrible throsne
De coq et d’aigle de France freres trois

Pol: Poland or Paul, JP II; mensolee: men of the Sun, "Labor of the Sun" or JP II; mourra (mourrir): to die; trois: three; lieu: league = 4 km or 2.5 miles; Rhone: River Rhone, southern France, near Marseilles; fuis (fuir): to run away; prochains: neighbor, brother, fellow human; tarasc: tarasconi, French town in the south, near Marseilles; detroit: strait; car: because; le plus: the most; throsne: throne; coq: cock or France; aigle: eagle or USA; freres: brothers.

  • Poland’s "Labor of the Sun" shall die at three leagues from Rhone

  • Run away from two neighbors of Tarasconi

  • Because the war, the throne shall be most horrible

  • By the coq and eagle, three brothers of France


Pope John Paul II shall die at about 7.5 miles from River Rhone somewhere in the southern France. He shall flee from Rome, come under French protection, and later fall into the hands of Muslim invaders. French, British, and US shall form an alliance.


IV.27 After receiving thePrince of Denmark, Pope Paul shall deliver his life in the hands of Blessed Mother
Salon, Mansol, Tarasconi de SEX l’arc
Ou est debout encore la pyramide
Viendront livrer le Prince Dannemarc
Rachat honny au temple d’Artemide

Salon: French town; Mansol: manus(latin) of soleil (French) or Labor of the Sun, JP II; Tarasconi: southern France town, on River Rhone, near Marseilles; SEX: Aquae Sextiae, Aix-en-Provence near Marseilles; ou: where; debout: standing; encore: still, livrer: to deliver; Rachat or Rachatere (ancient French): Redeemer; honny: derived from honnir or honeur (honor); Artemide or Diana: goddess of chastity or virgins, here means Blessed Virgin.

  • Salon, labor of the Sun, Tarasconi, Aix-en-Provence

  • Where the pyramid still standing

  • Shall deliver the Prince of Denmark

  • Redeemer honored at the temple of the Virgin


In the region near Marseilles and River Rhone, Pope John Paul II shall receive his last audience with the Vice President of Denmark. Then the Lord shall receive his martyrdom from the hands of Blessed Virgin Mary.


II.98 John Paul offers his martyrdom to his Bridegroom
Celui du sang resperse le visage
De la victime proche sacrifice
Venant en Leo augure par presage
Mis estre a mort lors pour la fiancee

Celui: he, she, one; sang: blood; resperse: (latin = respergo) and (French = arroser) meaning to water, sprinkle; visage: face; proche: near to, approaching; venant (venir): to come; leo: (fig.) pope or John Paul II; augure: prophet, clergyman or pope; presage: prophecy, omen; estre: being, existence; a mort: at death; lors: thenceforth; fiancee: bridegroom, here the Lord Jesus.

  • His blood shall sprinkle on his face

  • While the victim close to be sacrificed

  • Shall fulfill in Leo ( JP II ) the ancient prophecy

  • Shall offer his being unto death to his Bridegroom


At the end, Pope JP II shall offer his earthly life as the final act of sacrifice to Jesus Christ to fulfill the ancient prophecy (of Nostradamus).

Up to now, reader already see how the prophet Nostradamus used astrological terms or Greek mythology in describing figuratively many persons or events that are completely unrelated to astrology. Ironically, for centuries, many had tried so hard to study Noastradamus’s prophecies by studying astrological configurations. He did this purposely to obscure the prophecies until the due time chosen by God alone.


V.21 The death of a saintly Pope
Par les trespas du Monarque latin
Ceux qu’il aura par regne secourus
Le feu livra divuse le butin
La mort publique au hardis incorus

Trepas: death; secourus (secourir): to succour, support; feu: fire; livra (livrer): to deliver, give up, surrender; butin: loot,spoils; hardi: bold, determined, courageous; incorus: incorrupted.

  • Through the death of a Latin monarque

  • Those through his reign shall help

  • Shall surrender through fire all spoils

  • The public death for the courageous who shall become incorrupted


The saintly Pope John Paul II shall die and his body shall become incorruptible.