by David Wilcock
formerly “Convergence III

from Ascension2000 Website

recovered through WayBackMachine Website



00:  Is Current Science Incomplete?
01:  Introduction To The Science of Oneness
02:  The Aether Is Pure, Conscious Oneness
03:  The Cosmic Context
04:  Harnessing The Conscious Aether With Gravity And Inertia
05:  Aether, Electromagnetism And Free Energy
06:  Gravity, Magnetism And Rotation - The Missing Link
07:  The Aether As Spherical Light And Sound
08:  Keely And The Physics Of Vibration
09:  Vortexes, Propulsion And Matter Changes
10:  Vortex Shifts Of Time And Dimensional Levels
11:  Properties Of The Earth As A “Consciousness Unit

12:  ET Wisdom: Planets As Consciousness Unit Formations
13:  ET Wisdom: Geometry, Vibration And Higher Dimensions
14:  Vedic Yoga, Seth And Multidimensional Cosmology
15:  Sacred Legends Of The World Tree