The Human Repository

Both my monitor and I have heard many reports by abductees claiming that at least some ETs are from a world in the Pleiades star cluster. We have never been sure of exactly where this information came from, if indeed it was something other than an unsubstantiated rumor. Neither of us knew whether to consider any of these reports as credible. Nonetheless, and mostly as a test, we decided to remote view the Pleiades star system in search of sentient life.


As it turned out, it was very much worth the effort.

Date: 10 March 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 2805/2070

The preliminaries indicated strong energetics and hard, artificial structures.

CB: “I am getting a lot of very bright light. Bright white and yellow. Lots of energetics as well. The temperatures seem to include hot and fiery. I taste something burning, and smell smoke. I am also hearing some crying. Wherever I am, it feels massive, airy, with lots of energetics, radiant, and round. Somehow, this feels important, and weird.”
MONITOR: “Stage Three.”

CB: “I am sketching a horizon, something burning on the ground, and something very bright in the sky.”
MONITOR: “Move to Stage Four.”

CB: “OK. I am in the matrix. I am still getting that sense of light, burning, and high temperatures. Whatever it is that is round and fiery is in the sky. I am on the ground now. I am detecting two types of beings. One type is on the ground, and the other type is in something in the air, perhaps a vehicle.

“There is intense work activity going on now. The beings in the air, near the light, are more advanced than the ones on the ground. That light is bright! I can’t figure out what the beings are doing near it. It may be that they are in some vehicle near it, but every time I look up I am struck by how bright the light is.

“Focusing on the ground for now, there is dirt, grass, and humans wearing normal American-type casual clothing. Let me check that out. Yep. Pants, socks, shoes, the works. The humans are quite upset. There is a lot of fear here, plus crying. It seems that the humans are quite dazzled by and afraid of the light object or thing in the sky.

“Still with the humans on the ground. They seem to be a family unit, a man, woman, and child. The child is the one crying.

“Looking up now and following the other beings. . . . These beings are very advanced. They are in an object, not in the light thing. I am moving inside now. The object has a round interior. I see the beings now and am moving in close to take a look. These folks seem like Greys.”
MONITOR: “Courtney, go to Stage Six. Make a timeline. Place the target time on the line, then place the present time.”




“Now place the year 2000.” I place this year slightly later than the target time. “Next, go to the matrix. Now, cue for any significant near past events relating to humankind.”

CB: “It seems that humans migrated here.”
MONITOR: “What about the crying?”

CB: “The crying may be in response to the light object’s appearance. At least the humans are looking up while they are being upset. It could be that they are upset about the vehicle with the Greys, however. Whatever it is that they are upset about, it has to do with something in the sky.”
MONITOR: “Describe the people.”

CB: “Physically, they have white skin. They seem like farming people, but not primitive. They are comfortable, and perhaps they live in, or visit, a nearby city or village. You know, they really seem like Americans.”
MONITOR: “GO back to what is in the sky.”

CB: “There is either one very bright vehicle in the sky, which I do not think is correct, or two separate objects, one very bright and the other a vehicle. It is hard to tell, since the bright thing dominates the perspective so much. Whichever it is, the vehicle is over the people on the land, and I sense that the beings in the object wish no harm to them.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the intent of the beings in the vehicle.”

CB: “The beings in the object are here on a mission. This is a regular job call for them, somewhat routine. Should I go back inside the ship?”
MONITOR: “Instead, cue on the concept ‘other places and times visiting.’

CB: “Doing that now. . . . Wow! I just got whipped across a large distance. It felt like being jerked on a string. I am now about a thousand miles off the surface of an Earth-type planet. There are clouds, water, oceans, and land. My, it is a beautiful planet! The original target and the second seem to be separated by time, space, or both, and perhaps a lot.”
MONITOR: “On your Stage Six diagram, put a small circle on the paper for the location of this new planet. Then put a circle on the paper where it feels correct for the location of the original target.”

He pauses while I do this. “Now with your pen, probe the circle for the new planet and tell me how many suns it has.”

CB: “There is just one.”
MONITOR: “OK. Now probe the circle for the original target and tell me how many suns it has.”

CB: “Gosh. There are two, a large yellow sun and a smaller white dwarf. How can that be?”
MONITOR: “We do not analyze. Stay in structure. Courtney, go back to your Stage Three diagram in which you had the bright object in the sky. Probe the object and dump the data in your Stage Six matrix.”

CB: “Hold on... If I look up, it appears to be a fireball. It is emitting lots of energy. It is bright, brighter than our sun.”
MONITOR: “Let’s take a break. Fax me your data up to this point and then call me back.”

CB: “OK. Call you in a few minutes.”


MONITOR: “Courtney, I want you to get more information about the people on the land at the original site.”

CB: “Going there now. ... I am with the people again. They cannot perceive my presence. It is a family: a man, woman, and child. Again, the child is crying. They have hair. They look and feel entirely human, and again, even American. The man has a beard, a large woolly beard. The woman has blond hair. The clothing is colorful. The temperature around here is very comfortable, warm. The man is very confused right now. He really does not understand what is going on.”
MONITOR: “OK. Now cue on the beings in the object.”

CB: “These are Greys. They know about the humans, of course. Hmmm. This is weird. The Greys know that I am here. They have their attention on me right now. In fact, they are attempting to feed me information very fast. It seems too fast for me to handle.

“The Greys have become a bit confused now, like something else is occupying their attention. There seems to be a bit of a disagreement among them. It could be they are trying to figure out how to feed me information.

“Ah. Things seem to have smoothed out. The people on this world are from Earth. The Greys brought them here. They have been transplanted. The humans do not know everything. They do not even know where they are.”
MONITOR: “What is the reason for the transplanting?”

CB: “Human survival is at stake. A new location is needed away from Earth’s climatic disasters.”
MONITOR: “Continué your probes. Find out more.”

CB: “The transplanting is still going on at the target time, but it is not yet happening at our current time. At the present, there are only preparations. They are getting a class M planet ready while waiting for humans to self-destruct.”
MONITOR: “What else is being transplanted?”

CB: “Genetic material is dominant. They need as wide a selection as possible of genetic material to ensure the survivability of a better, more advanced gene pool.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the needed genetic changes.”

CB: “There needs to be a better connection between spirit and body. The current genes downplay this. The original gene structure was necessary for survival in our past. But new or modified genes are needed for growth and survival at this later stage.”
MONITOR: “OK, Courtney, let us end here. Put down the ending time.”

CB: “Done. Well, what in heaven’s name was that?”
MONITOR: “Actually, it was the ‘Pleiades star system/cultures.’ “

CB: There is a very long pause in our conversation. “You’re not kidding?”
MONITOR: “Honest. That was it.”

CB: “DO you realize what this means?”
MONITOR: “Courtney, I have been in this business so long that nothing surprises me anymore. But this is really something.”


The target for this session led us to a class M planet orbiting a binary star system, around A.D. 2000. Before this session, I had doubts as to whether life could exist within the radiation parameters of a two-sun system. It is possible the Greys have placed some sort of environmental protection on or near the planet to ensure its habitability.

In the near future, there will be humans on this planet who will have been transported there by the Greys from Earth. I do not know if other Earth humans will be aware of this when or after it occurs. It may be done quietly, in which case all information about this new world and its inhabitants will have to come through remote viewing. At target time, the humans are in family groups, they are frightened and confused, and they do not know where they are.

The purpose of the transplantation is to preserve the genetic stock of humans, in the sense of maintaining as wide a gene pool as possible. Some genetic manipulation will be needed later to enhance the mind-body connection for a future breed of humans. This seems to be due to our current destructive tendencies, which are driving the global population in the direction of planetary wide ecological and climatic disasters. Thus, it seems that some humans will be “spacelifted” to a safe haven while the rest of humanity slugs it out back home.

This was the first time I received information directly from a member of the Greys regarding future planetary problems for humans, but I still do not know the timeline for these impending disasters. My monitor has told me of other remote viewing data that suggest that Greys are also engaged in collecting plant and animal specimens from Earth at this time. If this is true, one possible reason could be biological needs in terraforming the planet in the Pleiades system.

I personally wonder how many species in our galaxy have the benefit of such interstellar midwives as the Greys in their evolution. More importantly,

  • what will happen to those humans who remain on Earth?

  • will they simply perish, or will they continue to evolve in a fashion that is different from their then separated cousins in the Pleiades?

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Reality Check #1

So far, I have presented the results of ten remote viewing sessions. (There were two in the chapter on the Grey mind.) I have introduced so many new concepts and findings that it would be only natural for the reader to wonder if this could all be a fantasy of mine. Remote viewers wonder too. For an answer to this, we use a target we call a “calibration target.” It is something that can be easily verified, and it serves primarily as a check on the use of the SRV protocols.

My monitor and I decided to introduce a few calibration targets into this analysis. The current session contains Type 4 data, meaning I was given no information at all about the target either prior to the session or during the session. The session was monitored remotely, and it took approximately twenty-five minutes from start to finish.

Date: 1 May 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 4933/4876

The preliminaries indicated a complex manmade structure.

CB: “I am getting browns and tans. The textures are rough, like cement, gritty. It is warm. I am getting something massive, heavy, weighty, even voluminous. I am AOLing a city, so let me put that down.”
MONITOR: “Stage Three.”

CB: “OK. I have a diagram that looks like a city skyline. There is a main structure in the center and two others on either side.”
MONITOR: “OK. Find the target structure and do a movement exercise inside it.”

CB: Long pause. “I am now getting colors that are grey, black, and white. The textures are polished, smooth, and shiny. The temperatures are comfortably warm. I hear a whirring or buzzing sound. For dimensions, I am getting short, wide, narrow, even squat.”
MONITOR: “Stage Three.”

CB: “I just have a square on my new Stage Three sketch. It could be anything from a room to a box.”
MONITOR: “Stage Four.”

CB: “Going through the matrix now. I am getting things that are paper-like. There is something flat and horizontal. This seems like an office.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the idea of ‘activity.’ “

CB: “OK. There are humans walking around here. They have clothes on, business clothes. There are suits, jackets, slacks, and both men and women. They are all wearing business attire. There is a desk in the room. It seems to have something like a blotter on it.

“There is a man sitting at the desk. Wow! This is an important man.”
MONITOR: “Put that ‘Wow!’ down as an AI and move on.”

CB: “Maybe I better AOL this. I am staring at President Clinton, straight in the face, as he sits at his desk.”
MONITOR: “Stop the session. The target was ‘The Oval Office/White House, Washington, D.C. “

CB: A low chuckle from both sides of the phone connection. “Heh. So much for maintaining national security secrets.”
MONITOR: “I could have had you go into his head at this point, but that would have been an invasion of privacy. Besides, we accomplished the goal of the session.”

CB: “Again, so much for national security secrets. I will fax you this stuff right away.”
MONITOR: “Great. Perfect session, Courtney. Take care.”


The implications of the current session to issues surrounding the maintenance of our national secrets is obvious. Yet there is another issue. It should now be apparent why the ETs know so much more about us than we know about them.
It is hard to imagine anything that would be as disturbing to our governmental agencies as the fact that all of our current secrecy apparatus is now obsolete. I suspect that the ETs want us to be disturbed in this respect.


By disturbing us, they focus our attention on something that is important to our own growth. If this is indeed their plan, I can only observe that it appears clever in its design to an extreme. I wonder, perhaps with hope, about their own estimates of the probability of its success.

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A Diplomatic Breakthrough

One day my monitor reported to me that a remote viewer was recently able to remote view her own abduction. (She was apparently abducted in classical UFO-ET style many years previously.) The session to which my monitor referred was conducted under highly controlled Type 4 conditions (viewer blind, monitor frontloaded).


What made the session’s data so surprising was that the viewer was able to view a UFO abduction at all. (Again, this, in general, had not been possible previously; a false replacement signal had always been received.) Neither my monitor nor I drew any conclusions regarding this episode at the time, but we did notice the change.


A few days after this conversation, we found out what occurred to make this possible.

Date: 31 May 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 3701/5475

The preliminaries indicated a target associated with dry land and a manmade structure.

CB: “I am getting brown and tan colors, rough and woody textures. The temperature is warm and comfortable. I am smelling something like turpentine, and it seems like an outdoors, woodsy smell. I will AOL this as a forest for now.”
MONITOR: “Move to Stage Three and then on to Stage Four.”

CB: “I am getting a wooden structure, like a house. Moving into the structure. There is a wooden table. This seems a bit oldish. The internal structure of the place is square, or minimally rectangular. This is a very simple dwelling unit.”
MONITOR: “Move on to Stage Six. Let’s do a movement exercise.”

He moves me to 500 feet above the structure.

CB: “There is a mountain and road near the structure. There is also a river, and apparently either a rapids or a waterfall near the structure as well. Do you want me to investigate this?”


He has me do a variety of procedures designed to identify the location of the structure with regard to nearby topographical features.
MONITOR: “Courtney, go back into Stage Four and move back inside the structure. Let the unconscious solve the problem.”

CB: “OK, I am back inside now. There is a person here, a human male. He is wearing work clothes, a plaid shirt, jeans. He has a beard. I do not pick up much activity of any sort.”
MONITOR: “Give yourself some freedom of movement in time. Let your unconscious solve this.”

CB: “Give me a moment. OK, I am getting a strong sense of fear from inside the house. It is at night; I have experienced a small time dislocation. I am getting a sense of ET activity—this is strange—an abduction. I am putting this down as an AOL but from the signal line.”
MONITOR: “Keep in structure. Continue.”

CB: “The table is still there, as is the wood floor. But there are a number of Greys here now. Some of them seem to be floating in the air. They are wearing uniforms, and they are moving quickly, like they have an agenda that needs to be accomplished with great haste.

“There is a woman here now. She seems to be in the center of their activity. They are levitating the woman up and through the window of this house. I do not think that the window is open. She went right through the thing! I am following her and the Greys outside.

“There is a very bright light here. Looking around now. The Greys are taking the woman up into a large ET ship. I am sketching the ship now. I am also sketching the scene inside the house when she was moved through the window.”
MONITOR: “Move into the mind of one of the Greys. Find out what they are doing.”

CB: “Hold on. Doing that now. This is a survival project. It is their work, their job, in the sense that this is what they do for a living. The idea of survival is very broad, as it is for everyone.”
MONITOR: “Now go into the mind of the woman. Stay in the Stage Four matrix.”

CB: “There are definitely multiple levels to her understanding of the situation. On the top surface, she is sedated. Just below, but still at the human level, she is terrified. Further below, at the subspace level, she is happy, even ecstatic.”
MONITOR: “What is the criterion for selection?”

CB: “She selected herself. She volunteered.”
MONITOR: “Go into the ship. Stay in Stage Four.”

CB: “Doing that now. Wow!”
MONITOR: “Dump the aesthetic impression in the matrix and move on.”

CB: “There are many Greys here. There are huge numbers of operating tables. This is an expansive place, with lots of activity. All of the Greys are very busy. There are other humans on board, apparently all brought on by the Greys.”
MONITOR: “Are there any other types of ETs on the ship?”

CB: “There are only Greys and humans on this ship. The woman from the wooden house is on a table now. She is screaming. There is a tall Grey looking between her legs. They are examining her and doing something.

“Apparently I am being noticed. Someone is literally pushing me to look at certain things. It is the sense of being pushed hard into a passage or through a door. I get the sense that someone wants me to see something.

“I am actually in the uterus of the woman now. There is a fetus here. I get the sense of a light, perhaps artificial, lighting up the place. The fetus is on the way out, and I am following the removal of the fetus. The fetus is now outside the woman. She is very calm, exhausted, perhaps just ‘out of it.’ She may have fainted. The fetus is being put quickly into a liquid in a clear canister.”
MONITOR: “HOW long is the fetus in the canister?”

CB: “A short time for this particular tube. I am now getting this information from an adult Grey who is patiently standing near me. The being seems to be some kind of nurse or midwife—a caretaker personality. The Grey is telling me that a baby gets shuffled about as it matures. Later it goes into a larger canister until it comes out completely. Ultimately, the removal is like a normal birth. The baby is taken out and given air to breathe.”
MONITOR: “HOW long has this operation been going on?”

CB: “I am being told that this is a major breakthrough with humans. The decision has been made just recently to show humans [i.e. us] the entire project. The Greys will no longer interfere with our remote viewing attempts. We can now watch the so-called abductions freely. They are hoping for a change in Grey-human relations, and they are doing this as a major concession [although, perhaps this is the wrong word] on their part. They want to work cooperatively with humans.

“With regard to the current intensity of their activities, this is a new operation. The project has taken on a new direction, from continuity and slow change of the past to rapid, major evolutionary advances that will allow Greys and humans to be self determining.

“Apparently this change has been dictated by larger, Federation decisions. Change is required of the Greys, and they also are required to help humans. There is a definite sense of long-term appreciation of help regarding what the humans have given—voluntarily—to the Greys.”
MONITOR: “OK, that is enough for now. End the session.”

CB: “That session took a long time. I’m exhausted. Well, tell me what the target was.”
MONITOR: “ ‘Federation/current Earth operations.’"

CB: “Hmmm. Looks like things are going to be different from now on.”
MONITOR: “It gives one pause.”


It should be noted that the current session took place only a few weeks after the release of John Mack’s book on the ET abduction phenomenon. Mack’s treatment of the phenomenon is perhaps the most sensitive—and positive with respect to the Greys—in the extant literature. It could be that the Greys decided to change their tactics regarding our remote viewing attempts because they concluded that we are now capable of understanding the phenomenon without the fear that was so typical of our previous reactions to their activities.


However, it could also be that they decided that hiding their activities from human remote viewers served little purpose given the fact that so much information had already been uncovered using hypnosis as the primary investigative tool. Yet the additional possibility exists that the Greys will now allow us to see their activities because of the positive nature of Mack’s book, perhaps thinking that they might now get a fair shake in the inevitable trial that will emerge in the court of public opinion.

Following this session, my monitor interacted with a number of remote viewers who targeted ET abductions under highly controlled Type 4 settings, and all met significant success. Sometime during the month of May 1994, the Greys had changed their behavior with regard to how they chose to interact with humans, a highly significant act because it demonstrates an evolutionary change in how Greys think about humans.


We are being considered on a somewhat more equal level with them, at least in the sense that we can watch each other’s activities freely. I suspect that this could be seen as a precursor to much greater cooperation in the future.

Perhaps the most important datum to come from my current session was that at least one abductee was abducted voluntarily. The idea that I got during the session was that this particular abductee had multiple layers of awareness within a complex structure of consciousness.


At a deep level, she was aware of the abduction experience and was happy to participate in it. Yet her conscious mind neither remembered any previous agreement to participate, nor did it want to participate further in that which seemed only horrific.

Given the multilayered structure of human consciousness, I can also see how confusing it would be for the Greys and why they might have conducted the abductions in a seemingly callous manner. They would be aware of the person’s original agreement to participate (perhaps made before physical birth), and would thus disregard the physical human’s panic. Perhaps they would assume that all will he forgiven when the abductee’s physical body dies and its subspace personality becomes freed from the confounding influence of physical awareness.

It seems recent human actions have encouraged a change in Grey behavior. If the Greys are indeed working to help humans as well as themselves, they may have much to gain by treating us as active partners in this venture.


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As research into this project progressed, it became obvious to me that the implications of these findings for virtually all of humanity would be enormous. Thus, I decided to add a few new targets to our longer list of targets. These targets were individuals who had been instrumental in guiding humanity at critical moments during our history. These were teachers to whom many came for advice. Jesus was one such personality that I added to the list.

At first my monitor was hesitant to add Jesus to the list. I suppose he had a few reasons. I would be hitting the target blind, in the sense that I would be given only the coordinate numbers for the session, and one might think that this may not be a particularly reverent way to approach Jesus. Perhaps our greatest fear was that Jesus would not want to participate in our study and that he would ignore our request for a conference. Honestly, we did not know what would happen.

To add to the complexity of the problem, we were expanding the purpose of SRV as it was originally structured. The original purpose of SRV was to extract descriptive information about a physical site through the passive act of observation. But by targeting a specific personality, we were consciously attempting to communicate with a known sentient entity.


There was no reason to suspect that this could not be done, since many nonphysical beings had communicated with us once we inadvertently bumped into them while remote viewing. But there had never been an attempt to establish a communicative dialogue as the purpose of the session. Thus, this session helped set the stage for a highly significant advance in the development of SRV.


We now know without doubt that SRV can be used as a reliable non-passive mechanism for communication.

This chapter includes the data for two sessions in which Jesus was the target. Quite honestly, the second session was required because my monitor became so flustered at the end of the first session when I correctly identified the target that he had to break off the session early before having me ask some of the interesting questions that I needed answered.


After the session ended and he told me the target identification, I too was a bit taken aback. It took us a while to get over the surprise that Jesus was a friendly personality who did not mind that we approach him for advice under highly controlled Type 4 settings.


We were also interested in the fact that Jesus seemed willing to act as a creative teacher within the structure of the SRV protocols, in the sense that he set up a show for us to see before we met him face to face.

Date: 2 June 1994
Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Data: Type 4, remotely monitored
Target coordinates: 8863/8473

The preliminaries initially indicated that the target was associated with a hard, manmade structure.

CB: “I am hearing machinery. The temperatures are warm, and there is a bitter taste and the smell of smoke. I am picking up a lot of energy and activity in a condensed place. I am going to AOL this as a construction site.

“Moving on to the Stage Three sketch. I am drawing what appears to be a site with some structures, smoke, construction vehicles, and a pit.”
MONITOR: “Put those down as AOLs and move on to Stage Four.”

CB: “OK. I have smoke. Lots of burning; stinky. The place feels congested. There is lots of working activity. As an emotional impact for the site, I am getting the sense of frenetic concern.

“I am getting at least one vehicle now. There are beings here. They have clothes—work clothes, jeans. There are hard hats on the beings. Again, as an El [emotional impact], I am picking up panic associated with the site. I am again perceiving this as a construction site, and I will declare this as an AOL of the signal line.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the concept of construction.”

CB: “Hold on. . . . These folks are making something. The construction workers are in a hurry. I am moving forward in time now. ... I perceive a large constructed and polished building. I am getting a strong AOL now. I will put this down as of the signal line. This seems like the new public health building that is currently being constructed here at Emory University.”
MONITOR: “GO inside the building and into the minds of the people that are there.”

CB: “There is an urgent health problem, a planetary concern. There seems to be a connection in the minds of these people with the Centers for Disease Control. I am getting an overwhelming AOL. I know this building. This is the new public health building that is being built at Emory right next to the CDC.”
MONITOR: “You can put that down as an AOL/matching. Then cue on the health problem.”

CB: “Doing that now... There are multiple problems, many places on the planet. There is the combination of starvation and sickness. There are new diseases, new forms of bacteria, new viruses, even radiation mutations. The folks in the public health building are trying to figure out ways to control the situation as it simultaneously is spinning out of control.”
MONITOR: “Cue on the concept of guidance/help.”

CB: “OK. Hold on. There is a need for humans to go to basics in living. I am getting the clear perception that a quick technological fix is not possible.

“Hold on, something is happening. I am now perceiving that the information of this entire session is coming from some being. I am moving in on the being now. Hmmm. This seems to be a light being. He is somewhat translucent. He is wearing a gown, and his hair seems to be made of light. I am getting the flavor of a spiritual presence. I am getting the sense this guy is Jesus; I’ll put that down as an AOL of the signal line. I am also perceiving a good deal of love projected toward me from this fellow.

“This being seems to be telling me that the situation has been set up so that no physical solution can remedy the problem. The idea is to force humans out of their physical entrapment, and thereby save the race.”


At this point in the session, my monitor’s voice changed perceptibly. He seemed a bit nervous and quickly called an end to the session. I asked him what the target was, and after a pause, he said, “That was Jesus.”

Still in a somewhat bilocated state, I replied, ‘Jesus?! You’re not kidding? That target really was Jesus? What was he doing there?”

My monitor simply told me that this was a momentous event in his life and in the development of remote viewing, and that he had to get off the phone and think about its implications.

Before he hung up, I blurted out,

“But the guy seemed rather friendly, and I detected a sense of humor. I even got the sense that he expected to see me again this way. I did not even get to ask him about the Martians or the Greys! What are we supposed to do about them? “

My monitor just wanted to get off the phone and think about all of this, so I signed off. After I became unbilocated, I began to realize how momentous this session really was. First, it demonstrated that one could successfully target a person who had once been a physical human and who had died. Second, the session demonstrated unequivocally that SRV could be used to establish communication between two beings (i.e., the viewer and someone else).


Third, it became obvious that the targeted individual can sometimes control the flow of information toward the viewer. In this case, Jesus had us travel through the logistics of a planetary health problem before revealing himself. I suspect that the personality of the target is very influential in this setting. Jesus wanted to teach us something experientially, not just with a lecture.


Thus, he set up a learning situation for us. Also, I realized that some of the other personalities that we added to the list may decide to employ similar techniques in their Communications. I had no idea when my monitor would hit me with these other targets, but I was certain at this point that surprise was to be expected.

The lesson itself is very significant as well. Apparently there is a connection between the health disasters that humans will face in the near future and the activities of the extraterrestrials on Earth. At this point in the project, it seemed that a complex theatrical undertaking involving many aspects and groups was being orchestrated.


The basic idea of the phenomenon is to force humans to transform their attitudes and behaviors in various ways while at the same time exploiting this opportunity of transformation to introduce humans to the broader galactic community, and, indeed, to their new responsibilities as maturing galactic citizens. But these ideas were mere speculation at this point. I needed to know more about the broader picture before I would be able to make definitive conclusions.

Approximately two weeks after the original, monitored session targeting Jesus, I decided to target Jesus a second time in order to establish a dialogue, this time under Type 1 (solo and frontloaded) data conditions. At this point I was becoming quite proficient with the use of the SRV protocols, and my ability to obtain accurate Type 1 data was not in question.


As with other Type 1 data sessions, I present the information in the form of a narrative.

Date: 14 June 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Data: Type 1

My initial impressions were of blue, white, and yellow colors. The texture was airy. I got the sense of something expansive and curving. In later stages of the session, I picked up expansive energetics together with a sense of calmness. I got the sense of a resting place. The initial image was one of a large circular body with a luminous and energy radiating atmosphere. I followed the signal into the light.

Soon after this, I began to discern beings, and I got the clear sense that the beings were waiting for me. Again, I got the sense of calmness from the surroundings. I felt I was in some sort of protection zone, a place to recover (from what, I did not know).

Continuing to follow the signal, I approached a human-type face. There were five other beings present. They were all wearing white translucent gowns, and I noted that I could see through all of the beings. I located the central figure, and probed on the question of what they wanted me to do. They indicated that they wanted to take me somewhere and that I should follow.

We proceeded into a large room that had translucent walls. There were many other beings in the room. At this point I had a strong AOL that this was the Federation headquarters that I had visited earlier, and I realized that my initial image in this session of the large circular body with a luminous energetic atmosphere was similar to that which I had perceived when approaching the headquarters in a previous session. All of the beings in the current room were wearing the same translucent white gowns that the five original beings wore.

I perceived two strong AOLs at this point. The first was that this place was a central command chamber of some type. The second was that it had the flavor of a military headquarters for command and control of various operations. In the room there were tables and chairs as well.

I was taken face to face to the same heavyset Buddha-type fellow with whom I had interacted previously in my visit to the Federation headquarters. I got the sense that he was in charge of the place in some way. He directed me to enter his mind, and I went in.

Upon entering his mind, I simultaneously entered into another dimension or realm. It was as if one dimension was behind the other. In this other place, I cued on the concept of guidance, since that was the cue that led my unconscious to reveal the Jesus personality in the previous session. I then saw his face. Immediately after perceiving Jesus’ face, I got the distinct sense that he was glad that I returned to see him alone (i.e., in a solo session).

To obtain information from Jesus within the structure of the SRV protocols, I cued on the concept of human-Grey interactions. The response that I received was very clear and even authoritative.


He said that there is no being that humans will interact with that is not of his design. He then stated that we are to help his children however they come to us.

I did not understand what Jesus meant by “of his design” or “his children.” It could be that he was using words that would be understandable to a larger human audience, some of whom look on him as a religious figure. I suspected that his meaning would be more complex than simple or literal. Other readers may interpret his words differently.

Jesus went on to say that we humans have free will, and that we have the capabilities to sort out what to do with our interactions with the Greys. However, I got the clear impression that our choices will determine much of our future. I then cued on the concept of human-Martian interactions and got a response similar to that regarding the Greys.

I then cued on the dual concepts of mind and the Sidhis. Jesus was very clear in his response to this. He said that there are countless ways that the spirit is guided to the source. It is like a river and its tributaries. There is no one way, and the practice of the Sidhis is not the only way for humans to evolve.


But he added that the Sidhis are nonetheless a useful approach for the human mind. I should add that I got the sense that other types of minds may not need exercises like the Sidhis to discern nonphysical realities. The Sidhis are useful to the human mind, and perhaps only the human mind. I got no sense at all of how broadly it could be applied in other nonhuman settings.

I cued on the concept of dangers and received the response that greed is the killer of personalities. It is not compatible with the remainder of life. It is like oil and water: love and greed do not mix. I did not get the impression that Jesus was moralizing. It was as if he was simply stating a fact of life.

Cuing on the concept of ecology, Jesus stated that God can create and recreate all life. The purpose of life is to produce evolution. Following this, I cued on the idea of the Galactic Federation. Jesus indicated that the beings involved in the Federation are at a higher level of evolution than humans.


While they too are working to enhance their own evolution, their actions are no more or less crucial than human actions. Moreover, he emphatically claimed that they do not work for him specifically. They work for themselves, and their own growth. They see their progress as leading toward a God-destiny more clearly than humans, however.

I then asked Jesus why I came to him through the Federation folks. He told me that it was specifically because of the book that I am writing. He wanted to help me with the book because it is my evolutionary contribution. I got the sense that it is one small act that assists everyone else. No one person can go forward unless he or she helps the others who temporarily remain. It is a law of evolution, the opposite is selfishness and greed.

I then asked whether humans should view Greys and Martians with compassion. The answer was yes. This is the idea of helping others. Without this, no one goes forward. There must be no limits to the human desire to help. This is the most absolute of commands (emphasis his). Prejudice—racial, species, or otherwise—simply cannot coexist with the higher evolutionary forms. This is the human challenge: to grow past the intellectual and habitual limitations of the past that ultimately restrict our freedom.

At this point, I thanked Jesus and ended the session. In my notes for the session, I emphasized my sense that the overall tone of the session was matter-of-fact.


Jesus is much concerned with the evolutionary growth of humans. Moreover, he is willing to participate directly in at least some human projects involving attempts to establish verifiable contact with him.

Because of his historical importance, using SRVI asked him his opinions regarding many of the momentous events of our own time. He offered his opinions freely. Nothing more has been done, and my results are not intended to challenge any existing religious concepts. For example, one does not need to believe that Jesus is the Christian concept of the son of God in order find his views interesting, nor does believing that change anything. He once existed as a physical being on our planet, and his subspace aspect is still alive and well, just as the subspace aspects of all of us will outlive our own physical bodies.

Similarly to this chapter, later chapters will present data involving interactions with the personalities of Buddha and Guru Dev. My approach to these personalities is in part out of respect to the roles that they have played in the development of human culture over the centuries. But also I believe it is wise to ask wise beings for advice.

I will have more to say in later chapters on the advice that Jesus has given us regarding the ETs and the way our own evolution can be impacted by our decisions regarding them. For now it is perhaps sufficient to say that he is not silent on the matter. He wants us to work with the Greys and Martians. He did not tell me that it would simply be a good idea. He conveyed the clearest concept of a command that I have ever received from any being while remote viewing.


It is not that we should cooperatively work with the ETs. Rather, we must do so.


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